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  1. I´m handicaped since my birth, so even though I "played" football (or soccer) in a club, I never really played. My parents paid so I can sit on a bench. So I left and started gaming with the old brick ps2 from my uncle. And it was amazing. I was 7 or 8 then, sitting on the couch, playing Toy Story, shooting things with the green laser was amazing, I loved it. Over the years I picked up more and more games, earned a few trophies here and there, and like today, it is and was one of the best feelings for me. Not because I´m such a great gamer, I can´t be, my body won´t let me. It´s basicly like input lag from my brain to my muscles for me. I'm not a completionist by any means, I lose interest way to much in many games for that, altough I want to change that in the future. The reason why I collect trophies and why it is so satisfying for me: Every trophy I ever earned, I earned it myself. Sometimes with joy, feeling entertainent all the way trough (God of War and Horizon), sometimes while hating the game (Mafia 3, F1 2017) and sometimes just to beat a friend (Far Cry 3). Doing all this with my own hands is really a big thing for a guy who grew up with help everywhere. Had help in everything my friends could always do, tie my shoes, even dressing for way longer than normal. Yes I did games like Mayo, and I´m not ashamed or anything. I´m doing easy games where I don´t need to see what happens while watching other stuff, like F1 or something. Easier to not focus and press X than playing Witcher 3 on Death March.
  2. Someone told me they gonna wait to do a weekly TV Show until fall. SmackDown moves to Friday then, maybe they aim for that empty TV Spot, because people are familiar with wrestling on Tuesday. Going to do a monthly show after Double or Nothing, afaik And I don´t know how I feel about this. It creates some time to evolve the roster and make the fans familiar with most faces. But it also creates this empty space between shows until then, and maybe I´ll forget them in this time. It´s hard enough to get shows other than WWE in Germany without paying subscribtions or buying iPPV. Only thing I´m paying for atm is WWE Network, not because the Main Roster, but both NXTs and 205Live are amazing imho. Just from looking at their roster and their financial backup it´s gonna be fine, I´m pretty sure of that. They have to come up with something creative tho, we all know how it goes when you have a stacked roster and no creative direction. Looking at you Vince.
  3. Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Borderlands CoD MW2 Dark Souls 3 E Far Cry 3 God of War Horizon Zero Dawn I Just Cause 3 K Life is Strange Minecraft N (would say Nioh, but played the beta more than the main game) One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Payday 2 Q Red Dead Redemption Sekiro Terraria (because I don´t count "Tom Clanys" ... as T, would be Ghost Recon Wildlands) Until Dawn V Witcher 3 WIld Hunt (I´m also not counting "The", if it´s not that important for the title) X Y Zombie Army Triology (had way more fun than expected in co-op) I´m coming back for the blank spaces
  4. I would say the most painful plat for me was F1 2017. The grind to multiplayer level 50 ... i hated it. Drive slow and don´t get punted off track, but gain less experience. Drive your normal pace and get punted off every other race til you loose the patience to drive online. I´m so glad that you can do the level grind now in private races with friends. Getting the safety ranking in ranked shouldn´t be that hard, I´ll just drive lonely in last place