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  1. Sonic is done. 1. Inertial Drift 2. Team Sonic Racing 3. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- 4. Lumines Remastered 5. Trackmania Turbo
  2. As long as your friends on PSN it should work. I did this with an alt, got a similar time and it still took me nearly 15 of scrolling through the leaderboard to find it. >_>
  3. Have had this in the backlog for a while now, no issues finding people playing online in TDM, or did you have to boost that as well? Asking because Aus servers are dead for a lot of games.
  4. It happened to me but not for that long. Usually 5 minutes give or take. I'd leave if I was waiting 15-30 minutes due to countdown restarts.
  5. I think it’s an issue with the game, not you. Happened plenty of times to me, eventually the game will start as long as there’s enough players but it’s still frustrating.
  6. Back to 5 games a tier, I might actually finish one this time 😆 1. Inertial Drift 2. Team Sonic Racing 3. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- 4. Lumines Remastered 5. Trackmania Turbo
  7. On mobile so I won't do the badges or link specific plat rating websites (yet): 1. Life is Strange: True Colours 2. Ratchet and Clank: a Rift Apart 3. Stray 4. Team Sonic Racing 5. Dirt Rally 2.0 6. Bayonetta 7. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- 8. Lumines Remastered 9. Vanquish 10. Trackmania Turbo
  8. My plan was to spend the week grinding out Trackmania before finishing off Vanquish. Unfortunately (for gaming) I'm off on holiday soon and won't be back until New Years Eve. I can definitely finish Vanquish but I'll be one game short from completing the tier. Always next year!
  9. Finished my 1/10 and 5/10. 1. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance 2. Persona 5 Royal 3. Cyberpunk 2077 4. Doom Eternal 5. Battlefield 2042 6. Ghostrunner 7. DJMax Respect 8. Superbeat Xonic 9. Back 4 Blood (platprices) 10. Trackmania Turbo (platprices)
  10. Just finished Battleshit 2042 (swapped for Disco Elysium). As a huge BF fan since Bad Company, I have nothing good to say about this game, other than that deleting the game off my hard drive went smoothly. 👍 1. Superbeat Xonic 2. Nex Machina 3. Vanquish (PS4) 4. Star Renegades 5. Inertial Drift 6. Battlefield 2042 7. Deadlight: Directors Cut 8. Insurgency Sandstorm 9. Persona 4 Arena 10. Trackmania Turbo
  11. Doom Eternal was my favourite this year as well (playing through Doom 2016 ATM), with Ghostrunner a close 2nd.
  12. Congrats Slim! I hope to get there some day, I have a personal goal to eventually beat all 200+ missions. Everything you described the game as is 100%, I'm 250+ hours in a felt I've barely scratched the surface. There's so much to do and yet nothing feels like a grind.
  13. That sucks, unattainable trophies already. Wanted to start this eventually.
  14. I've literally had this game since launch but never bothered to start it for some reason. 😆 Looking forward to it now.
  15. Cleared 14, usually aim for 20. Don’t think I’m gonna make it this year, might finish 2-3 more if I’m lucky. Persona 5 Royal Cyberpunk 2077 Doom Eternal Djmax Respect Deadlight Directors Cut Superbeat Xonic The Artful Escape Tokyo Dark Remembrance Ghostrunner Soul Axiom Nex Machina Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Anno Mutationem Insurgency Sandstorm