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  1. Definitely going to be playing ROTTR although i almost feel obligated to buy the first TR game and play that beforehand. I'm sure it's extremely cheap at this point anyway so it'll be worth it.
  2. Can't even visit the new biomes without it crashing the game. Great stuff.
  3. Easier to match up & boost
  4. Looking for another person to get the Cupid trophy done with. Have a second controller and will of course return the favour on any of the multiplayer trophies if needed. Got it.
  5. Rivals will still be available when the fifa 20 cycle has ended but fut champs qualification will not, so best to get that done before it ends at least.
  6. Think i'm going to get fut champs qualification out of the way and put this in the backlog until 21 is released. Apart from pro clubs i have no desire to play the game at all.
  7. On March 20th at 7:00 AM GMT they will re-open for one time only.
  8. It's a hard platinum for sure but if you can get the blackout trophies you are 90% of the way there. I personally did the EEs solo but you can definitely find people to carry you through them on the Zombies Reddit or discord if needed as it's a very active community.
  9. Just waiting for the final part of the railjack to build then it's over with. What were they thinking with the mandatory 12 hour waits for each part? Ridiculous.
  10. Don't think i'll be able to get the trophy while playing regularly this time unlike Fifa 19. Hopefully becomes easily boostable during Fifa 21 when 20 is pretty dead.
  11. Last time i played H1 was in February and even then it was a struggle to get a full lobby.
  12. Yes there's an option in the menu to go back to the old version of the game. Do the glitch as normal on the older one & then convert once you have everything set up.
  13. I looked at the wiki & Stacked up a chest full of each item that can be traded for emeralds as well as villager eggs. Should work fine.
  14. Converted
  15. Rabbit season trophy popped for me on an old world save.