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  1. After watching videos on this..wtf. The only thing SMB about this is Meatboy himself. Classic example of don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’ll probably still get this on sale but idk why they revamped the whole game into something completely different.
  2. Voted Lumines....because I also have it in my backlog and would like to know what others think of it haha. I know it won’t win though hopefully Binding of Isaac next.
  3. Go to playground and search “miles”, someone made an afk level where you can rubberband and just fly around the track for an hour, repeat as needed. Also I’m pretty sure the “distance travelled” in the online loading screen is in meters. I’m at 1.1 million meters at the moment (no trophy), it’s a little over 1.6 million for 1000 miles. Edit: Can confirm its in meters, trophy popped when it should have.
  4. People really can't detect sarcasm, can they?
  5. Still not buying this 2nd season pass until it’s dirt cheap on sale. I’ll be avoiding Gearbox from now on.
  6. Can confirm no crashes, played about 20 events today and I’m still good.
  7. The challenges are on par with SSF4 and UMvC3 IMO, maybe just a tad harder. I’ve got 4 left but stopped playing because I can’t be bothered starting score attack (which is where the real challenge is), definitely gonna pause-scum when I get around to it. edit: forgot to say I wanna use my swap for Crash Bandicoot 4, would rather enjoy the ps5 version seeing how it has a free upgrade. I’ll do Devil May Cry 5 instead.
  8. Started happening to me too today. Crashes after every 5 or so races, last one corrupted my save file. Thank fuck I uploaded my save to the cloud earlier, I don’t know why I keep buying Code Master games, there’s always something technically wrong with them.
  9. Having a ball whenever I play, just fired up Dirt, the controller makes everything a much more enjoyable experience. Not many system sellers atm but Demon’s Souls is worth it alone if you like the Souls games, then there’s Ratchet and Clank in a few months. Only thing that annoys me is tapping the PS button to shut down, instead of holding.
  10. Still no Super Rude Bear, Binding of Isaac or The End is Nigh. Eh.
  11. From what I remember, it’s RNG. Sometimes they’re godlike, other times they’re useless. Some of the last few challenges were quite frustrating.
  12. I don't think I could say something was too hard without at least trying it first. What may be hard for other people might be easier for you and vice versa. I've hit plenty of road blocks but got through with enough grinding and determination....and breaks.
  13. Mate, I’ve already planned out 4 tiers, even though I’ll only finish one or two. 😄
  14. I miss the early days where you had to sit through Terminator Salvation, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs and Hannah Montana for a easy plat. 😂
  15. 214 hours is what the in game timer says, sprint took me around 100 hours.