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  1. So do you read the hundreds of spam emails that get filtered to your junk box, or are you happy for those to get filtered out?
  2. Wanna play this but I'm just gonna wait until it's cheap and all the DLC's are out.
  3. I don't know if you misread my post but if my child becomes sick, I'd be taking them straight to hospital. Not continue boosting.
  4. Placeholder is fine. A lot of us are in our 30's with kids and other commitments that can ruin a strict boosting session time due to unforeseen priorities. Not to mention timezones etc. But with that said, the person organising the session should add everybody on PSN into a chat group to monitor who's online and get some coordination going. I've only had a few boosting sessions on this site, all of them have been fine.
  5. I'll claim Ghostrunner as my 6/10 (difficulty from this site). Great game, I'll probably do the DLC this weekend too. 1. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance (psnprofiles) 2. Persona 5 Royal 3. Cyberpunk 2077 4. Doom Eternal 5. Metro Exodus (psnprofiles) 6. Ghostrunner 7. DJMax Respect 8. Superbeat Xonic 9. Back 4 Blood (platprices) 10. Trackmania Turbo (platprices)
  6. I had multiple DLC trophies glitch out for me, like 3 starring all events and driving 30 miles in new cars. All I had to do to pop them was replay one event in the original campaign.
  7. Took half the year but I'm finally on the board. >_> Deadlight was just something I thought looked cool that was on a recent sale. When I started playing it actually reminded of a certain game I used to play a lot on ps1: Oddworld, though with a Walking Dead theme. The game is made up of 2D side scrolling with light puzzles, jumping, climbing and combat. The only reason this game is UR is because of Nightmare mode, whenever you die, you start back at the beginning of whatever Act you died on (there are three Acts all up). This sounds worse then it is, the game if pretty short (my Nightmare run took an hour), Act 2 is harder because of a few sections but mostly due to the fact that it's longer than the other two Acts. Superbeat Xonic is a rhythm game similar to guitar hero/djmax, the main difference is the notes don't drop down the screen like on the Matrix, they fly at you as if you were sitting in a cockpit. It actually works pretty well because the notes line up with the dualshock 4 buttons, it just gets confusing when you first jump into 6TRAX/FX. With some practice and decent shields, you'll eventually fly through all of the missions until you hit 6-Eleven, then the difficulty ramps up considerably. Once you finish all these missions, a secret club pops up with 3 more missions, all on the difficulty (or harder) then 6-Eleven. Won't lie, I struggled. Some songs I had to watch on youtube at half speed just to see certain parts because it's so fast. Guide on this site says 50 hours, it took me nearly 100. I recommend both games, they go on sale dirt cheap constantly. Also I'm swapping out Dreams for Nex Machina. 1. Superbeat Xonic 2. Dreams > Nex Machina 3. Vanquish (PS4) 4. Star Renegades 5. Back 4 Blood (PS5) 6. Disco Elysium (PS5) 7. Deadlight: Directors Cut 8. Wasteland 3 9. Persona 4 Arena 10. Trackmania Turbo
  8. Killed off as in unobtainable not even a year after release? DICE have really fallen off a cliff. I'm down for a squad up, couldn't even get into a hazard game when I started this last year..it's absolutely dead. Edit: they're not killing it off, they just won't be updating it in the future. Still down to boost though.
  9. Finished up grinding the last few Superbeat missions, that's my 8/10 complete. 1. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance (psnprofiles) 2. Persona 5 Royal 3. Cyberpunk 2077 4. Doom Eternal 5. Metro Exodus (psnprofiles) 6. Disco Elysium (psnprofiles) 7. DJMax Respect 8. Superbeat Xonic 9. Back 4 Blood (platprices) 10. Trackmania Turbo (platprices)
  10. Not entirely... Just having a browse at my old profile, my first trophy was in 2008 for Super Stardust HD, it has a time stamp obviously. My first plat was inFamous which launched in 2009 and it has no time stamps at all. Then thereโ€™s LBP, I have a time a missing time stamp for completing the 1st area, a time stamp for completing the 2nd, then missing time stamps for the next 5 areas. ๐Ÿค”
  11. I feel like Iโ€™ve done nothing this year, just 4 plats, none ultra rare. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™ll swap out Lumines for Deadlight Directors Cut, should pop the plat tomorrow or the day after.
  12. I have but I went back to try a new legendary bow with Lydia and you're correct, it makes it possible. Now the real grind begins, one stage down, 141 to go. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. The grind is definitely real alright.. The game isn't that hard but the platinum solely relies on you getting lucky with RNG and getting one of those broken 700+ damage weapons. Otherwise lethal with platinum rankings isn't really possible, the enemies are bullet sponges and you have to take on enemies of all elements rather than just two, meaning your best two weapons can't carry you like they'd normally do on other difficulties. If you didn't have to beat the song within a time limit then this would really just be skill dependant, but I can't even beat the first level before the song ends, even at level 50 with max legendary gear, the enemies take too long to kill. Nearly 30 hours in, the last 20 have been grinding for this elusive gun..
  14. #4 DJMax Respect, the glitched trophy was fixed so I was able to pop the plat. Might even try for the insane 100% over the next few years. ๐Ÿ˜† 1. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance (psnprofiles) 2. Persona 5 Royal 3. Cyberpunk 2077 4. Doom Eternal 5. Metro Exodus (psnprofiles) 6. Disco Elysium (psnprofiles) 7. DJMax Respect 8. Superbeat Xonic (psnprofiles) 9. Back 4 Blood (platprices) 10. Trackmania Turbo (platprices)
  15. I'm only on the 4th area so far but there's been 10 levels per area. 10 areas all up so roughly 100 levels if it's consistent. Each area also has a few bonus levels scattered around the map. If anyone wants to get the Band Together trophy, send me a request, no idea why they didn't include matchmaking..