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  1. Holy shit dude 1.9k+ games! Awesome 

  2. I'm up for "cooperation" if somebody want to. I have 120+ million chips at the moment.
  3. Claim to Fame: Free Realms (0.38%) Walk of Shame: グリザイアの果実 -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- (85.64%)
  4. So why I cant find him when all Fiel characters I can hire ?
  5. The answer is yes. For hiring @Dragon-Archon valkyrie you need to be in same nation - Landerth.
  6. You need to be in same faction to hire your Valkyrie ? @Dragon-Archon
  7. There are missable trophies in this game ?
  8. Yes. It takes 22 days to get platinum
  9. Hand of the Gods PS4 Under Maintenance. So don't worry guys I believe it will be completed in next day
  10. You lose all your money/items when you start Chapter 5 ?
  11. For how much you're available to post my signature after every my forum post ? I'm using same BBcode and no changes at all... Plus I'm not even drunk. Edit: Oops... Instead of signature section I was trying to copy/paste BBcode in "About Me" place... (Facepalm) But still thank you guys for trying to help me out.
  12. I tried it like year ago and I tried it now. Still nothing... Edit: I see clearly in my signature section proper trophy card but on forum posts it shows only Batman -.-
  13. But it's not updating like year or so for me. I mean the bottom one. Where your signature is. Edit: Batman: Arkham Origins trophy I got on November 5th 2016. So basically almost two years now
  14. :DDDDDDD Just few seconds after reading your post I found it above Saint Denis. Thanks