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  1. Me and my friend had to do seven different bosses. But we just did the easiest ones so its not too bad
  2. ok so i have placed in the top squad round a bout 10 times now and still havent got it and i just tried your method and got 1st again but it still didnt pop. did yours pop in game as you captured the last objective? or did it pop at the end. youre message was unclear. Also does anyone else have a guaranteed method to getting it. Thank you
  3. It didn't pop for me either when I got tier 1 for the repair tool but as soon as I loaded into another match it popped for me
  4. No problem bro, glad it helped someone. Also I remember talking to you about team trophies in skate 3 a while back hahaha, didn't think I'd be helping you in a 2k game later down the track. What a small world haha
  5. But the trophy says win 10 games in a single run and in the draft you can only lose three times. Or am I wrong?
  6. I actually just simed it all in about 20 minutes from level 1 to level 10 using this guide from 2k21. Super easy and super quick https://www.trueachievements.com/a314037/bet-on-woman-achievement
  7. So let me get this straight. You get progression to level 6 and chemistry to level 8 then just simulate all your games? Hoe do you level up the other three things then?
  8. Please help. I have completed both "Royal Treatment" and "Parks and Reclamation" but neither or the trophies are unlocking for me. Has anyone else had this bug? If so what do I do?
  9. Lol, didn't break any of those rules
  10. Huh? What did I say that broke rules?
  11. Ok thank you. Also who is DaivRules and why did he edit my question? I had like three questions in there and he cut them out
  12. Do you only need four people in a match to complete heist and blood money matches?
  13. Nevermind I got it, had to get 200 kills woth the same gun from that category. I dont know if thats how its supposed to be unlocked but thats how I had to get it
  14. Is CQB master known to be buggy? I've got more then 200 kills and no trophy
  15. Even though I quit the game before it ends I go back to the main menu and still have the same amount of kudos but wait a couple seconds and it just randomly gives me kudos so I assume my streak is up after that. What does it give me random kudos after a few seconds