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  1. Remote play and auto click app Idle while at work or something like that
  2. Don't think you can make a tap based game grindy. There's too many workarounds these days.
  3. Been a roller coaster ride for me: I've bought the game when the server shutdown was made public, I had it on my, let's call it extended wishlist. Nothing I really want to play, but something I want to get someday. Then I've played the first chapter, with the intention of getting the platinum as quick as I can, in case I need to start over. But I was hooked the moment I've started it. Combat is simple but fun, driving controls felt nice, only thing that was weird was the button layout. I've played until I had two scrap crews and stopped after that until the challenge was completed for it. Only starting the game once a day collecting my scrap, backed up my save on USB and started going for the camps and stuff while on my way to missions. Playing through the game was a lot of fun, until it wasn't anymore. There's a margin with collectibles in my opinion, and they went way overboard with it. Marked locations are a nice thing to have, but having to drive to a location for a single piece of scrap ... that's just not fun anymore. During the cleanup the game felt more like work than playing a game, checking if every camp is fine, every insigna counted, all wasteland missions correct, every scavening location registered ... not fun!
  4. Platinum #455 The Age of Extinction - Nexomon: Extinction I'd say Nexomon is the best pokémon clone out there so far. It's a enjoyable 50h platinum with a surprisingly "low" rariity of 21%. There's nothing hard in the game, just a bit of RNG when hunting for the legendaries. But you'll have a catch rate of at least 60% for each, so that little bit of running around is still quicker than the 100 ball's I've thrown at that stupid shiny Zapdos that doesn't even look good ... Anyway onto the next: Witcher 3 - Complete Edition First of all: I'm a moron and forgot to edit in the link to the document I've wanted to share about Witcher 3, so here it is. Witcher 3 "Guide" - most of the things are already written either in guides on PSNP or other parts of the world wide web. Feel free to comment / suggest anything you want. There's a "walktrough" in it, that has half of the quests ordered in a way that you can't miss a single one, I've got lazy after working a few weeks on it tbh, but every quest with a missable trophy tied to it is already included. Currently working on a good route to pick up all Gwent cards, races and brawls without going out of my way too much while doing other quests. I've also already picked up the first 5 trophies for the game: Kaer Morhen Trained / What Was That? / Fist of the South Star / Let's Cook! / Power Overwhelming
  5. Around 120h for the GOTY - it was my third most played game of 2019 and therefore listed in the recap But that's with all DLC included, so maybe 70h - 80h for the plat alone. I've made my own little guide too, missing the DLCs though But it includes: all quests what quests cancel out others all contracts (including the two I find easiest to do for Even Odds on Death March) what build I enjoyed playing the most breakdown of what raw materials are needed to craft gear / bombs and potions all gwent cards and NPCs good locations for the misc trophies I've also been sloppy with the side quests a bit at the end, only listing the few you need to do for better gear EDIT: However, I'm working on it again to include the second act of the game aswell. And somewhere down the road the DLC too. For the quests and cards I've used a lot of the wiki and just put it down in my own words. I like it more when I can change a guide while playing - either deleting what I've already done or simply adding my own expierence if I ever come back to a game again for whatever reason. I've uploaded it to google drive, you can take a look if you want. Just keep in mind that I've made it for personal use only, so not everything might be clear to others
  6. Hellow everybody, it's a me, Jay. Using the Halloween sale to do something crazy! I am adding to my list: The Witcher 3 - Complete Edition Some of you might remember that I've played Witcher 3 - GOTY in my first backlog challenge exactly a year ago. For whatever reason the NA and EU version are called differentely and have extra trophy stacks, so a year and 10 days later... Added bonus: Getting the platinum or 100% for the NA version would also mean, that I've got the full set in 100% for the Witcher 3 base game, 100% for the Witcher 3 GOTY Edition and 100% for the Witcher 3 Complete Edition. I know that a lot of people frown when people stack the same game multiple times on their profile, but it's for one of the greatest games of this generation (and it's not quick and easy )
  7. I've been playing the game on my PSV (EU version) and the trophy for finding Crepe isn't unlocking. Anyone else encountered that problem and maybe know how to fix it?
  8. Update #4 Nexomon: Extinction 0% -> 50% (35 / 57 trophies) Well ... I've played a lot of Not Pokémon Pokémon this weekend. Maybe a bit too much. I think it's worth the 20 bucks I've paid for the game, but it's on the edge. 30 would be to expensive in my opinion. It's a cheap alternative to newer Pokémon games, looks awesome the monster design is funny and I like the names. There's a ghost type scarecrow called Prankcrow in the game. Or a evolution line with Baloompa and Blimpapa. The story is as expected, childish and not the best. You're a tamer in the guild, doing missions, working your way up, until you find out that your grandmaster is behind all the evil things that are happening with dragons and tyrants. The main character is a decendant from an ancient being and that's why he/she is the only person who can stop all of this. There's some difficulty spikes that requiere some grinding in the wild, at least for me, but I think that's not a bad thing. But who cares about the story, it's about collecting and training up your not pokémon collection, fighting with them. When fighting a wild nexomon you can either do the normal things, like attack, use an item, switch your nexomon or flee. Or you can feed and try to capture it. Each nexomon likes different kind of foods, increasing your capture chance by 10% - 40% depending on your choice. Then there's a different nexotrap for each type in the game increasing the capture chance by another 35% I think. There's also normal Nexotraps with a 15% capture chance and the golden nexotraps with 100% chance. You get a masterball for every other quest in the game. And then there`s a QTE while capturing that increases the chance by another 5% if you successfully complet it. You can see your exact capture chance on screen when choosing the nexotrap, sometimes it's cool, but it's frustrating if a 90% capture chance fails. The combat system is a pain for longer routes, they use a stamina system instead of costing pp every time an attack is used, each attack costs 5 - 50 stamina. You can choose to wait a turn in combat, increasing your stamina by 15. If you try attacking with a tired nexomon it only regenerates 10 points. Some fights are challenging not because your opponent is tough, but because your team member with the type advantage can't join the fight. Trophies earned: My First Nexomon / Learning the Ropes / Bronze Tamer / Silver Tamer / Gold Tamer / My First Day at Work / So Predictable / Welcome Back / Omnicron's Legacy / Renegade Jin / Renegade Lydia / Renegade Atlanta / Renegade Logan / Renegade Celine / I Hate My Job / Are We The Baddies? / Element of Fire / Element of Wind / Element of Water / Element of Thunder / Element of Earth / Element of Life / Downfall / A Dozen Down / You're a Celebtrity / Never Forget / Anger Management / Power of Science / Beam Me Up, Coco! / Vanity Issues / Full Team / Own 30 Nexomon / Own 60 Nexomon / Own 90 Nexomon (all )
  9. It's against the rules if you're unlocking trophies this way. As long as all the trophies from your save are synched with your profile it's fine.
  10. Here's the update I've promised on Sunday: Last year my birthday platinum was a double stack for A Winter's Daydream, but this year: Mad Max 37% -> 100% I've defused the final mine this morning before work and unlocked my five missing trophies for Mad Max. I'm a bit proud of myself tbh, when the server shutdown was made public I decided to buy the game and a month later I'm done with a game that's in the top tier for gltiches in the AAA games category. And that's sad, because overall I'd rate it a 7 out of 10. The story was amazing, as soon as I was done with the scrap crews challenge and could actually play the game I've really started getting into the story. I'm talking about the ending, so avoid the spoiler if you're still playing But I'm deducting a point for how they handled the end with the free play integration after the story was completed. The second point is deducted for the collectibles ... sure they're marked on the map but there's sooooooooo many. I'm a big fan for collectibles, rewarding me as a player to search trough every corner of the map, but in Mad Max it reached the point where it felt more like punishment than enjoyment. Going into any scavenging location just for a single piece of scrap, that's not rewarding, that's having a camp for the sake of not having an empty space on the map there. I'm also deducting half a point for the Griffa tokens and challenges. Again, there's either too many challenges and tokens to get, or not enough Griffa upgrades to buy. I was finishing the game with a Road Legend (or Warrior, I forgot how it's actually called) level of 190. That's 180 more than needed. You can max (hehe again) out Max before even reaching the first stronghold. There wasn't really a balance between challenges and rewards. And the last half of a point is because of the glitches. Thankfully I haven't encountered game / trophy breaking ones during my time playing the game, but I was checking my spreadsheet after every camp I've cleared, location I've looted, Insignia I've shot. That's just not fun. I was lucky during my run, like unbelievably lucky. I've died at least ten times while looting a scavening location, mostly because gravity is still the hardest boss in every game. I am still unsure what to do next, I'm thinking Heavy Rain, but I don't want to waste my Summer of Play game in case there's a fourth round coming that's not multiplayer focused like the last one. Maybe Dying Light, but that's another grind festival. And my weekend project with @Fnee2000 You'll have to wait for my next update for that Found a game, and I'm using a swap. Swap 1 / 2 Beyond Two Souls -> Nexomon Extinction (PS4 - EU) - 0%
  11. @NekoRave There's one Archangel challenge that requieres you to kill any vehicle from Stank Gum's legion. I'd recommend doing this before finishing Deep Friah's area. I've reduced the threat to 0 and roamed around Gastown / The Dump for around 45min hoping for a spawn. Maybe just unlucky, but with a threat level higher than 0 the patrols spawned regularly right next to the stronghold. Most of the archangel / weapon specific car combat challenges can be "exploited" by spawning in a car from the stronghold, calling the Magnus Opus with the flare gun and destroying the first car. Pretty much anything that doesn't require a moving vehicle can be done this way.
  12. I've got something special planned for Thursday, so keep an eye out for that . But there's one small Mad Max update I'd like to make: NOT A SINGLE F**KING CAMP, WASTELAND MISSION OR SCAVENGING LOCATION GLITCHED. Next update in a few days
  13. Like many others I'm currently trying to get all the trophies for the game and having two scrap crews it took me 6d 18h to get my scrap, only logging in once a day. That's a reason for me why your time is highly unlikely. I do care what you're saying, because if you found a way to make this waiting game much faster, I bet a ton of people would like to know.
  14. You need 2500 scrap in total from Scrap crews, the 500 for the first challenge aren't included in the second one, increasing the time by a few hours.
  15. That's something completly different... as always when it's happening to me and not someone else 😉 I think I know why that happend btw. I did the first two crew challenges and a side quest in singleplayer, and iirc it popped two challenges and a quest early.
  16. Second (still "unofficial") update! Not added to the list yet, just let me know if you mind me sharing my progess and I stop Mad Max 18% -> 37% (19 / 50 Trophies) I've finished the online part of the challenges by successfully staying away from the game for most of the week. Hardest challenge I've ever had. After completing the challenge I've backed up my save to USB and into the PS+ cloud, if I'm not mistaken I now have a save with online completed and nothing glitched. That should protect me from the server shutdown I hope. I've also continued the story further and explored the world, cleaning up the scavenger locations. Unlocked the 10k scrap trophy, made the game so much easier when I was finally able to upgrade my character. I admit, that leaving the story for more than a week isn't smart, I'm kinda lost again. Reached the third stronghold and now I have to go to Gastown already Can someone tell me in what region the setting is? My guess would be a dried out San Francisco, I think I found the ruins of the golden gate bridge. Trophies earned: Wasteland of Opportunities / Doing Pink Eye a Favor / Scrap Collector (all ) Start of Something Good / Maximum (both ) Road Warrior () Dying Light 17% -> 19%) (16 / 69 (nice) Trophies) Made some side quest progess with @Fnee2000, and let me tell you a story... This cheating jerk... we've been collecting the light bulbs from the bridge in the slums, wanting to do the jump into the water during the night trophy on the way... So we're climbing up, collection the bulbs, going higher checking for collectibles on top... AND THEN HE SLIPPED AND FELL INTO THE WATER - unlocking the trophy ... and the guy who climped all the way to the top, grabbed the flag, looted the chest, took a plunge into the water from the highest point of the bridge, still during the night ... no trophy for that. Trophies earned: Strong / Everybody Knows Kyle (both ) And that's all my progess for this week. If you don't mind adding me @MidnightDragon I'd like to do "official" updates
  17. First (unofficial) update, since MidnightDragon either missed my sign up, sign ups are closed or I'm not allowed to participate (my money is on the first option). Mad Max 0% -> 18% (13 / 50 trophies) As a lot of people currently do, I'm also trying to get Mad Max done before the servers are closed at Halloween. I really enjoy the gameplay, I like the fist fights and the car combat is quite nice too. But the constant fear that any of the stat trackers might gltich and I have to start over again is ... hampering my enjoyment. I don't know what's the better way of doing it, wait til the online challenge (that requieres the player to NOT play the game) is finished, or work on locations and other challenges so I can get another run if anything glitches... There's also the trophy for having 10k scrap in the inventory, which means I can't really buy as many upgrades as I want to, if I don't want to grind on other vehicles later, if that's even possible after cleaning up the map. My overall experience with the game after the first weekend playing - I enjoy it way more than I was expecting. I can't say anything about the story or the franchise, I've only played until reaching the second stronghold yet, and I've never seen the movies, but the gameplay is simple and enjoyable. The key binding is a bit weird, I can't tell how many shells I've wasted pressing circle. The trophies I've earned: Everything Lost Again / Slight Distraction / Golden Boy / Jeet Thrives / Quench Their Thirst / Fresh Air / Doing Jeet a Big Favor / Doing Gutgash a Big Favor / Just Rewards / On the Road to Nowhere / The bigger they are... / Wasteland Chef / Just Walk Away (all ) I've also managed to increase my Ultra Rare trophy count from 39 to 50 over the weekend by nearly finishing all main game trophies for Worms Battlegrounds. The ranked and clan trophies are boosted, so you could argue that they shouldn't really count, but sadly both game modes are dead and there's no other way (I've tried waiting for a ranked match once but left after 15min in the lobby alone).
  18. I've changed my mind and if sign ups are still open I'd like to join @MidnightDragon RL sucks atm and it's nothing that's just going to vanish soon, BUT that shouldn't be a reason to cut out a thing I can enjoy and share with others. I've met some of the most awesome people around here (it's been a year full of coop trophies for the @Fnee2000 & Jay party) and I'd like to meet even more! Here's my list: Beyond Two Souls / PS4 (0%) GreedFall / PS4 (0%) Mad Max / PS4 (0%) Dying Light / PS4 (17%) And the game I've been using for Sony's Summer of Play challenges so far: Heavy Rain / PS4 (7%) I'm still determined to get this profile up to 90% completion by the end of the year!
  19. Congrats @JIVe_____ What's the chance of getting a single digit in that draw? It has to be somewhere > 1%
  20. It's been a while since the last update, but that's mainly because I haven't looked at the challenge for a month or so now. Lost my mojo again sadly and haven't found it again yet. So just a short summary: I've nearly finished my challenge Completed 4 of the 5 games I've initially "locked in" Only game that's missing is Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Two multiplayer main game trophies and all of the DLCs. With that I'm going to wrap up my challenge. I'm also not joining the next one. Everyone who's still cleaning up and participating in the next one I wish you all a lot of fun!
  21. The Borderlands franchise. Not fully grew out of it yet, but close to. I've never enjoyed The Pre-Sequel and the limited "farming" on BL3 release and the imo lackluster story didn't help my enjoyment of the game. That being said; I definitely grew out of most of the humour by now, no matter what game of the franchise. Recently played the Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2 again, remembering it as one of the best DLCs I've ever played, but the only thing I've enjoyed during the playthrough was barrel-trolling my coop partner.
  22. My number is 2481 - inFamous Second Son https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2481-infamous-second-son
  23. Tbh, I've installed the game at least 50 times, probably closer to 100, over the three months I've tried getting it. Since there's no save file deleting on vita and you always have to reinstall the whole game again You're supposed to give second chances, aren't you?
  24. I’ve got it! @luckydonut it’s unlocked when I found the word Crepes first in „Leave Room for Dessert“, and Crepe in „The Most Important Meal of the Day“ afterwards. The other way around didn’t work. And I’ve only unlocked these two words, nothing else in the whole game. Got the idea from @Xylobe. But that could be a happy coincidence. Or maybe the Vita felt sorry that I’ve tried til 5:30 in the morning. I‘ve also reinstalled the game about 12 times tonight.
  25. I'm trying with Crepe in Most Important Meal, second row, five from the top, going down