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  1. I don't think the trophy hunting community is going to be large enough to get collectors. I' agree that Hakoom is probably one of, if not the most famous name in our community. But I don't think you can really say someone is famous, if you're not pleasing a general audience like singers/actors, you're probably just "famous" for a small amount of people. My brother for example really likes Bowling and told me about someone called Jason Belmonte recently (without telling me that he's playing Bowling first) and I had no idea who he was or what he did, my brother nearly lost is mind that I don't know him...
  2. I admit that I've first bought them because of the trophies, they pop up first if you search for games to get into trophy hunting. But they're more than easy trophies I've you give them a chance, I think I've enjoyed Peasant Knight and Devious Dungeon 1& 2 the most, but Daggerhood, Gravity Duck and Cybarian are fun games aswell. I'm always doing the PS4 version of the game first and if I enjoyed the game I play past the platinum on the vita. For 5 bucks they're perfect for the bus ride to work and back imo. But of course there's some crap... I hate Zero Zero Zero Zero
  3. The second Ultra Rare plat this month for me (but idk why it's still UR) The Sims 4, and it only took 1 year and 7 months. Thanks to all of the trophy families out there I've did all but 2 trophies today. I think it's still free for PS+ members, so I'd recommend you to grab it now Completion is really easy.
  4. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.
  5. Another one completed for me, Borderlands TPS in 4 years and 6 months. Not my favourite Borderlands game (that's still 2) because it's probably the Borderlands game with the least things to do. Even the raidboss is boring af.
  6. I’ve completed Borderlands TPS today by getting my Claptrap to 25 and using all of his random skills. I’ve ditched Fnee to get my Lawbringer to 50, since I wasn’t as smart as he was to use a Claptrap (which needs the highest level for his action skill trophy anyways) to get to level 50. And now I’m mad. Not a single warning … until it was too late *cough* prick *cough* But honestly, I can’t thank him enough for running the game with me, even after his motivation took a big hit from the locations trophy glitching or something. At least we know that it’s probably a location on the Helios station and we’re coming up to that in TVHM soon. I’ve put some useless stats and a recap of my event in the spoiler, feel free to check it out But other than that, that’s all from me for this one. Good luck and a lot of fun to everyone who’s still completing games and a big THANKS for everyone who helped me with my games.
  7. JAY-Nanigans - it's update time! Finished the awful AC3 DLC just now and got the next plat for this event. I actually enjoyed that game a lot, until I've started the DLC. The challenges aren't that bad, the board games are easy imo (and I didn't cheat them with another program simulating my "best" move) But I admit that I've nearly lost my mind tracking Norris for Achilles' stupid book. So that means only Borderlands TPS left, T(rophies)-18 Team Fnay needs to step up a bit tho, we haven't played for three weeks now. But thankfully I can grind that RNG - Claptrap trophy while waiting Next update is going to be my roundup of the event, so it's either after the next 100% or in 25 days!
  8. I've been busy this week: Finished Far Cry 5 NG+ on infamous difficulty (without the save skip). I've talked with Emina and decided I'm helping her getting the trophy for other people. It has nothing to do with this challenge, but that's something I wanted to do. I've also finished all main and homestead missions in AC3 remastered, 100% synch. Total synch now at 86%. You can tell that the game was first released back in 2012, since every newer game has a decision at the end now. But not AC3, Don't know if I have to put a spoiler warning on a 8 year old game, but better safe than sorry Next up: Challenges -.-
  9. Hello y'all I've prepared a save game as well and would like to assist @Emina in helping people to the NG+ trophy And thanks to her help it's more or less the same she has. Just a lovely sunday drive to the end. So feel free to message me aswell (Discord, PSNP, PSN - whatever suits you best) if you need a portal to the end. Please keep in mind, as said by OP, that you have to play the first hour of the game to unlock coop
  10. You changed the percentages for this one, am I right? Not that it matters since all my games are unstarted so far
  11. I'm in! My games: Uncharted Collection from January PS+ (all unstarted) Bioshock Collectiom from February PS+ (unstarted aswell) Far Cry 4 (unstarted) Assassins Creed Liberations - PS4 (Unstarted) And that should be enough to keep this boi busy.
  12. Update time for my prolonged weekend: I haven't played much of Assassins Creed 3 last week after finishing Revelations, because of some trainings at work and some unnecessary tension in my relationship. But! During the weekend I've finished 54% of the DNA Completed the first 8 sequences 100% mostly first or second try - the optional stuff is actually quite easy if you're a bit bold Nearly done with the homestead
  13. I've conquered (see what I did there? ^_^ ) Assassins Creed Revelations. The books and the DLC are crap, that's all I want to say at this point in time... Two more games to complete in a bit over a month now. See you again when I've lost my sanity again while playing AC3
  14. Completed in 2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks: Assassins Creed Revelations and with that the Ezio Collection for the PS4. I've finished AC2 in 6 days and Brotherhood in 2 weeks. That's my summary of Assassins Creed Revelations.
  15. I‘ve planning to do the Uncharted collection from PS+ and whatever is free next month (whatever that might be)
  16. I’ve reached a point in this challenge ... where I’m realizing the mistake I’ve made. I’ve played anything interesting already and only have the tedious parts left. Which means: Challenges and characters in Borderlands DNA 100% and DLC in Revelations Story and DNA in AC3 So what I’ve learned from my first backlog challenge: Leave at least one game you’re interested until you reach the boring part in other games to play something else if bored/annoyed Looking forward to the spring challenge
  17. Far Cry 5 did this with the Arcade Mode. You've earned some money to spend on weapons in singleplayer, and I think you even got some Perk points for a few level ups. But other than that the whole mode was a waste of time. But I admit that my interest for CoD multiplayer would be higher if I could earn some, I'd call them trophy tokens. Instead of earning another skin I'll never use for x-headshots with the AK-47 you would instead get a token and can trade them if you like. It should be a grind imho, the "legit" way should always take less time/ be easier than the "other" way, staying with the CoD example - instead of completing Mission X on Veteran or whatever the hightes difficulty is in the game you can trade... I'd say 10 tokens for a "harder" trophy. But maybe that's to easy... There're probably hundreds of theories by now how to change the trophy system, but as long as Sony and most of the devs don't really care about trophies it's just dreams
  18. I don't fully agree with the no multiplayer part, or maybe I've misunderstood. As long as a multiplayer mode fits the general reason why people buy the game it's okay to put some trophies in (but there should be a patch / alternative way to unlock them after server shutdown) A thing that needs to go away and never come back is the 2010 - 2015 period of games... nobody is playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood because of the awesome stealth matches ... nobody is playing Far Cry 4 - 5 because of the awesome Deathmatch... nobody played Uncharted - you've got the point. I really like the step they took with the latest games in the Assassins Creed series, going back to a completly singleplayer based game. The trophy lists are fair aswell, some grindy things but as long as the game is fun - I do think that Odyssey went past his prime with the Lost Tales missions but I hope they learn from this. I'm interested in the Cyberpunk 2077 trophy list, because Witcher 3 has probably the most balanced trophy list time and difficulty wise of any AAA game I've played so far.
  19. I've been using this and similiar names on other platforms (mostly steam). Keeping it personalised with the Jay pun There's just so many good names imo ... Pirate Jay, A Jay to Remember, Valentines Jay, Green Jay ... I then used the free PSN name change to swap from my old username (the cool kid one you know, with the funny sex number and such things) to the current one. I can't speak any spanish, but I was watching some greek mythology documentation in spanish (testing out my new channels ) and "rey de los dioses" was stuck in my head. Add the typical pun and a new username was created.
  20. I've got another plat 😬 Far Cry 5 - completed in only 1 year and 9 months. I've stopped playing for about 8 months I think. Was playing coop with a friend of mine, he was hosting and I have to admit: It sucks when a game offers you to play 99% of the game in coop, but only the host unlocks the story trophies. What's the point in doing them together then? There's no reason for any two friends who care about completion and/or trophies to play them together, one will always be empty handed after finishing. Working on the 100% for the game now (the mars and vietnam DLC mostly), while also trying to finish Assassins Creed Revelations (the PS4 version) for the winter backlog challenge. Edit: I still have Borderlands and Horizon on my list, borderlands is slowly getting done, but I haven't found motivation for Horizon Zero Dawn yet
  21. I have to admit, playing with @freddie1989 sparked something in me ... I've had way more fun doing the plat for Far Cry 5 today than I had getting back into AC Revelations. The tractor is currently grinding kills for me I'm actually playing with the thought of getting New Dawn next instead of Black Flag. I kinda like Jared Leto (I know it's not him, but Joseph looks similiar imo) as the villain - not as good as Vaas but way better than Pagan Min If only the coop and endings weren't so messed up Far Cry 5 would be such an awesome game
  22. It's over, it's finally over. I've finished Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. There's one more Lego game on my console that I'm probably doing in the spring challenge, but I'm staying away from them afterwards. If you ever see me adding something Lego... that isn't Lego Marvel Avengers slap me as hard as you can please
  23. But our Borderlands sessions are pretty much the first thing I do if you're available, I've got an alarm set for them so I don't oversleep one But I'll see what I can do for you ^_^, who doesn't like listening to someone eating unhealthy leftovers for breakfast
  24. I'd do it again anytime, the dlc might be mediocre at best, but our talk was fun 😀 (but your dog scared me a few times 😂) It was actually the first time I had the guts to use the voice chat with one of my boosting/coop partners since I'm pretty shy 🙈. (And my English isn't the best) If anyone else is thinking about doing the gold medals I'm happy to help aswell. I still need to grind out the 5000 kills.