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  1. Add me EmmettXIV. Trying to boost the 50 wins.
  2. Online trophies of course because eventually they will become unobtainable. Trophies that require alot of players to complete. Glitched trophies, Missable trophies, Speedrun trophies. Mainly trophies where I need others to help because not everyone is online at the same time. I don't like setting a specific time for a game session but sometimes it's necessary.
  3. 100% Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) on 6/16/16. My favorite game and still playing...

  4. Final PS3 game & platinum for me, Uncharted #40 platinum. Uncharted came with my PS3 and i guess it's fitting it ends with it.

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    2. EmmettXIV


      Uncharted was actually my first PS3 game and it came with my PS3. For some reason I did not like it at the time and actually sold it to Gamestop. Fast forward 7 years I decide to give it another try and it turns out, it's great game and I enjoyed it. It just happened to be my last PS3 game before I decided to move on to PS4. I recently got a PS4 and ironically it's the Uncharted collection bundle.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      That's crazy. I didn't think Uncharted was good at first. Took a few years before I played it. Now I love it. Also I picked up the ps4 Uncharted games for myself. To hype up for the 4th.

    4. EmmettXIV
  5. Just seeing them in the Royal Rumble would be amazing, especially AJ Styles. As for who's going to win the Rumble this year. I couldn't even guess and it's for Roman's WWE title.
  6. WOOO! I got my first platinum of 2016. An old one, MW2 :)

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    2. Saltyie


      Just booted it up and I'm surprised at how many I have left actually. Firstly the two player ones in bravo are pretty difficult, Snatch and Grab (the airplane graveyard one), wreckage (bridge destruction) and war driving (tank escort) are also giving me trouble. And all of Echo remains unfinished, though I think I've only attempted the juggernaut oil rig one.

    3. InfamousChaos86


      Nothing wrong getting an old plat for the new year ;)

    4. Roster13


      My very first platinum. Congratulations :)


    1. itzzh3lixx


      tell us about the things you eat

    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      He eats prinnys itzz :P


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    2. Dark_Tooth69


      Hakan, easiest by far.

    3. Zanzarro


      Hakan, Bison, T.Hawk, Juri, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Cammy & Vega has the easiest trials imo. maybe there's someone else but i can't remember atm.

    4. EmmettXIV


      ok i try them out, again & thanks

  9. surprise, he had
  10. Interesting. I guess my OCD is completion, stats, trophy timestamps, the character creations, customizations. I guess tips i would give would be that you can always start a new game, if your truly unhappy with your game. Make multiple save datas so if you make a mistake, you can always load. Take your time in the beginning of games like with the creations until your really happy with what you have. Sometimes the best thing is just casually play, don't take it so serious, make the most funny character you can come up with, mess with all the options and you might actually come up with something you enjoy. FUN
  11. 3/31/15 The Last Day of PlayStation Home :( But i also got my first platinum of 2015 :)

  12. Getting 4 players to do a heist in GTA is a pain. I need a new crew :( Stuck on my prison heist

  13. Hi, I like Fallout 3 & New Vegas also.
  14. STING!!!