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  1. Im doin this now and it’s working, it takes around 15 minutes with the loading screens to hit one million (by exploiting 100k), so going from 8.6 million to 20 million will take roughly 3 hours, not too bad.
  2. Did this exactly but got the bonus screen up when I went back into offline and got locked out of the exploit. Some people are saying to disconnect at the icon at the bottom, some are saying during the animation and this vid says during the top blue icon, which is it?
  3. So we still get 100k daily and can abuse the exploit? Well I know what I’m doing after work tomorrow.
  4. I had over 50k kills on BF4 (old account) and I'd probably still be playing if the Aus servers weren't dying. It's not a grind if you actually love the game and aren't specifically playing only for trophies.
  5. I think he’s talking about PSN rarity, not psnprofiles. Of my 28 plats, only 7 are ultra rare here, compared to PSN, where 20 are ultra rare.
  6. I got the 10 grenades kills trophy by downing an enemy with a DMR and an ally randomly finishing them off with a grenade. These trophies are so buggy it's not even funny, glad most of the trophies popped for me when they were supposed to.
  7. Check your multiplayer stats in the main menu, it’ll tell you have many game modes you’ve played, are you missing anything?
  8. After I achieved this plat, I was forced to walk home naked, dragging behind me, the stone of shame.
  9. That’s weird, I remember when I joined someone’s game around wave 2-3, completed the whole thing and got nothing but the trophy popped when I created my own game and finished. I don’t suppose there’s some settings you’re messing with that void the trophy?
  10. lmao, bingo. Game's sitting in my backlog, might fire it up just to save some grinding later on. 😅
  11. Dragonball Xenoverse. Well it hasn’t broken me but it caused me to take a long hiatus from it...since last August lol. The rarest and most grindy trophies are unlocking all the techniques, which are linked to the 55 quests. The problem is they’re RNG based, so you keep completing the quests over and over and just pray you unlock it. And the problem doesn’t stop there, some quests require ultimate finishes, which require certain events to happen which can also be RNG based. So it’s like in inception on RNG. The grind isn’t that bad, I knocked out half the stages in a week with casual play, 2 more weeks of casual play would be enough but I just can’t force myself to get started on it again with all these other games I’m dying to play. 😂
  12. So they nerfed the only somewhat challenging trophy of the game? It wasn’t even that hard, the completion rate for this plat was already in the high 20’s.
  13. Watched some clips on YouTube, this actually looks decent. I've already got a small backlog of VR games but I can't say no to anything zombie related.
  14. The Escapist 2. There is nothing hard about it and you could binge it in a few days with a guide. The game is fun as hell too.
  15. Mad respect. I’ve been thinking about having a crack at this game as a very loooong term project for bragging rights (helps that the game actually looks fun). Think I’ll be using a keyboard when the time comes though. 😂 Curious how many hours you’ve invested (if there’s a timer)?