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  1. Thought I’d post my success run if anyone wants a strat. Basically just rolled whenever I could but take extra precaution during the crab and green thorn parts. If you pass the fire part with less than 10:45 on the clock, you should be fine.
  2. Just looked up that exploit, honestly you probably wouldn't even need it on this trial because the hardest part is just getting to the end, and you'll most likely have enough time left anyway if you grab all the clocks during the final part. Rolling isn't necessary either as MrBeens pointed out, but it's still faster than running so you might as roll anyway during the safer parts.
  3. Not sure which exploit you're referring to, mate?
  4. Rolling = move faster. It’s a timed trial and it’s not that hard to hold circle. There also weren’t any other vids at the time, that’s why I uploaded mine as a reference. You also chase unnecessary clocks during the final part and almost fell to your death, that’s exactly what my run avoids.
  5. I must be lucky as hell. I had one freeze the entire time I played Max Payne 3, and it wasn’t on chapter 13 or during a NYMHC run. Physical version btw.
  6. If you mean the other previous 15 trials then no, there were three left that I hadn’t had gold on at the time of completing this last trial. If you mean this trial specifically, all that matters is you finish under 10 minutes.
  7. Nah, I already had gold on the first 10 or so trials, I replayed the second one for this trophy and it popped fine (ps5).
  8. Playing the ps5 version, the gold trophy for beating the last trial is brutal. It’s basically all the trials put together, you have 10 minutes, one fall and you’re back to the start.
  9. With covid (I work in medical), studying and my son starting school, my gaming time has been cut in half this year. Probably won’t touch my ps3/4 in a while now that I managed to snag a ps5, too excited with my new toy. Haven’t posted here since March, got a few plats since then, 3 of them UR: Sniper Elite 4 DBZ Fighters Max Payne 3
  10. RIP OCD trophy hunters. Lists looks pretty simple, wonder how tough the speed run is.
  11. Just get the leaderboard challenges done in case the servers go down again. The luge tour one is the only one that may require a bit of practice because you have to complete it to upload your score.
  12. I pulled out the old ps3 to finish a few games so I can sell it to make room for my ps5. Now I'm buying even more ps3 games because they're so cheap and I missed out on a lot of hidden gems. Guess I'm keeping it.
  13. This is like porn for this site. The trophy popped instantly as soon as he got the collectable as well, no weird delay.
  14. I only play games I actually want to play, and I generally juggle around 10 games at a time so I’m not burned out on the same game for so long. For grindy trophies, regular breaks help too, just knock the online trophies out first, then go back and finish the rest whenever you can be bothered.
  15. Fair enough.
  16. It’s too bad you can’t record on the ps3, I’m curious to know how you’re playing exactly. You shouldn’t be put into last stand at all when you know this game inside and out (except for hardcore mode), because you should be killing everyone almost as soon as they spawn or shooting from the safety of corners Uncharted style.
  17. Even though I managed to secure a launch ps5, I have 70+ ps3/ps4 games in my backlog that I’d love to play, so I’m in no rush to drop full retail prices on new games unless I’m dying to play them. Demon’s Souls on launch and that’s it.
  18. Ah thank you, that site is fine.
  19. My proudest moments were when I was a kid. Beating Altered Beast and Sonic for the first time. Being the first kid in school to collect all 150 Pokemon on game boy. Collecting all 120 stars in Mario, beating Goldeneye on OO Agent and unlocking all time trial related cheats. Beating the campaign, getting all coins and unlocking TT in DKR etc.
  20. I don’t give a shit about anything except the Wishlist. They only time I use the store is to check if any games I want are on sale, now I have to do this manually for each game for every new sale. Would love to know wtf was going through Sony’s head when they decided to get rid of this simple feature.
  21. I hate when CoMpLeTIoNsT avoid games they admit they want to play because of trophies. Play it on another account at least.
  22. Weekend attempt 2: Attempt 3 Death by grenade in Chapter 5. Never died here before, that big group of guys you fight before the pier were spamming grenade like CoD4. Got “stuck on a wall”, dead. Attempt 4 Death by grenade #2. This one hurt, it was the start of Chapter 10 outside the petrol station. I thought I was safe behind the concrete barrier but apparently not. Also had an unusual glitch in Chapter 8, got to the sniper part and Passos wouldn’t talk or give me cover fire. I had 4 painkillers and bullet time so I managed to tank a few sniper hits and make it to the next part where the game “corrected itself”. Too bad I couldn’t finish this run. Attempt 5 Shot Passos in the back with a shotgun in Chapter 3 lol. Never picked up a shotgun again after this. Attempt 6 Success! Tried to relax and just Rambo my way through the game like I normally would instead of playing it safe. Playing it too safe = death by grenades. Had a little glitch in the subway in Chapter 14 when you turn the power back on, my gun wouldn’t fire. Luckily it was just one guy left, switching weapons did the trick. I made sure to never take my eyes off Becker for more than two seconds unless I was in bullet time, no random grenade deaths!
  23. I like using the grenade launcher, especially in chapter 13. I just make sure I’m always in the open so I don’t hit a wall. Might have to wait until the weekend before my next crack, don’t have 5 hours free after work, unfortunately.
  24. Attempt 1 Killed by the heavy gunner in the lobby on chapter 6. Don’t know what happened here, I unloaded nearly 3 full mags into his head but his helmet wouldn’t come off. Eventually got caught in the open and he killed me. Replayed this section immediately and I kill him in 5 seconds, no idea? Attempt 2 Failed in chapter 8. This was just dumb. So Passos gets gunned down almost immediately because I leave the cutscene with no bullet time and one bullet in my pistol. Next time I’ll make sure to go back and get the grenade launcher. Lesson learned. 😂 Im actually feeling confident with this, just need to be extra careful with instant death areas.
  25. Brutal man. Just finished regular NYM and I realised that while I was taking cover against the luggage, his grenade didn’t kill me, just knocked me back. Don’t know whether I should start trying to tackle this beast while the campaign’s still fresh in my mind or grind to level 50.