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  1. The fence post is what holds up the fence...
  2. "until someone POSTS it online" The devs weren't kidding lol.
  3. Does Michael Jordan still play?
  4. The Escapists 2. I'm nearly finished, plat takes around 20 hours, awesome game too. Super Bomberman R. Nothing hard about this but it has an insane grind for two trophies lmao.
  5. Remix mode is actually quite refreshing, hard to fault this game, it’s really fun, I actually don’t care much for the story, but the game play is just too good. Stages 6-10 on remix hard mode left as well as the last 48 Rapunzel levels and I’ll have this plat.
  6. There’s a guide now bro, it’s got all the ending details.
  7. Lmao, just had that feel when I beat 64 stages and thought it was over, only to forget about the extra 64 stages.
  8. Is there’s a mini guide for keeping everyone alive? Done two play throughs and still need to save 4 people lol.
  9. Only played the first series on my old account so will be picking this up depending on price. Really enjoyed Borderlands telltale earlier this year.
  10. Nah I only did them through the phone and on classic. The trophy description says classic or remix so I didn’t think you have to do both.
  11. Ah ok, that kinda makes the El Dorado trophy slightly less painful. I’m guessing Gold Rush refers to the actual pieces of gold you pick up in each level? Because I got a gold ranking for every floor on normal difficulty but didn’t get the trophy (I was replaying levels through the phone).
  12. So for the endings, is it still recommended to play to 5th day and stay as neutral as possible then branch off with multiple saves? I'm still unsure exactly of how you keep track of all the stages you gold. I know you can view each level in your phone but you can't choose which floor per level, or am I missing something?
  13. Was anyone able to clear up the gold related trophies? Do we have to Gold every stage on easy medium and hard or just hard?
  14. Oh wow, is that actually a fact? I platted the EU version but had to use two controllers for a babel stage because it was impossible on my own lmao.
  15. True about Babel but even that was made easier in the original by using two players.