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  1. Love it, but I would however be careful about using Sony trademarks in the top nav bar. Looks like you've assumed it as your own logo.
  2. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I've done this before with a PS4 and PS4 Pro. In that case the console with the alt account had to be primary but with a PS4 and PS5 you can have both primary.
  3. For Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the breach mode is online but not multiplayer and there is a exploit to give you near infinite energy which means you can just run around silent and invisible or use titan armor when you need to engage enemies. This makes it trivial and just turns it into a short grind.
  4. You can use the DS4 wireless with the latest apple OS updates:
  5. Horizon Chase Turbo, my 3 year old likes this one and the controls are easy enough that he can make it around the track no worries. Problem is he usually misses the refuel and runs out of gas 😅
  6. I haven't tried method 1 since I have a mac. Method 2 also just seems like the easier choice, but maybe that's because I'm familiar with node. I don't have Real Farm to test so can't really say. It could be some games are packaged differently, or a corrupt install, or it is just broken in v1.0.0 😂
  7. Glad you got it working. Re-reading my post I realize it is a little cryptic but this is what I meant by start the proxy before starting the download. That you need to be connected to the proxy before you even press download. The proxy is just a download manager it has no logic for this. When starting a download, it does a request for a json file first which lists the pkg files that need to be downloaded. This list doesn't include the update files. I haven't monitored the network traffic but my assumption is that there is a response header on the pkg files when downloading from the internet that tells the PS4 to also download updates, but when running via the proxy this response header is not added. Alternatively the header is on the json file and it is unintentionally stripped when going via the proxy.
  8. I just tested method 2 and it works fine for Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Make sure you start the proxy before starting any downloads.
  9. Nice initiative! Any chance of making the repo public? I'm sure there are a bunch of people here that would love to contribute, it's also any easier way to track issues rather people commenting in this thread. It might also help to alleviate some security/privacy fears people may have if the code is open source.
  10. First of all, if this is your first attempt at a react site then kudos! Seems like you're on the right track. I'm a full-time JS/.NET app developer and I have a bit of experience with material design and have even contributed to google's official react component library. Material components are design as touch first which is why there is a lot of padding and whitespace in all the components. This doesn't lend itself well to sites which are data heavy like this one. You'll almost always end up in a situation where you force the user to either scroll a lot or zoom in and out. As a tip though, there should be a `dense` version of most components which will half the padding, giving you more room to play with. Also I would probably have used a list component rather than cards 😉 Good luck!
  11. I'm glad you brought this up again as it seemed to go unnoticed. I had suggested the following but I the thresholds could definitely be adjusted. This felt more inclusive to me at least.
  12. Well it is a statistic, but just sliced in a way that only seems to benefit a subset of people on this site. I like the idea of the ribbons but I'm not really on board with this particular implementation. I posted in the original thread that it would be more inclusive to show ribbons for all platinums but that they could be tiered like trophies, with the tiers being based on rarity. Platinum ribbon = ultra rare Gold ribbon = very rare Silver ribbon = rare Bronze = uncommon and common At least then it would feel more like a statistic and perhaps be less arbitrary.
  13. Baldur's Gate - when I think of my childhood this is the only thing I remember.
  14. They should be unlocked automatically from what I remember, but might not be available until after the tutorial like you say. You should be able to access them once you have access to the store in breach mode. I never had any problem. They don't add anything you can't otherwise get in any case.
  15. This would have made an amazing April Fools joke 😂