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  1. Changing my list: Dark Souls Remastered (25%) - it's staying and the main focus! Lego Ninjago Movie (0%) - as I said in the Fall/Winter challenge ... you can slap me now Just Cause 4 (0%) - picked it up in the sale lately Dungeon Defenders 2 (0%) - staying from the first list Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - PS4 (10%) - I've forced Fnee to do the multiplayer grind with me, so it's on my list now 😬
  2. This! I already own the game for Vita and PS4, so there's nothing wrong with stacking those versions. I'm not big into regional stacking (yet) but I probably will grab the third Witcher 3 plat sometimes later. And I do grab a NA stack for some Rata games when I feel the need for a quick plat to boost my motivation. Or the game is worth playing again like both Devious Dungeons titles, I really like them.
  3. There's quite a lot missable trophies in Witcher 3 actually: Most importantly the Gwent trophies: Make sure to check the namend NPCs if they wanna play with you, some of them are gone later in the game. Even Odds is missable, if you complete all your contracts by accident, so make sure to finish two of the easier ones with the trophy requierements. Full Crew is missable if you choose the wrong options during some of the quests. You have to send your friends to Kaer Morhen. The trophies for Woodland Spirit and the Doppler are missable depending on how you've played the contract. But if you do all sidequests before doing a new part of the main mission, you should be good for the otherwise missable trophies Kingmaker, Friends with Benefits and Assassin of Kings. @ain_sr drop a manual save after every other mission and before talking to some special NPCs (like Keira Metz) and you can always go back if you make a mistake
  4. Still had the problem just now, but with random trophies popping @RatalaikaGames when I shot myself I’ve unlocked Arachnophobia. For Ringing the Bell I’ve got Treasure Killed the Dragon Lord and got the trophy for the sorcerer.
  5. I've been thinking about an hour or two about joining or not, looking at my lists of games and such... My general gaming expierence is getting worse lately (my ps4 glitched and deleted some games on its own, inFamous SecondSon glitched, fixed itself and glitched again, Epic Word Search Collection glitched and is sitting forever on 98%), I am also moving during that time and most importantly: I still have my moments of crippling depression. So... @MidnightDragon my games are: Dark Souls Remastered (25%) All 3 games from the BioShock Collection (0%) Dungeon Defenders 2 (0%) - it has no plat, but any game is fine if I'm not mistaken, yes? Let's hope it goes better than the Spring event and I don't start the event thinking the biggest trophy to get is suicide 😅 (Health update in the spoiler tag if you care, been a month since the last one)
  6. I've been playing the game on my PSV (EU version) and the trophy for finding Crepe isn't unlocking. Anyone else encountered that problem and maybe know how to fix it?
  7. Been a month so I figured it's time to drop in again and let you lovely people know that I'm still aliveand what's up. I've actually been home the last few weeks already, first my therapist got himself some covid-19 and then they closed the whole thing down because they were running out of space for new patients of said pandemic. So instead of seeing a trained person daily I'm now speaking to a trained person on the telephone daily, and it's not the same, not at all. That's why I'm abusing @Fnee2000 and @Emina both of them been so kind and offered a helping hand, I'll owe them more than a drink someday! I've also thought about getting myself back into the mix, but to be honest currently I'm pretty much gaming for the sake of not only lying in my bed. There's no joy or anything, I've tried some games, but I'm just doing the easy games now and go back to staring at my homescreen not knowing what to start. Since I'm home I have to take more meds, I can't sleep otherwise. It might help against the more darker things going through my mind, but it's kinda making anything dull and boring :/ But it's a long road and I'm not gonna stop anymore because there's one bump on the way. This guy is going to be healthy and proud of himself again, and he's going to enjoy life again! See you next month for off topic annoyance with Jay
  8. First of all: I want to say sorry to everyone I've lied to using work as an excuse. I'm dealing with some mental health issues currently, and that's keeping me from gaming (sometimes for days) I'm also sorry if I brought a bit of confusion into this thread, that wasn't my intention. But to clear some of the mess I've made up I'm proposing: If you need the trophy relatively fast, for fastest achiever or whatever your plan is, your person of choice is probably @Emina. If you just want the trophy and don't mind waiting an undefined amount of time, text me on PSN (JayDeLosDioses). I'm not that active in the forums atm, and mostly logged out when I check the Spring Backlog Challenge or some disputes. It's possible that I can help you pretty spontaneously, but as mentioned at the start of this post, it's highly mood dependant. The "exploit" takes around 5 minutes so chances are high that I'm finishing my day with helping if anyone asked, or wasn't helped by the amazing Emina yet. Back home, can help a lot more again
  9. I know it's only been two weeks, but there's something I want to get off my chest: And that's a really huge THANKS to everybody who's updating here. It's really helping me with this whole rehab thing, and I can't put into words how much I miss doing updates aswell. I may not know when I'm back yet, but I know I'm going to be back someday - and that's actually a lot of progress compared to the state of mind I've found myself in 2 weeks ago. I know my profile is private atm, so you have to trust me on that: I've got the plat for AC Liberations Remastered (it was on my list before I pulled out) That's all - keep going strong please
  10. @Gretchen27 would you be so kind and add me to the inactive section of this event? I'm leaving gaming for the forseeable future, but I'll update you if I've completed any other game during that time. See y'all on the other side
  11. All 4 of your plats are cleary cheated. I reported GTA V myself and informed the CRT about the other 2 So if you care about your leaderboard position you need to start a new account. But you can still use the other features of this website
  12. Platinum #300 - Master of Kyrat. I've finished the PS4 version of Far Cry 4 and recreated my very first plat for this milestone. Thanks to @Fnee2000 (again) for helping with the Coop and waiting in the online lobbies. But @MidnightDragon I'm dropping out of this challenge. Y'all learned in the last backlog challenge that I'm pretty open about sharing what's happening outside of my gaming bubble, but I don't feel like sharing at this point in time. So to everyone who's participating - good luck and a lot of fun with your games. And now I'm going to distract you all by quoting my favourite song while slowly walking to the exit "Man I come from holes on the wall but they don't know the pastEven if I told them at all they wouldn't know the halfSo maybe I fill up my luggage with all these dreamsAnd pull on my black coat and my black chucks and nothing in my jeansIt's just one, til the day come like Rocky's movie scene And I'm on top of the world, look up the screen like this is me"
  13. I think the worst part of the DLC is that every other map it's either snowing or raining. And sometimes the snow was so bad, that I could barely figure out the race track. And the time trial with the koenigsegg
  14. Do games count twice if you do the 100% after the plat? Because you've added Far Cry 5 twice, or is that just for the list and has no impact on the rank?
  15. I've copied Fnee with Far Cry 5 and got my 100% after the plat. But it took me 1 year, 11 months. I've resetted my DLC progress while helping others with the Infamous trophy for good meassure aswell