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  1. Just to add to this, I'd like to confirm that if you go ahead and buy the full version then the chances are that you still might not be able to earn up to four of the trophies. Five months so far of Ubi promising it's being looked at and they've got to the point that for a week or two they haven't even bothered to respond to complaints of trophy glitches on their official forums.
  2. The only potential frustration I can see could be the win every Orlog one but that's just based on how bad I remember some of the other mini-games being in past entries. I am curious about "Overdesigned II" for defeating 3 "hard difficulty" enemies whilst on fire without breaking their shields and whether that will be possibly either directly game difficulty (as in set in the options by you) related due to the "hard" or missable if you have a level cap and the game counts enemies above your level as hard. Aside from those two points though it looks like another time consuming but easy AC list.
  3. Super late to the party on this but it's way harder than the first imo. I think a lot of that difficultly though comes from how bigger definitely isn't always better, specifically in this instance meaning that the whole way through I found the puzzles to be an abysmal mess visually because they seemed to try to add far more detail but due to the format meant that lots blended together into something that was about as clear as a group of clowns having an orgy with a disco light show going on. I did find as well that at times it was pretty tricky to see where the boundaries were for fitting all the tiny details together and unfortunately the only way to complete the puzzles was to look and spot which little details would match. If someone is at all visually impaired this is absolutely one to avoid. It's a shame, I loved the first but would definitely be wary of picking up any future one.
  4. Anyone have any problems with the level of enemies/loot on this? I just recently started all the DLC after a long break and on the first two DLCs the enemies were matching my level with many being 61 or a rare 62 but in this DLC all the enemies (and loot) I'm running into are only level 50 or below which makes it feel pointless to even bother picking any of the loot up. EDIT: Went through some more areas, turns out there are some level 60 enemies but only in certain places.
  5. Sorry, I should've said - This was with my original save from my Pro that transferred to OG and back to Pro. Yeah, it did cross my mind that my thought was flawed in the way of it not working the other way around too. I chalked it up to maybe only working in one direction. I did think that there's a further flaw in that there's no specific settings save or anything but then again, there's just one relatively huge save at a bit over 64MB so I wondered if something like a settings file might be contained in that. Like I say, I'm probably just getting a coincidental boost in performance but I am finding it really quite interesting how I was one of the people who was getting problems so bad that it was totally unplayable for me and yet suddenly I'm getting perfectly playable performance, albeit still a bit unpleasant, that has maintained over a couple of days, several sessions, left to idle and left in rest mode.
  6. This might sound nuts and obviously could be a total coincidence but following on from my previous post about testing it on an OG PS4 and it running far better than on a Pro, I decided to redownload my save to my Pro and started it up just to get a good comparison so the differences would be fresh in my memory and I've noticed the strangest thing. Basically my frame rate on my Pro now seems to be running the same as when I tried it on the OG PS4. I also noticed the strange glowing haziness is gone too. It's still getting some stuttering and other glitches like the irritating gate invisible wall in a timed mission and so it definitely still needs a substantial patch but I've actually been able to play through it now with how (relatively) well it's been running. I wouldn't have thought my save has been somehow altered by this process and hence why I say it could be a total coincidence but I figured I would post because since doing it the difference really has been night and day between first trying it on my Pro and now playing it on the same Pro. Just for a fun hypothesis that would assume that it isn't a coincidence, I suppose perhaps some hidden setting may be altered to get it to run on an OG/Slim such as for example disabling the lighting effect that was the culprit of that awful glow and with how broken the game is, maybe it's not automatically re-enabling this setting (like it probably should) once you go back to a Pro, hence the system isn't as taxed trying to run whatever and so it's now getting a semi-functional framerate.
  7. An interesting little point in my opinion on the framerate. After seeing Digital Foundry's video I decided to hook up an OG PS4 and compare the difference and the framerate is night and day between them. On my Pro I personally find it to be unplayable because the level of stuttering is obscenely high and it turns into a slideshow in buildings but on the OG PS4, whilst I'm still getting minor hiccups far more often than should be acceptable, I can actually play the game and in buildings I'm getting practically no slowdown at all. Further to this, I've not noticed that horrible hazy pink glow that can overpower everything. I wonder what exactly it is then that's caused it to run so much better on an OG PS4 compared to a Pro.
  8. The single largest issue I'm facing with it is contending with the near constant stuttering I'm getting. Outdoors it keeps randomly dropping way below even 30fps but indoors and sometimes in cars I was entering slideshow territory. I've been getting the other glitches too, poor inconsistent audio going from really loud to whisper quiet; strange skin texture in cutscenes that can change from an unappealing non-detailed muddy look to detailed even down to pitting and that have shadows; a strange powerful pinkish glow from the sky that seems to wash everything out, sometimes with a kind of haze and some silly levels of pop-in where I've been across the road from whole buildings that have suddenly appeared or when I crashed into a parked car because it finally decided to make an appearance as I was a metre away from it. I got 1,000G back on 360 with the original, thoroughly enjoyed it and I don't remember it playing anywhere close to this bad. This hands down has to be one of the laziest and worst ports I've ever played and I've played a lot of crap over time just for fun. As far as I'm concerned, to me it's practically unplayable as-is even just on the basis of how I can't seem to even go more than either 20 seconds without severe stuttering or maybe 10 without minor stuttering.
  9. One tip I can think of for this that makes it way easier is only do a few runs at a time, maybe even only two attempts and then restart the checkpoint and don't just keep trying it without restarting. By doing this you (at least largely) remove the luck aspect of it as for me restarting the checkpoint meant I was getting the targets in the same place each time and so could practice on them in the same places every time. Also a couple of smaller tips which I'm not sure as I type if they've been mentioned; firstly a good combo for me was the M9 pistol for the start section but at the stairs before the melee target that swings around at the top switch to the USP .45 (the one where you're holding a knife at the same time as the gun) as the melee is a lot quicker on it; secondly, your mileage may vary with this one but increasing the aim sensitivity a bit helped me shave a couple of seconds off because the default one is pretty sluggish which makes it harder to quickly acquire new targets. After mucking about for a bit and doing the above I ended up with a final time of 17.25s. (And then probably about 40s before the trophy popped...)