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  1. Hi everyone I was wondering if you think that the Neptunia series was fair in how they portrayed all the consoles, In my honest opinion after playing all 3 games (note: I will talk about what happens in them so spoiler alert) I don’t think so and more precisely I don’t think they have treated the PlayStation or Nintendo as well as Xbox and Sega. Thing is as I see it there’s a lot of evidence that makes me think this and I wondered if anyone else sees this. I’ve got a lot to say but here goes: Characters themselves. First thing I want to point out is the breast size of the CPUs. Now Vert (X box) has the largest breasts out of the other CPUs in both human and CPU form, although Yellow Heart now surpasses that, she was introduced in Victory and she’s become part of the Planeptune faction which is Sega and also this is only in CPU form where her breasts are bigger. For Sega there’s Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia and Peashy now as human forms their breasts are non-existent but as CPU forms they increase dramatically with Neptune and Plutia becoming an E, Peashy I’m guessing is H but it’s definitely the biggest ever in the series and Nepgear has C (although she is a candidate and out of the candidates hers is the biggest). Whereas with Sony there’s Noire who while her breasts are a C they don’t increase in CPU form and while it means she has breasts at all they are not as big as Planeptune or Leanbox CPUs, as for Uni while her human form is a B her breasts actually decrease when she transforms, that I don’t think is fair because I thought when they transform their breasts are supposed to either increase or stay the same. As for Wii well none of the CPUs have breasts not even when they transform they’re all stuck at A and worse still you have Vert who bullies Blanc over breasts and she seems to get away with it. I’ve got to admit though I do think Lastation and Wii’s CPUs are more attractive (as well as breasts aren’t everything in attraction nor is attraction everything) but that’s because of the assets they have like: attire, hairstyle as well as the fact I think they look cool. The thing is attraction is debatable but it does frustrate me that they try and make the Planeptune and Leanbox CPUs look more attractive because Purple Heart seems to have a better figure than Black Heart (not to me but to other people), they make Green Heart the tallest and as for Iris Heart they gave her a unique outfit (hopefully you know what I mean by that) along with giving Planeptune and Leanbox all the big breasts. It’s not just the outer beauty but the inner beauty as well where they do this. With Vert she’s portrayed as someone who’s very friendly and pleasant as well as being a nice older sister, not only that she’s also a hard core gamer who spends a lot of her time on the video games, so basically she’s a Barbie doll for gamers who’s kind, attractive and will probably play games with you, they tried to portray her so we as fans would love her. For me I don’t think she has good qualities to be a role model and not only that but she doesn’t seem to work although she never seems to be punished for this. As for Neptune she’s also portrayed as someone who is friendly and very sociable, even as someone that makes jokes, she’s also lazy and basically she’s supposed to have traits that again us fans would like but again for me, I don’t think she is friendly, like Vert I just think she’s a bully (Neptune’s victim being Noire’s tsundere and loneliness) as well as her not having any good qualities to be a role model but again she doesn’t fall flat on her face for being lazy or for being a bully. What’s worse is that when she’s MC she just buries characters that don’t fit her mould (that’s what I honestly believe). As for Plutia (human form) and Peashy they’re just the same as Neptune. With Noire she’s someone that has good qualities to be a role model such as: hardworking, caring about other people (she cares about her landmass and works hard to be No 1.) and is also always training but the problem is the series never seem to reward her for hardworking instead they just have her fall flat on her face (or worse portray her to be like a villain). On top of that she isn’t portrayed as a nice person because of her tsundere trait, yes people do like it but my issue with the trait is it just makes her someone who isn’t a nice person or someone that is arrogant, it also makes her a target for Neptune, I also don’t like how she’s a tsundere due to various circumstances (as regards to character creation). As for Blanc like Noire she’s also someone with good qualities to be a role model such as: researching and caring about other people (she also cares about her landmass), again the series never reward for her good qualities. While I like her yelling and swearing she can be portrayed as a tyrant or a cruel dictator at times (like in HDN and Victory), again like Noire she can be portrayed as someone who is very horrible and nasty (I felt HDN is a prime example of this) this also makes her a target for Vert. I’ll now go through each of the 3 games in the trilogy as there’s more examples of this unfair treatment of the consoles happening: HDN Now I think there is a lot of evidence which supports what I’m saying. First of I’m going to landmass because even the landmasses are affected by this unfair treatment. Leanbox (although I think the design is rubbish because it doesn’t fit with Xbox) looks like a picturesque countryside full of historical buildings, there’s lovely mountains and plenty of green scenery, also the air is apparently good there, the point is you would want to live there due to the history, the nice architecture as well as the lovely views, I mean people like going to historic towns for exactly these reasons. Planeptune looks idealistic and is actually the most modern landmass, the place also looks clean and pleasant, again people would want to live there because it’s modern, it’s nice and beautiful. While it’s debatable whether it’s better than Leanbox they both appear to be the best landmasses. As for Lowee it can be argued that it also looks picturesque as there’s snow everywhere, some people actually like snow and Lowee could be considered as a winter wonderland but the problem is (at least in my opinion) not everyone likes snow or winter and another thing is that Lowee is actually very cold and to me it’s not idealistic as I don’t think the majority of people would want to go somewhere that is very cold. Lastation I felt the portrayal was a joke for so many reasons, the only thing that I agreed with was the colour but the problem is that the air wasn’t the best, it’s not very clean, it’s dirty, full of rubbish and it’s just full of factories (that were closing down) and worse still the economy is poor, to me Lastation should be an idealistic place of tomorrow not the industrial revolution full of pollution and mass unemployment, there wasn’t even any cars and I think that’s a joke considering all the racing games on the PlayStation like Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Driver and Grand Theft Auto. The point is Lastation was the least desirable place to go out of the others. I’ll now go to what happened to the CPUs in HDN: Now I’ll start with Neptune, I don’t like how she’s MC on this game considering she’s Sega and Neptunia is a PlayStation exclusive game, I think Noire should have been MC (because she represents us), what I didn’t like was how I could only play as her (out of the CPUs and that’s most of the time), what also frustrated me was that unlike “my CPUs” (I refer to Noire and Blanc and their younger sisters) she never got owned or humiliated (by “my CPUs”) and was the protagonist where as “my CPUs” were portrayed as antagonists (or at least minor ones), yes the other 3 CPUS ganged up on her in the beginning, thing is though that makes the 3 CPUs look weak because they can’t defeat Neptune alone and it makes them look evil for ganging up on her. With Vert she was actually portrayed as the most friendly towards Neptune and the fact is you only had to fight her once (twice including the time before recruiting her), not only that but the reason wasn’t because of rivalry, she even helped Neptune fix Leanbox and even at a certain point went out to fight monsters all day. Blanc however you had to fight her four times in the Lowee storyline and while I don’t think she had anything to do with what was going wrong in Lowee, she didn’t help Neptune either nor was she friendly towards her, furthermore in my opinion she was portrayed as a dictator because she didn’t seem to be very nice to her staff even threatening to cut one of their pay checks. Noire I felt had the worst portrayal out of the 4 because you had to fight her at least 4 times and while I’m not sure what to make of the way Noire was with Neptune, I didn’t like was how she turned a blind eye towards Avenir (which caused mass unemployment, poor economy and even destroyed Chian’s factory), worse Noire was apparently supporting it causing her to eventually admit that she caused so much trouble in Lastation and even making her quit (not to mention having Neptune fix it). If I’m honest I found the Lastation arc to be really awful and it made me sick not to mention it was sad to see “My CPUs” be humiliated and defeated numerous times. Mk2 I’ll admit that Mk2 is the best out of the trilogy mainly because the consoles were portrayed more evenly (the landmasses while I felt could be better at least were equal in my opinion in terms of it being a nice place, nice to see it carry on in Victory) although I still believe the treatment was still unequal (but less so). I’ll start with the candidates: With Nepgear I don’t know if I like her or dislike her because what makes me dislike her was her defeating my candidates and the Conquest Ending but what makes me like her is that unlike Neptune and Plutia she treats “My CPUs” with respect and not only that but she works hard and she always does her best, she’s also not a bully. Out of the 4 candidates in mk2 she seemed to be the portrayed the best as she only lost to CFW Judge once and CFW Magic twice (but then she defeated them both) but she has always won against the other nations not only that but she appears to be the most mature and she seems to be liked by the makers the most. Uni while she is alright in terms of whether she’s a nice person (still her tsundere trait can be a bit off) they try to portray her as someone that is inferior to Nepgear because she didn’t get to fight CFW Magic with the 4 CPUs and Nepgear (in the beginning), she lost to Nepgear 1 on 1 but not only that but the game makes out that what Uni does is irrelevant (as when it came to the CPUs being rescued Neptune had a lot of energy, the others didn’t implying that only Nepgear worked hard to get shares), she is my favourite candidate due to representation and having an MG42 and Barrett 50 Cal as well as training and working hard, but while I understand Nepgear is MC I felt that Uni’s portrayal wasn’t as good as Nepgear’s even making her out to be a bad kid at times. Rom and Ram I felt got the worst treatment as I don’t know what they have done apart from defeating CFW Trick, plus which they were fought twice at least (once was due to brain washing) not only that but it is their portrayal that I felt was bad because I’m not sure what admirable qualities they have apart from being nice (well in my opinion Rom is always nice, Ram I don’t know). I honestly think they’re just negative stereotypes of young twins where one is naughty and chatty but the other is well behaved but shy (then again I think I can say the same for the 4 CPUs with regards to negative stereotypes). With the CPUs there was Neptune owning Noire (Noire style) and there was Vert being leader (I’ll give her the fact that she wasn’t a bully to Blanc that time but I don’t see why she should be leader, in my opinion she has no decent qualities that Noire and Blanc have to be leader), as well as Blanc falling flat on her face a couple of times (such as getting into trouble with Mina), there was also the Conquest Ending where Planeptune was the one that survived but not only that but they portrayed it so that it’s the other CPUs fault as they rejected Nepgear’s offer and even killed themselves when they were defeated. Victory I honestly felt it was as bad as HDN for a lot of reasons as they went back to their unequal ways (hopefully from this you’ll understand why I don’t think Neptune should be MC ever again, as well as understanding my hatred for some of the cast): Neptune I felt was “invincible” because even though she was selfish towards her sister and not caring about her landmass (she only wanted to be CPU for eternal youth), annoying Histoire, as well as the constant owning, burying and embarrassing of “my CPUs” not once did she get owned, or defeated or fell flat on her face (not counting the video game 3 on 1 match which for my response see HDN). She got everything her way and it was annoying that she was always right even though what she said can be very stupid at times. Yes she had to go to Lastation to know how to work but it ended up being that Noire liked their company, Neptune helped Lastation a lot and they had it so Neptune was actually the hardest worker only she doesn’t want to work. I just honestly don’t like how they can keep trying to make her the best CPU when it comes to treatment and events in the series. Plutia I felt was even worse because while her human form is just Neptune number 2 in my opinion her HDD form I really despised, now the thing is the reason why I despise Plutia so much is because she did a Sadie towards “my CPUs” (especially Noire) and Nepgear (yes she’s Sega but she represents the only Sega console to have been released and she doesn’t fit Neptune’s mould) and not only that but I felt she buried the rest of the cast because they all fear her and I just think it’s a load of garbage to fear her, I really do. I find that pathetic that she didn’t do a Sadie to Neptune or Vert despite fighting Vert which is more proof to me that they think lowly of Sony and Nintendo but not Microsoft. Now I know it can be argued that some of her Sadies were justifiable, I completely disagree and even so that makes it even worse that not only do they treat “my CPUs” like crap they make it OK to do so, they’ve done it before in HDN. Also why is it that Plutia hasn’t fallen flat on her face then, nor been owned or even defeated? Because if they’re supposed to be punished for what they did why isn’t Plutia punished for being a Sadie to the candidates? I understand the argument that they’re supposed to be friends (with 1989 Noire being friends with Plutia and 2012 and mk2 Noire being friends with Neptune) as if to imply they choose it, but what needs to be considered is the fact that they’re characters which means an author has portrayed them in a certain way (they don’t have free will), in my eyes it doesn’t make Plutia’s Sadism to “my CPUs” more acceptable though, think about it would anyone put up with her Sadism or inflict Sadism to their friends? I don’t think so. All that happened to Vert with regards to humiliation is just her being defeated once and experiencing Yellow Heart, with regards to defeat it was never mentioned afterwards and Vert never had a Sadie done to her as for Yellow Heart, Vert did not make amends to Blanc over breasts instead all that happened was just Vert no longer having the biggest breasts in HDD form, she still had the biggest out of the humans and human forms. Blanc had a lot of humiliation in Victory, she was tricked by the Seven Sages (by having Mr Badd work with her) which once again portrayed her as though she was evil (as well as making her want to be the nation’s only CPU), her nation was virtually destroyed and Blanc felt powerless (only to have Neptune, Plutia and Noire revive it), she also had a Sadie done to her when she was in jail. We even got to see her cry, now I understand some say it’s character development but in my opinion I felt it made her look weak, in fact I felt she was treated like garbage throughout the whole game because Vert picked on Blanc’s breasts and got away with it, Blanc was reminded about nation’s only CPU. The icing on the cake for me was her stupid rivalry with Noire, for me I disagree with the rivalry, not because I like both CPUs a lot (I do though) but because both of the consoles were successful as they both have world records and they both cater for different audiences, I don’t see how Sony and Nintendo would be rivals now, not only that but Noire and Blanc actually have a lot in common with what they represent and how I feel they both have been screwed in the series. Noire I felt she was humiliated the most, she experienced Sadie lots of times: first was the shower which while Neptune also experienced it, Neptune likes having a shower with Plutia and Noire, Noire doesn’t, the second time was going to Lowee (all because Noire wanted to get stuff off her chest, who doesn’t?) and finally was when Plutia was going to do a Sadie on Noire before Yellow Heart came. That wasn’t counting the other times where Plutia would transform without doing a Sadie to make Noire fearful of her. There was also the time when Noire was pleased to be number 1 only for it to come crashing down with everyone laughing at her (again I know some people can say it’s justifiable but still there was no need for that event to happen in my opinion). Not only that but Noire was really panicking and fearful and when the culprit was revealed to be Annoydeath, that thing had her around his little finger, running rings around her, as well as making her fear him. Not only that but then Plutia and Neptune were joining in the burying. What was worse was that even when Annonydeath was defeated it never got punished and was still treating Noire like garbage. The fact that Annonydeath was an inspiration from real life I find sickening because it affected lots of people’s credit cards and accounts as well as personal details. Now other landmasses have been in trouble before in mk2 but it’s CPU was never fearful and there was no humiliation, it was all a matter of helping them out and determination to fix it. Even though Lowee and Leanbox were affected at the same time as Lastation’s (chapter 5 Victory) Blanc and Vert while they were in trouble weren’t as fearful or panicky and they weren’t mocked at that event like Noire. Not only that but Noire was constantly bullied for her loneliness and tsundere personality and at times she was portrayed as an unpleasant person, even with most of her bonus phrases I felt the dialogue stunk because it was mostly negative. It’s nice that you didn’t have to fight her but for some stupid reason (in terms of plot creation) you had to fight 4 fake Black Hearts (compared to 1 fake Heart for the other CPUs), I think the only positive things about Noire in Victory was we knew she wanted to be CPU to help others, she worked hard and she was number 1 (as well as in her HDD form she now has a posh British accent which I really like) but in terms of treatment and portrayal it doesn’t seem to matter because she seems to be punished instead of rewarded for it. As for the candidates well they were completely buried I never even got to hear Sarah Williams’ (Uni’s English VA) talent until the last chapter of the so called “good” and true endings, I mean all the candidates except Nepgear just had a small circular icon rather than a full picture of them like the other characters, not only that but they didn’t seem to have done anything significant in my opinion and they were also the victims to Plutia’s Sadism (in “good” ending) which was so uncalled for. I just felt they ruined the candidates which they introduced in mk2. As for Nepgear well she had a Sadie done to her, she’s neglected by Neptune all the time, she’s picked on sometimes due to not being MC anymore (even though I wouldn’t mind seeing her be MC again with improvements) as well as being treated liked the butt monkey, not only that but in the “good” ending Neptune takes Plutia to 2012 and leaves Nepgear behind in 1989. I know she is from Planeptune but like I said she doesn’t fit Neptune’s mould and she’s the only Sega console to have been released, but even so I think she is treated slightly better than the candidates in Victory because at least she has plenty of screen time, she is an actual person you can see (unlike circular icons of the candidates) and also she has contributed in helping the protagonists, (like tracking down Anonydeath). It’s just it’s a big shame that in that series they have been trying to bury “My CPUs” and I often wonder why it is, but I actually think I know why it is, it’s because of what happened in real life: In the 3rd console generation were two console companies: Sega and Nintendo now Nintendo has managed to outsell Sega by miles not just then but also in the 4th generation, when it came to the 5th generation Sony managed to achieve a world record: the PS1 is the first console to sell more than 100 million copies, the PS2 and (just recently) the Wii are the only consoles to have been able to sell more than 100 million as well. The PS1 dominated that generation and when it came to the 6th generation when Xbox was introduced, the PS2 dominated again with 155 million copies the most sales on a home console ever. So basically long story short overall Nintendo and Sony have been outselling Sega and Microsoft in its respective generation (I understand the debate between X Box 360 and PS3 sales but the PS2 has 6 times the sales to X Box) and because Sony and Nintendo have defeated Sega in the console wars they have to bury Noire and Blanc in the series, as for Microsoft since they too cannot beat Sony and Nintendo in the wars (again overall) Vert gets decent treatment as a character. Now I know that Noire will be getting her own game at last but the thing is I really do feel they don’t want her to be MC because when in Japan they did the popularity contest Noire won not Neptune, they then announced Noire’s game would be made only for it to be cancelled. After Victory they announced it again but why is it at the bottom of the “to do pile” because it’s only November 2013 where we’ll get more information on it (6 months since the announcement of the game), I mean they have already released the Japanese version of the idol game and now they’re working on the remake of HDN. In Victory Neptune seemed to hate the idea of Noire being the most popular that’s why she probably got such lousy treatment. I just want the portrayals to be fair and equal and unless Noire’s game redeems itself I might just quit the series because I hope you can understand I was looking forward to a console war game and it’s a shame that this is the closest we have. I respect fans of other consoles and I respect fans of Neptunia characters that I don’t like, I’m just wondering if there’s anyone else here that thinks this or at least understands where I’m coming from (as well as why I dislike certain characters because for example it’s not Plutia’s Sadism as such I hate it’s who she does it too). I’d love to hear what you think on this; all I ask is that I get treated with respect because they are what my views are.
  2. I want more information before thinking about buying it myself, to be honest it's frustrating with how long it's taking and I think I know why it is.
  3. I think we will be getting more info on Noire's game in November some time.
  4. Hello. I know the trophy requires all 50 waves of guerrilla mode to be completed on the same map and difficulty but do those waves have to be completed in order? Or if I do wave 14 to 50 then wave 1 to 13 all on the same map and difficulty I'll still get the trophy?
  5. OK fair enough I can respect that in that case, those that have something to say on this just talk to me privately about it via private message or just send me a message via PSN (but reference this post).
  6. Hello I was wondering if you knew any decent forums that talk about Neptunia. I know there is NISA but the problem is it's full of bullying as well as administrators there that turn a blind eye (others think this too). There's also 4redchan or something but I heard negative stuff about there too. So I'm wondering if there are any others and also if other people have had negative experiences about NISA or any other forums for that matter.
  7. I agree also I'd have for male: clint eastwood, james earl jones, robert downey jr (sherlock) and morgan shepherd (col hargrove). For female: erin fitzgerald, wendee lee and sarah williams.
  8. Hi everyone One of the things I like about Call of Duty is the multiplayer announcers, I like their voices as well as how some have emotion like: WaW. Just for fun if you could pick a voice actor (not from Cod or has not been a multiplayer announcer) or voice actress (Fair enough if you disagree but depending on the actress I wouldn't mind if there is one) who would you have and also what character would they sound like? I may suggest a few later.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently found out that there is some DLC which consists of new palettes for the characters, I particularly liked seeing Parasoul as Jessica Rabbit, personally I wouldn't mind seeing a Neptunia palette for the characters that are voiced by the VAs from Neptunia but I would be interested to know what colour scheme you would like to see.
  10. I wonder if this is it for 2013-2014 as far as Neptunia games coming out go, or will there be a Neptunia game that's JRPG for the PS3 as well.
  11. 1. I am serious because an RTS could work because the game involves nations, RTS is about controlling nations, thing is I think we have to agree to disagree on this one. 2. I actually meant who should have priority. 3. A. you're the only one questioning it, B. I'm not the only one who thinks this and C. Whether you mean it or not, you make it sound like a bad thing, what is wrong with me wanting to see Noire more being as I'm a Playstation fan and Noire represents the Playstation. 4. It's debatable but I disagree, it's personal taste. 5. Debatable to spin off being the only way, I doubt Lowee and Leanbox will ever become MC but you never know that's why I said they should be in the game with Noire as MC, fair enough about Neptune being a maker but other people wouldn't mind seeing it. My signature comment refers to the trophy card, not the picture.
  12. 1. I disagree because fair enough you may not like those genres, but I'm sure other people do and it would be nice to see the series in other genres as well as in JRPG. Also there's a Neptunia mod in L4D2, that's quite popular. 2. Same here but Noire before Neptune, (I can understand Neptune is MC, but I wouldn't want Neptune Only, Neptune and Noire would be fine). 3.I think other people want to see more Noire, as much as me. 4. I was unaware of it. 5. I don't mind if it's a spin-off or not as long as the game is significant, Noire is MC and Uni is in it as well (maybe add Blanc, Vert or Rom and Ram, I don't mind who else as long as Uni is in it too.), I'm unsure if other people will agree but I'd be fine with Neptune being a maker, it would be more realistic (Sega just makes Games). 6. For me my favourites are 1. Noire, 2. Uni, 3. Blanc, 4. Vert, 5. Rom, 6. Ram.
  13. I agree, I'd love to see a different genre like fps or rts as well. I also think Noire should have been in Playstation All Stars because Noire=PS3. There needs to be more Noire. If any of you like her English voice you can hear it in Persona 4 (Chie) and Ed Edd and Eddy (2, 4-6, Nazz, especially to Sir with Ed).
  14. Yeah I agree she has the best qualities to be a CPU, (hardworking, always improves and she wants to be 1.)
  15. I doubt it too, I'm unsure about this.