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  1. Yes thats true, just stomp every enemy you kill or found dead for extra dismemberments 😁
  2. Same excuse you use in your Resident Evil Revelations dispute, just let it go and stop using saves from another player 😉
  3. Reported your Borderlans PS3 list, its a complete mess, half the trophies are out of order 😔
  4. Aunque no hayas sido tu el que saco los trofeos de forma ilegal los datos de fecha y hora de estos son imposibles de lograr legalmente, por lo tanto la unica forma de que vuelvas a aparecer en los rankings es que escondas desde la consola la lista de trofeos del juego, y recuerda que con esto ya tienes una advertencia, si llegas a 3 no vas a parecer nunca mas en los rankings aunque escondas los juegos.
  5. It still works, got the trophy yesterday without having to play the multiplayer. I just launch ME3, let the game log to ea servers and nothing more, after that I played the online minigame until every region was 100% and finally launch the game again and wait in the main menu until the data sync and the trophy pop. So you dont need to play campaign or multiplayer to use the minigame, just launch the game and let it connect to your ea account.
  6. It still works, got the trophy yesterday without having to play the multiplayer 😁
  7. Lets go with 202 😬
  8. The Evil Within, it was the big pending in my backlog, by the time the game was new i was a big Destiny fan and dedicated a lot of time to play it and have little time for other games so I played only one playtrought and let it there but in my mind always was thinking about triyin the infamous Akumu Mode, finaly this year after almost 5 years since i played the game for the first time i got the platinum. 😁
  9. Try to explain yourself little better, nobody here can ban you from unlocking trophies 🤔
  10. I think you can buy it like a stand alone game so if thats the case it will have its own list
  11. Scorched Savior Collect all other Saints Row: Gat out of Hell trophies Not hard but a lot of crap to collect, at least you can fly 😄
  12. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is also very good
  13. Great idea, i really like those viral type trophies, remember me of the first Borderlands that have a trophy for playing with someone from Gearbox or someone that already had the trophy
  14. Scorched SaviorCollect all other Saints Row: Gat out of Hell trophies Not a bad game but the campaign is reeeeeeally short and the rest is a long collectaton of items, the last hour of the 20 hour playing trophy i left my char afk because there is nothing fun to do once you have done every activity 😑