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  1. They should remaster Bad Company 2 then have a serious think about rebooting the entire franchise.
  2. You select the stages to replay through your phone when you’re at the bar. You can’t select single stages within a level (like going straight to 7-3 for example, you have to start from 7-0).
  3. Yep, dropping in a hot spot solo and actually try to win the game. Stating the obvious but towards the end with the circle closing, there'll be a lot more people to shoot. Makes it feel a lot less tedious as well.
  4. OMFG. Literally praying for this.
  5. Innnn. Might as well shoot for the stars. Already on the final grindy stretch for a few, hopefully finished up before the new year. The rest have been sitting in my backlog untouched. 1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (3.60%), - 97%. 2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (1.15%), - 91%. 3. Unravel Two (1.99%), - 0%. 4. Devil May Cry 5 (3.70%) - 0%. 5. PlayStation VR Worlds (0.66%) - 0%. 6. Outlast 2 (1.73%) - 0%. 7. Super Meat Boy (0.19%) - 0%. 8. Project Cars 2 (4.68%) - 0%. 9. Gran Turismo Sport (0.74%) - 0%. 10. Yakuza 0 (3.29%) - 0%.
  6. Just cop the milestone bro, we won’t judge.
  7. Is my game glitching or have they patched it so enemies don’t stay tagged on the highest difficulty? I’m on the 2nd level, it wasn’t doing this on the first, even though I was always on the hardest difficulty. Ah, ty Gage.
  8. Don’t even bother farming ingots, just do runs in the labyrinth. Start at floor 80, work your way to 90, make sure to clear out any “rumpus rooms” if they appear and accumulate 500 orbs for the special chest after the boss. Each run I was getting 2-4 legendary weapons/equipment. Don’t forget to set your setting for rarer equipment drops.
  9. Did you complete the training grounds? You can adjust the scope in multiple ways to compensate for bullet drop, and it gives you a transparent line for wind.
  10. This. The loading times in 3 were hilariously awful.
  11. Probably Motorstorm Pacific Rift on my first ps3 account. That game had it all re: trophies, brutal rubberband cheap AI, having to beat the developers ghosts on all tracks, and online rankings that could actually go down if you weren’t placing well. Doesn’t help that I started the game about 4 years after launch, everyone still playing were the hardcore veterans. Took me 400+ races to hit legend rank and win 3 in a row for that trophy. Awesome game and very satisfying.
  12. Ignore. He has no trophy card and the majority of his posting history is trolling major Sony exclusives. Fanboys gonna fanboy.
  13. Looking to finally start this game as it's sitting in my backlog since launch. What's the most efficient way to start so I don't have to complete 4 playthroughs for trophies? Can I start on easy with iron man then go straight to ultra nightmare in NG+?
  14. Had one game in war mode and checked my stats on two different Pubg stats tracker sites, the kills are there. Whether or not these still count towards the 1k trophy is another question but my kills are definitely being recorded.
  15. I’m on the final stretch of some grindy/difficult plats (PUBG, DBXenoverse and UMvC3), hoping to have them done by the end of the year.