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  1. Correct, Speed. Precision and the Drop the Moon trophies can be done with 2 controllers, the rest are online.
  2. It’s a tad harder than the first one IMO. It’s just waaay more grindy, you have to beat every stage like 5 times to meet all the gem requirements. The game is awesome though, don’t know how anyone who enjoyed the original trilogy can dislike it. 🤔
  3. Had as a nice session with Tricky Towers today, that’s my 3rd game done (love the plat image btw). That’s probably me done for the year, I’ll save the others for next time, gonna enjoy some Battlefield and easier games in my backlog. Tetris Effect - 0.47 (100%) Super Meat Boy Forever - 3.67 (100%) Tricky Towers - 1.04 (100%) Persona 4 Arena - 0.38 - (88%) Trackmania Turbo - 0.60 (73%)
  4. Same here. On top of that, due to a decent sized backlog, I've also got a good chunk of ps4 games I haven't played yet that have free ps5 upgrades. Installed a 2tb SSD as well, feels good man.
  5. Offline play coming soon, thank god. Edit: Looks like they nerfed the supply point speed Run RIP. Only get 10 now instead of 34. Looks like a lot of good things from the patch though, previous stages stay unlocked if you join a later game, fixed mutation spawns, trophies unlock even if you die at the end of a level etc.
  6. Lol, I’m keeping tabs on this page waiting for someone to say they’re fixed so I can fire this game up already. 😄
  7. Stupid design choice to not include an option for bots only, it should come as an option once you’ve been “searching” for a minute or two. I’m grinding supply points on a stage that takes 2 minutes tops to beat, yet I’m waiting 5-10 minutes just to get into a game.
  8. Probably just hasn't been added to the servers by Sony yet. Happens every now and then, should sync fine when it's fixed.
  9. #56 Fun 8.5/10 Difficulty 3/10 Grind 5/10 Went in with zero expectations and surprisingly enjoyed everything. I'm actually surprised I managed to avoid spoilers for two years because the ending caught me by surprise as well. Post game grind wasn't even that bad, all up the plat too 79 hours (according to ps5). Only real negative is you can't listen to music when doing deliveries, though this makes sense due to BT's.
  10. $35 off Deathloop? Guess I’ll bite..
  11. You can save scum if you really want, main challenge is Dr Light's trial.
  12. So if we enjoyed MM11, then definitely don’t play this game?
  13. That’s disappointing to hear, was gonna start it up soon, might just play the PS4 version.
  14. I think Returnal and Demon’s Souls are quite literally the only games on PS5 that aren’t on PS4 lol (along with the new RaC). Death Stranding is awesome, I’m only a few hours in but it’s quite fun for a literal “walking/delivery” simulator. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and enjoy a story than to have to sweat and try hard on the edge of your seat.
  15. 60 platinums (I only average 20 a year) and to finish one tier in the UR community event, still got 3 UR games to go.