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  1. I only just started this game yesterday, and I use whips whenever I get them (all those lightning buffs + a lightning whip.. hnggg) But I do believe it's a universal effect with whip weapons, especially when you charge the attack. I don't think it's random at all.
  2. Then you are terrible at walking simulators, which is impossible.
  3. It is practically unmissable besides the two sidequests in the early chapters. Just use your ability in the areas you visit during the story and you'll find everything you need.
  4. I thought it was incredibly easy. The only one I had to "think" about was the jelly bean one. Other than that the platinum felt unmissable.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from the developers about this trophy? A friend got me this game yesterday because I loved Serious Sam back in the day but it seems the platinum is impossible to get due to a trophy glitch. I'd love to hear some responses if anyone has any?
  6. Honestly, if you have a PC to play it on, buy it on Steam. The console version is a complete mess and not as populated as the Steam version. Over 1,100 hours clocked on the PC version and I can't even get through a couple of heists on the PS4 version because of how bad it feels compared to playing it on PC. The framerate issues, sensitivity, less ease of access with a controller vs a keyboard and mouse. It's just not worth it. Get a couple of friends and play it on PC, it's usually on sale quite often or you can get a CD key somewhere.
  7. This happened to me too. Couldn't play past that mission all day. But! I have a solution. Go to your PS4 settings, scroll to devices, then controller, then change communication method from bluetooth to USB cable. Ever since I did that, I've not had a single glitch with the campaign or any other game mode. Happy playing!
  8. I made one day after release but they deleted it because it "wasnt as informative as powerpyx", so basically just copy and paste their guide because that's how you get approved apparently.
  9. It's not glitched. You have to be on the ladder. Try actually reading the trophy description.
  10. You weren't right in the first place lol. I got it on launch and there was FFA. Stay poor.
  11. There is free for all. Learn to read.
  12. No it isn't. I didn't read the books in that level, and I got the bestiary entry.
  13. It's the Corn Killers from the Scarecrow Fields. You gotta run into the corn fields and let one of them kill you.