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  1. That's not true - you have to mess up three games. That's why we have 3 strikes. Just hide the game and move on, easier said than done I know. Yes it sucks to hide a game where you got 90% of the trophies legit, but keep in mind that the flag isn't really against the player in those cases. It's more against the trophies.
  2. Portal Gun - I'd open up a portal next to a train line and look for the station where the most people get off - then I'd charge 2 bucks or something.
  3. But do I still get the 2.500 points for the overall leaderboard if I have a marking next to a cheated game? If so, then I would just get the 2 unobtainable plats with the most points via savegame. Just removing from the game leaderboard is an invitation to cheat if you ask me. I'd vote for a whitelist for people who run into some morons unlocking trophies for you if you go back to some ps3 games, but then we have to check every single person who get's flagged after the whitelist if they searched for a modder on discord or whatever, or if it was an accident.
  4. @Sarsky correct me if I get you wrong, but for me it sounds like I can just get the plats for FUEL and MW2 without even bothering that it's cheated, as long as I don't care for the game leaderboard. So everyone has 2 free cards for plats.
  5. Sunday update - Closing in on 75% completion rate for my profile. Witcher 3 GOTY 50% - 91% as said on Friday I've unlocked the plat, then finished the complete Heart of Stone DLC yesterday. Only Blood and Wine left. 8 more trophies for that. Trophies unlocked: A Knight to Remember / I Have a Gwent Problem (true I have) / David and Golyat / The Witcher's Gone South / 100% Hearts of Stone / The Limits of the Possible Borderlands TPS 28% -> 41% Finished the story today with Fnee. We tried the raid boss but didn't managed to kill him after the story. If anyone wants to join in we're trying next Sunday again, one spot left. Around level 30 please and not an endgame char, I'd like to have a challenge, no fun in doing a raid boss otherwise. Trophies unlocked: Beam Me Up / Once More With Feeling / Vault Hunter Superior / Multi Face-eted / Moxxi's Sampler I'll be honest with y'all. I had my doubts I'd continue this challenge after my first boost of motivation, which got even worse when my depression kicked again last month. You're updates helped a lot to keep my mind on track, it's great to see all this progress And I've found a reliable coop partner trough this challenge. I'm actually looking forward to our weekend sessions each week.
  6. Short update: The Limit of the Possible for Witcher 3 marks plat #200 on my journey - only the DLCs left Bigger update following on sunday.
  7. @Together_Comic I have every single item in my inventory, excluding the book that is removed when you read it. I did the Hircine exploit to get both items aswell. Did the book quest last, so at one point I was carrying all daedric items with me. Two different save games, one with all DLCs. And one rushed one without any DLC or other items ever collected, except gold and lockpicks. Because I read somewhere that a bigger save file can glitch the trophy aswell. Twice no trophy for me.
  8. I've changed my approach quite a lot this year alone: After joining psnp in April I tried to complete every game I (re)started, to get my horrible completion percentage up ("started" in the higher 40s, 48 I think). It worked, but after a while it bored me to do longer games only. So I mixed it up and did easy, short plats before doing my longer game. You can hate me for that if you like, but I don't really care. If I enjoyed the hour I don't think it's wasted. If you see a profile as ruined because it doesn't have much ultra rare stuff, cool - it's your opinion and we don't have to share the same one Then I've started to do a PS3 game one day, and a PS4 game the other day, clean up some ps3 backlog. To be quite honest, after years of ps4 only, going back isn't that much fun for me anymore. Switching to the DS3 pad hurts my hands after a while and the DS4 isn't really working so well with all ps3 games. There's some ps3 games I'd like to play again, but after the Skyrim incident I'm salty and haven't used my ps3 for a few months now... (the daedra trophy glitched twice on me, once with the dlc installed, okay my bad could have read the warning about it, and then again without the DLC installed... "It just works" some guy from Bethesda might say) Since Borderlands 3 I'm friends with @Fnee2000. We've done the plat for BL3 more or less together all the way trough during release week. And since then we started up our little weekend project that we do for a bit over a month now. Currently playing another title of the borderlands series, Pre-Sequel. That's normaly my friday and sunday for gaming, hard to do any other days for us, because there's a 6h time difference I think. I hope we continue this for much longer, I really enjoy having a reliable partner. For the other days I picked 1 singleplayer game and 1 multiplayer game to do, currently F1 2019 and Witcher 3 GOTY. So Monday / Wednesday for F1 and Tuesday / Thursday for Witcher for example. That only leaves Saturday blank where it's either coop time with Fnee or I do my solo stuff.
  9. unfortunately you're over the limit of 2 flags, a third and you're out of the leaderboards for good. Since you're not really disputing anything here I hardly doubt that you get 2 of those games lifted. You can always start a new account, a second chance so to speak
  10. UPDATE TIME MEEYOWEYOWYOWYOWEEYOW! AIR GUITAR SOLO! Borderlands The Pre Sequel 14% -> 28% Strong week for the weekend project I'm doing with Fnee, lots of SQ and MQ progress. It's still the worst Borderlands imo. I'm not looking forward for the challnges and characters. Not at all. Trophies Who Constructs the Constructor? / Modern Fart / Pancake Parlor / Side Quest Student / Helios Rising / Brain Drain / Rocketeer / The Guts of Helios / A House Divided / Moon Master Witcher 3 GOTY 37% -> 50% All missable side quests trophies done now, all contracts done. Only the Skellige part of the final act left for the story. And the grinding stuff + DLCs ofc. I was a bit suprised that I managed to do the multi boss fight so well, first try actually, I remember taking a break at that point during my plat of the normal version of Witcher 3. Everything afterwards should be a cake walk now, my build is more or less done, missing the final update for my armor (need 2 more levels for that) Did the final contract fight in 15 seconds. Trophies Fearless Vampire Slayer / Woodland Spirit / Ashes to Ashes / Rad Steez, Bro! / Full Crew / Something More / Mutant / Armed and Dangerous / Geralt: The Professional / Assassin of Kings / Xenonaut So currently I earned 331 / 771 trophies
  11. I'm using 3 of my 5 swaps at once, Both Minecraft Versions (PS3 and PS4) and GTA San Andreas. Reason: No motivation at all. Tried to get something done in all of them, but don't enjoy playing them at all currently, or anytime soon for that matter. So my swaps are: Minecraft PS3 -> Assassins Creed 3 Remastered (PS4) Minecraft PS4 -> Lego Marvel Super Heroes GTA San Andreas -> Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
  12. and this one:
  13. But why do you want people marked for everyone to see, if it's you who has the "trust issues"? Just go ahead and ask the person why s/he isn't on the leaderboard, most people who got screwed by a CoD lobby would probably just tell you that. There's no shame in unlocking trophies in a hacked lobby, as long as you haven't searched activly for one. And hiding a hard earned plat just because some moron unlocked you DLCs trophy wouldn't be something I would gladly do either. And even if it's not because of someone else that the trophies were unlocked, let's just say s/he unlocked Gran Turismo 5, Fuel and Modern Warfare 2 back in 2010 or whenever with the common files found in the world wide web. I don't think it's a way to tell how trustworthy someone is today. TBH I'd rather have no rank for 3 flags like this than showing everyone I have X hidden trophies, IMO the little H on the profile is more telling than having no rank at all.
  14. At first glance it appears you're 10h faster than the current fastest achiever, so one could think you somehow cheated the system here, but comparing with other regions your time isn't that fast anymore. I never played that specific game, but I played others of the series and you can just quit a level and save the current state of them afaik. I think this one should be lifted
  15. Trophy list looks a bit like Spider-Man imo. Nothing to bad, just a few little things to grind out. Not buying it straight away, but a game I'd pick up in a good sale.