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  1. Congrats man!!! 12000
  2. Bonus question: NL Christmas Vacation if you want to laught, Die hard if you want accion or the recent Krampus if you want something more dark. Thanks again for the giveaway and good luck to everyone 😁
  3. Yeah, I finished the game with the true ending and do a lot of the post game 3 years ago without any guide, Im just saying that its useful to have a checklist to know what I have pending after years of not playing 😉
  4. Great work, Im returning to the game after some years and this is gonna be really helpfull 👏
  5. Finally got it today and with it the plat 😁 The trophy is still a little glitchy but doable, took me exactly 20 connected contracts to get it, almost all the online contracts are easy to do solo except the ones that requiered contested location or ice cannons, that ones depend on respawn of bases that take more than 1hour of gameplay so is much easier if you get at least 2 other players that help.
  6. Like the others says you CAN get the trophy replaying missions now and the only missions needed to get the trophy are Operation: Heaven Sent (3 missions), Operation: Star power (3), Operation: Machine Man (3), operation Red Queen (3), Operation: Madhouse (3), Operation: Damocles (4). I finished the game doing all main operations in diff 8 except the 3 missions for Operation: Heaven Sent, in post game replayed those 3 missions and got the trophy alongside the trophy for replay 3 missions. 😁
  7. Resonance of Fate from PS3, my ps3 disk drive is broken so I only can play digital games and this game dont have digital version so I never finished the platinum
  8. Recently decided to do some backlog games from my vita and played Silent Hills Book of Memories, I only can say that the game is BAD and the lvl grind that you need to get the platinum is the worst part, at least if you have the dlc there are some really broken weapons that make the game go from frustrating to cakewalk in terms of difficulty 😂
  9. Thanks, I really dont do the completition for the leaderboards or something like that, Its just that when I play a game that I like I have to do everithing. And this year I tried to complete some PS3 and Vita games from the backlog in preparation for the PS5 😁
  10. Never played the game but its great to see the developers making changes to the trophies so the platinum can be obtained offline, I really wish that this was the standard procedure in this cases. 👏
  11. Like the others says, the challenges are the only part hard, but with patience and practice is posible, I do all of them in one dedicated day, youtube videos help if you have trouble in some of the challenges. One thing that I noted is that sometimes the key for some challenge is something that you dont think at start, for example in one of the stealth challenge that is at night (dont remember the name) i was having trouble until I start using residue bolt in some enemies to use them to clean more enemies (funny thing until then I believed that the residue bolts only works on freakers), after that I got the gold even when I still have like 3 or 4 enemies to kill or in Hog wild I was trying to do everything really fast until I notice that the timer only go down if you let go of the R2, but you can use the hand brake without let go and take your time to kill enemies or take a corner carfully.
  12. 100% complete thanks to your help
  13. Congrats to the winner and thanks to @DoctorDrPepper for the giveaway 👏
  14. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/2753-rogue-legacy/1-ergophobia Rogue Legacy (2753) 😁
  15. Got the 100% in both the base game and the dlcs last weekend, my only problem was one time when the game froze and the profile data got corrupted, you wont loose any progress in the campaign but you loose the progrese in the trophies that you need to do someting an X amount of times, so I recomend to do a backup of the saves in the cloud each time you play, fortunately I only loose some kills for the 5000 kills when got my save corrupted. 😁