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  1. Hhhhhhhhhng. My controllers are fine but I would jump at these if one broke. If the black one had the regular colours for the buttons, it would he perfect.
  2. And the annoying part is, if you play Tekken competitively (like I used to), you need all the characters so you can learn their move set and *frame data to learn how to punish and look for openings. I remember when Leroy came out and everyone was winning tournaments with him because he was broken and nobody knew how to play against him. *frame data is also locked behind a paywall LMAO. It used to be a basic feature in practice mode.
  3. Nioh 2 DLC.
  4. Not interested on any of these. But I'm not gonna complain, I have like 150 games in my backlog already.
  5. So I can just download this for free and enjoy on my ps5? This game isn't destroyed by micro transactions like other free games?
  6. Go to psprices, you can set a notication email for any game or DLC you want when it goes on sale (you can also set which price you want).
  7. That feel when you panic buy like $200 worth of ps3 games and DLC. 😂 Oh well, at least I've got everything I want.
  8. I downloaded the game but the trophies won't sync yet, still waiting on Sony.
  9. I bought the US Premium Edition of Enslaved because the DLC has been delisted for the EU version ages ago. I don’t recall there being a patch, besides, you can just load up the game and see the DLC from the main menu without risking earning any trophies. MGR:R still works, at least the EU version anyways.
  10. Is there a site to check if a game ever had a patch? Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 say already updated to latest version but it’s at 1.00, same for Cloudberry Kingdom. Raiden IV updated 1.01 Resistance 3 updated 1.05 Metal Gear Rising updated 1.04 Metal Gear Solid 3 HD no update (1.00) Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising updated 1.02 Sonic Unleashed updated 1.02 Street Fighter x Tekken updated 1.08 Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z (game data installed but it doesn’t say which version it is) Shadow of the damned (no update and a trophy popped as soon as I booted the game lmao) The Saboteur (no update) Wet (no update) Puppeteer (no update) Crysis (no update) All EU pal versions.
  11. I had multiple DLC trophies glitch. What fixed it was going back to the main campaign and 3 starring a few gym events I left at 1 star. Then replaying whatever event regarding its trophy (like beating Bulldog), and they popped fine.
  12. ^Also happy to help with the 8 player trophy in SSF4, flick me a message if you need me, I've got the next 3 days off work because of Easter.
  13. And now the season pass is on sale lmao. Good timing.
  14. Will there be more Year 1 DLC to justify the season pass? I really enjoyed this game, but don't know if I wanna spend $50 for 4 hours of content.