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  1. I don't autopop games in general, so that's fine. Just not my kind of thing. I don't mind using glitched or exploits for games at all, probably because they still require some effort, while auto unlocking is just starting something. Good that most of my stacks are done for specific milestones and rarely take longer than 6 months to do We'll talk about that again whenever it comes up practically and not theoretically?
  2. I'll make a few examples, just to be sure I've got it right 😅 Letter Quest Remastered is okay, because it's a 100% game Skyrim platinum is okay, because platinum, duh. BUT Skyrim 100% a month later isn't because of the platinum already. Minecraft PS3 is fine, because it's "not the same" as Minecraft PS4 and therefore unique. Yes? Or more generally said, as long as it's a new trophy list, it's a unique game? Region stacks for example? Not that the region / version stacking really matters. I have enough to do without it
  3. Time to clean up the mess a bit then
  4. Thanks for fixing my spelling error and also adding all the other games I’ve played Going for a platinum this year. Remind me again, the streak challenge is doing a game every single month? If so, count me in. Already planned to do Minecraft PS3 with @Fnee2000 this weekend, or at least this month. Depending on availability. EDIT: Adding a small list of things I have planned for this year if you want to include in the the first post Skyrim (PS3) - Get the glichy Daedra trophy and the platinum for that, also DLC stuff Ark (PS4) - I'm just going to use the console commands for this, one of the games I've started on PC after buying the console version. Not as fun on console playing "legit" as on PC. Dying Light 100% - all the DLC stuff with Fnee and the Parkour stuff that's better done solo Witcher 3 complete edition - that's a big maybe, it's planned as platinum #600 let's see if I can reach that goal this year. F1 2020 - mostly career mode things, but done fairly quick with 5 lap races. Heavy Rain
  5. Is there a way to turn off the monster animations in YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist?

    It was cool the first 10 times, but seeing Exodia obliberate for the 1000000th times is just a waste of time.


    And I'm simply not smart enough to get behind all that Link, Pendulum, XYZ summoning stuff.

    When I played the card game daily it was special to SPECIAL summon a monster, not special to NORMAL summon a monster.


    Throwing away your boss monster and special summon it from the graveyard was the combo then.

    Feels like you can just summon your whole extra deck in todays YuGiOh.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      XYZ stuff, don't you just have to have the two cards and be all like, "Welp, I'm gonna make this monster now" and shove the combined monster onto the field? Unless it's a poly fusion card where you need the poly card (don't ask me to spell it xD ).


      Link and Pendulum, not a clue.


      And don't even get me started on that other summon they introduced, that syncro stuff..

    3. Copanele


      XYZ stuff is like Uno , customer edition xD  You slap one card, then another card, add them up then slap slap slap you stack 7 cards of "Draw 4" with some incredibly dumb powerful monster that will die next turn from Raigeki. The most awesome useless Blackjack type of game ever.

      Link is "my summon activated my other summon that activated my other summon that...". Basically XYZ but with more asspulls and triggers.

      And Pendulum....oh boy. You have special monsters with different levels. You put a lower level in a slot in the left and upper level in right. Then you can summon all pendulum monsters from that interval. Why? Because they needed to do another season of yugioh of course!


      That's the big picture, because there were details that made me go "nah son fuck this, let's go YUGI BOY"

    4. JayDeLosDioses


      There's so many fusion cards in the game now aswell :D

      Every archtype has their own, then there's super poly to just get rid of any monster you like as long as you can fusion summon one from your extra deck.


      The Synchro stuff was alright acutally. The boss monsters from the synchro decks aren't too bad, they don't protect themselves from being destroyed all the time.

      Knowing a few of them from the anime might have helped too, the first season of 5D's was the last one I've watched episodes from.


      My enjoyment of the campaign went close to zero as soon as duels started to take 7 turns max.

      Pendulum summon your entire hand with a bunch of 2000+ atk monsters? Yes, please go ahead.

      Link summon monsters that buff each other over 5000+ atk? Suuuuure


      I've started "cheesing" the VRAINS story halfway through with Exodia.

      It's boring as fuck since there's no interaction with the other players deck, but then again, summoning your whole deck in a turn isn't fun for me either.

      Easy first turn win as long as you get a Royal Magical Library early enough in the first draw combo.


      I've tried another deck with "Gren Maju Da Eiza" as boss monster.

      He gains 400 ATK and DEF for every of your banished cards, but that's not fast enough for todays game.

      And that card is easily blocked... card protection is key.

  6. No F1 grind was as bad as GRID so far Those games are fun at least.
  7. Completed in 10 months and a week. GRID It's finally over... Around the Globe is done. At least it's a gold trophy, because it's one of those that can kill a game for trophy hunters. 6 months of extra on and off grinding for a single trophy. Yes, it's at somewhere between 60% - 65% rubberbanded, but after doing the first 10k I was already losing my mind. Other than that GRID is an okay-ish racing game from Codemasters. It's not as good as the F1 games and they have a weird fetish for doing races on reverse layouts in career mode. Which sucks. Tracks are build to be driven one way and if you reverse it a lot of things don't add up anymore. Like curbs and run-off areas. Playing thousands of hours of F1 games the flow of reverse tracks also feels weird. EDIT: And another 100% on top of that. Goat Simulator DLC clean up in 1 year and 2 months. The controls in Waste of Space are awful for the Spaceship. I hate it. Waste of storage space it was...
  8. Hehe, done it in 5 months 1 week. I am SPEED! Ka-CHOW! (Yes, Cars is one of my favorite disney movies, don't think you can tell tho) We need to take at least 3 weeks to clean up the DLC now, so I can use the game here
  9. Another one completed for me: Eekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard in 1 year and 2 months. It's a fairly easy Jump n Run / Hack n Slay game once you get into it. Pretty sure I just picked it up with a bunch of other games in a sale and never really got into it until now. Not entirely sure what to play next, maybe grab the PS3 and get Skyrim and AC2 done.
  10. Two years ago I've unlocked Be Greater in Spider-Man as my 5.000th trophy overall and the 75th plat.


    Today I've unlocked Be Greater for Spider-Man Remastered as my 500th platinum.

    Haven't used my old save game to autopop the trophies, swinging around Manhattan is so amazing, can't do it often enough.

  11. @Gretchen27 Been through my list and this should be everything I've done since asking to be put on the inactive list. More than I thought tbh. May 2020: Minecraft platinum in 4 years 7 months June 2020: Dark Souls Remastered in 2 years 2 weeks, Lego City Undercover in 3 years 2 months July 2020: F1 2019 in 10 months 3 weeks August 2020: Borderlands platinum in 1 year 4 months And that's all
  12. I'll check my profile and see what I've completed while being inactive. Shouldnt be too much though. Thanks for the heads up
  13. Not entirely sure if non - platinum games are eligible, but nevertheless. I've completed Monopoly Plus in 3 years and 3 months. Don't think the game needs a summary, it's Monopoly Bought the Hasbro collection years back in a sale, mostly because of Risk and Monopoly. Can't go wrong with two of the classics. Used the one controller multiplayer "cheat" to boost my player while everything else was just a moving bank for my cash so they can pay rent for the trophy. EDIT: Another one I didn't expect to ever unlock. I've finished 36 Fragments of Midnight in 1 year and 11 months. I was browsing my library for what to do next when I jokingly thought that I could install the game on the PS5; the better console would increase my skill ... Pay2Win in singeplayer games. I know it's an easy jump and run but first of all, I was impatient when waiting for laser traps and second. There's one, well for me it was a harder challenge than all gears in Just Cause 3, you have to drop down a bit to collect a fragment and jump up again before you touch the spikes on the ground. These things are really hard to handle with my disability. Too much moving involved for my brain to handle. It's just a problem in Jump n Runs really, seeing that I can beat the F1 ultimate AI legit without using shortcut cheats.
  14. After playing the story of Spider-Man PS4 / Spider-Man Remastered a total of 4 times...

    During the final cutscene after beating Otto...

    I've found it, the one thing I've wanted for so long...





  15. I check a new game I'm buying for trophies that are unavailable or bugged before I start or get to deep into the game. Borderlands 3 on the PS5 is currently unobtainable because the challenges aren't tracked proberly iirc, so I've stopped playing for now. I still want to get back and clean up someday Even after nearly 500 plats and a lot of quick, but mostly good indi games I still feel a small boost in happiness and confidence whenever a new platinum pops. So spending x hours in a game I'm limited by server shutdowns or bugs and not my own skill is something I try to avoid as good as possible. I'll never get the platinum in any FIFA or multiplayer shooter game on my profile, but I honestly don't care. I'm not really good in either, I'm happy if I even score a goal against my friends, and I still brag about the one time I've been the best on a battlefield server... in a match that went on for nearly 2 hours ... that I've finished with 56/55 K/D... just because everyone that's actually good in the game left or stopped playing