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  1. Yesterday there was 2 daily events, today there is 1 event too for “fire up that car again” trophy. But as the time passes tier 1 is getting faster and faster. It seems to be so hard. The time to beat is 3:25 for Hancock hill sprint forward usa. Delta daily challenge does not appear nowadays though.
  2. Now they have made a sale on “game of the year edition” which includes the game and all dlcs. This is cheaper than the “year one pass”s base price which includes only all the dlcs. So I have the base game via Plus monthly game and I want to buy the dlcs for the trophies. But the game of the year edt seems to be the best choice. Or a sale on year one pass can be waited. Interesting policy out there.
  3. Updating the game solved the corrupt.
  4. At chapter select 18 it says 1 missing entry and 1 note. The other trophies popped. I replayed that chapter again got them all again but it says 1 missing each. What should i do? Finish the game from chapter 18 to the end or updating fixes it?
  5. i do not know why it pops for some and not. this is what i did through a season: (this method may be related or not i do not know) i did not browse through calendar to next events, when browsing the game may think that event has been done even it has not started. so i did not browse any event except the only next event. i did not browse the next week did not look through the next weeks, months. always selected the event just only with the green indicator on, went one by one selecting only 1 resting or maintenance or etc or a rally event. did not clicked with the mouse to the following "?" marked "select an event" also web connection was turned off for me, thanks to a post from "Hotrod_felix" also i never checked email, if the game wants me to check my email i returned to main menu and re-entered career and selected the next event without looking through the email inbox, the next week or months and selected resume. so the game may think that those events may have been completed browsing through calendar even not opening them therefore the objectives can be corrupted. because in my first season i did more than 15 but it did not popped. i browsed through to december in my 1st season. in my 2nd season i did not browsed calendar and not checked inbox. this was the way i did. i did not browse anything not touched anything unnecessary, just did the next event. after completing successfully 15 objectives it popped. i took note every successful objective.
  6. I unlocked this trophy on season mode without crew management fyi, (first i chose wrc2 and won all 7 rallies, then wrc2pro and won all 7 rallies, and finally wrc won 14 rallies. i mathematically became champion after turkey but i won the last 3 rallies though, it popped at the end of season, not after turkey) also; it did not pop in career as i became champion twice in career. here is the screenshot of trophy:
  7. Has someone tried this on career with junior wrc?
  8. well i wasn't paying attention if there was a legendary amblem or something like that because in wrc season money comes bigger so money is not a problem therefore i was choosing the highest level card for each slot, i will look at it in the game when i play. but i remember their levels were around 115-120. you will get it anyway, just dismiss the low level cards because they take place, empty slot is needed. if you dont the game will tell you there is not enough place. btw, i reached level 50 and i get no RD point anymore, but there are still empty nodes in RD tree.
  9. I saw that you got that trophy. Yes i was driving with the wrc team, now in season i changed to another wrc team. But i don't want to go all over again but i'll try again. Are you asking about this trophy? The Collector trophy popped for me! Maybe all time interet connection is reuquired, and also i had to make an update for the game, maybe they triggered a glitch. I'll try playing with all time connected to internet.
  10. In career i have done successfully more than 15 objectives in one season with the same team (changing a team causes to restart from monte carlo all over which makes no sense at all, so i think i have to stick with a team all over one season) and the perfectionist did not pop. I have won 13 rallies and got all the indiviual country trophies but WRC champion did not pop. Hence i have reached all the podiums but Hero did not pop . I have used 17 perks for every rally differently but Show-off did not pop. I played a few times without internet conection, maybe it caused these glitches, i am not sure. Game always uploads replay and time result data after each stage. So i think it can be related to web connection! edit: perfectionist popped in my second wrc season, Hero popped in my second wrc season (this time i won all rallies) Show-off popped also.
  11. yes only one trophy for 1 online win. the level 20 & 40 trophies are for career mode. To get The WRC 2 driver trophy, do i have to select junior wrc and make my way through to wrc2 at the beginning? At the beginning I chose wrc2 (which requires a skill test) and i passed the test and entered the wrc2 calendar but no trophy. :/
  12. And another game which maximizes the rpm of my ps4 pro's cooling fan (cuh7116) This occurs on main menu and loading screens, not in gameplay. Is it dangerous it makes too much noise on max rpm? Does anyone has this situation?
  13. this post can be deleted, was about a bug