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  1. Yeah just keep playing, I'm sure it'll unlock eventually. Apparently there's some issue with the tracking.
  2. Definitely glitchy, I've played at least 10 rounds with all original operators and have roughly 130+ rounds won of both attack and defence but don't have those 3 trophies. Boosting would be hard because the chances of match making with your partner on the other team would be slim. But you don't need to boost, you can get literally everything aside from gold rank just by playing, even if you're not that good. Even gold rank, you can get carried in your placement matches but you'd have to be lucky, and it would be easier if you just get decent at the game and carry your weight.
  3. Everyone that buys a ps5 should play it, not just because it's free, but because it's awesome and showcases the dualsense the best.
  4. Averaging 274 trophies a day. Not bad.
  5. Good sale. Picked up Manifold Garden, the Metronomicon, Gods will Fall, Curse of the Dead Gods and Sniper Contracts 2. If you’re holding out for the ps5 version of Sniper Contracts like I am, buy the PS4 version on sale now, devs confirmed free upgrade when it releases next month.
  6. For some reason, my default search settings for Conquest had half the maps unticked. I figured they were DLC and this was normal but two of the unticked maps turned out to be launch maps. So yeah, check your settings.
  7. Exophase gamertags or you can use a ps5 if you have one.
  8. Couldn't help but stalk your playtime..1160+ hours. Surely you must be close now, and I wouldn't call you a masochist if you're doing the turbo method. 😂
  9. Like Cloud said, create/play 100 rooms is online, the rest can be done locally with another controller. You’d be a mad man to start this game just for trophies though, enjoy 200 hours of just blowing up blocks for both 1 million related trophies. A grind I definitely have no intentions of starting anytime soon.
  10. Not counting the ps4 > ps5 updates or ps plus games.. Digital: WRC9 Immortals Fenyx Rising It Takes Two Chicory Physical: Spiderman Miles Morales RaC: Rift Apart Returnal AC Valhalla Dirt 5 Yakuza: Like a Dragon Demon's Souls Sackboy Scarlet Nexus After Sniper Elite Contracts 2 comes out, I don't think I'll buy another game until the holidays when Horizon and Battlefield come out, backlog's getting crazy.
  11. They carry over between characters. All the gifts I gave during my Yuito playthrough are there on my Kasane playthrough.
  12. This guy’s lost the plot. I’m struggling to see exactly what he’s even arguing about anymore, especially with his reply to my quote. If he doesn’t even own a ps5, why bother? lol
  13. First of all, we’re on a gaming website, we’re not your average gamer and are well aware of gaming performance. Ray tracing a meme? Hampers FPS? I’m watching my gf play A Rift Apart with ray tracing at 60 fps and I couldn’t disagree anymore if I tried. It looks absolutely ridiculous. 60 fps absolutely does matter, everytime a major Sony exclusive gets a ps5 patch, it shoots right back up to the top 10 games played on this very site. People are literally begging Sony for a Bloodborne patch ffs. I don’t know why you’re trying to argue load times either, go play Demon’s Souls on the ps3 and compare it to ps5. Or ask anyone who got the platinum for Crash 4 on the PS4 how painful the Perfectionist trophy was because you had to wait 40 seconds between every death.
  14. You can't be serious. OP can do whatever he wants but higher fps alone make the upgrades worth it. Not to mention resolution and ray tracing. Having near no loading times is incredible, all this adds up and makes the experience much more enjoyable.
  15. I know we’re all trophy whores here, but my God. Trading a better experience just for auto popping trophies. I couldn't imagine playing something like Crash 4 on the ps4 if you have a ps5 (no 40 second loading screens between restarts etc).