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  1. Hi, I'm interested to buy the game because it's in spring sales. But I'm a bit worried I online trophies. The server are still up and there are player?
  2. Hi, servers are still up?
  3. I made it and got platinum this morning. I would like to share the best method that I find: 1 At start spamming X button for throw the disc asap 2 Hold LS to right for push the dog at the screen limit. 3 Jump after every blu marker for jump obstacles. 4 Catch the disc at the last moment for earn some moment. With this strategies I got 203 m. I don't know if there is a better method but this work for me. Good luck
  4. Hi guys, Do you have any tips for this Trophy? My record is 189m but I find it a bit random. Who have obtained ut can tell me if is a matter of timing or other? Thanks
  5. Hi, i'm looking to buy this game for Black Friday because I loved Athens 2004 on PS2. I only would like know if online trophies can be yet obtain. Thx
  6. Hi, I played on expert and platinum KH 3 long time ago, Now I'm looking for play DLC remind and get 100 %. Before start DLC I would like go for a second run on new game plus the campaign so I can remember story details and regain confidence with controls. I know that the difficulty will be import on dlc from save file so what difficulty do you recommend for this? (Sorry if it is not perfect English) Thanks you
  7. Thanks guys, I'm playing with friends and it's a good game. I already did all easy trophy and remain only 80 wins, 30 revivals and playing hour with friends. Matchmaking find a match in 30-60 seconds and it's nice. Yeah, I'll add you. If we are both online we can play. For 20 downs I Did on king of the hill 6vs6. Focus only on enemy and go for ambush. I did 24 downs in a match.
  8. Yeah, it's past a year but I remember fun time and very gratification at the end. I also did Uncharted 1 with glitch and others without. Only few moments at very frustrating (cap 4 is very hard or also train part), but with patience and rights tricks (full ammo reload) can be done. I actually have all Uncharted games platinum, not all 100 % because 4 additional content that requires lot grind.
  9. Hi, I would like play this game with friends. The player base is still active right? Can I have trouble for trophies because game changes from guide on site? Thx
  10. Hi, You can go online now. Thanks to plus release there are people online and it's very easy do 2 online trophies. Yesterday I won 6 six match on 7 after did only tutorial and one matchet vs CPU.
  11. You can not lose progress, there are no save files on ps4. All data is saved on servers.
  12. Unlocked at 1.900 assist after reistall game and play for an hour
  13. Unlocked at 1.900 assist. GOT PLATINUM
  14. Yesterday, thanks an advice by a guy on reddit, I tried to reistall game. After an hour of game I unlocked point guard trophy near at 1.900 assist ko and finally got platinum. I don't know if work because reistall or not but you can try
  15. Hi, first at all I would like congrats for the game. I had and continue having very fun time playing it. I buy it after 2 hour of free trial. I reached diamond rank and only one trophy left for platinum. I don't know if you can check or not. I'm actually at 1600 assist ko but point guard trophy not unlock. There is anything I can do or only play and hoping it will unlock? Thank