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  1. Big props to @freddie1989 for carrying me trough the whole Far Cry 5 Zombie DLC to an unexpected gold trophy
  2. Not challenge related:
  3. I could try to help you, but I haven't played the game for ages. Text me on psn/discord if you still wanna try
  4. I've finished Deponia Doomsday today - AAAAAAND it's plat #250 The 1001 Jackapoles trophy took me a few days, what a stupid thing to add in a game Next target - reach PSN Level 50
  5. Load a char that's missing one spell / pyro / ... ? There's no restriction that they have to be collected on the same char, isn't it? I don't think that earning most of the covenants in a few seconds is possible. It's also missing some mandatory bosses to reach the areas for the trophies that are unlocked first. There's quite a few places where you can go out of bounds, but afaik you still have to kill the bosses. No any% speedrun I know simply walks past a boss fight.
  6. His/Her endings are a bit close, but there's a way to do them all in one playthrough. Or just load some characters since you can save & exit after killing the final boss but before triggering any of the endings. His/Her Mound-Maker trophy is a bit weird imo, since s/he killed the cursed tree before. If you kill it before discovering the Covenant you need to kill three of the Lords of Cinders first to reach the covenant again (s/he didn't - Aldrich and Yhorm are killed afterwards). But again, just load another character and collect the Covenant, it's in the first 20 minutes of the game. That would be in line with the Sunbro covenant which is unlocked before. They're in the same area.
  7. Can you remove the battery? Some devices have the LDI under the battery.
  8. IIRC the LDI is located under the swing door of the SD Card in the Galaxy Tab E series.
  9. Iirc Clubman, Contenter, And So It Begins! and Team Work are the only online trophies for the game. I'll Save That For Later if you're planning on doing Driveclub Bikes aswell.
  10. Hellow Jay-Nanigans, I've played 75% of the Deponia games from the Collection over the extended weekend (national holiday on Monday) - not that it matters, since I'm still on sick leave this week. Only Deponia Doomsday left to plat. I played them on PC three or four times already so I know them pretty good by now. But I admit I used a guide for the trophies just to be sure to get them. There's no chapter select in the games and spending another 3 - 6h is something I tried to avoid. I'm also playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and I have to agree with @HaserPL who, iirc, ranted a bit about Lego Batman 3. I don't enjoy this game a bit, and the only reason I'm playing it any longer is because of the challenge. The story missions are short, boring, and missing the usual humour of LEGO games. Imho the non-synchro LEGO games are superior to every newer game. LEGO Star Wars 1 - 6 anyone? The decision to unlock things by doing challenges in the open world instead of simply collecting character tokens is beyond me. It's not marked on the map - and I'm not going to blindly fly through the map to find them. So I'm going to use a guide when I'm doing those. Overall there's way to much open world shit to do, if I want to play an open world game I don't buy LEGO games ffs. And then there's the DLC, I haven't started any of them yet, but if I'm not mistaken it's the same as in Batman - one short level with trophies for 100% it and one misc for the open world. 710 / 910 trophies unlocked, so I'm 200 short, half of those 200 coming from AC3 and the mentioned LEGO game. I'm confident that I can finish this in time, but I'm about to start a Factorio game with a friend of mine who recently bought it ... That's all from me
  11. I'm stupid and made a mistake here. I already used both of my drops for the minecraft games But I can swap it, so I'm doing that: Instead of Shadow of Mordor I'm going to play the four games of the Deponia Collection. Deponia Chaos on Deponia (EU) - the only one with a stack for whatever reason Goodbye Deponia Deponia Doomsday
  12. Looks more like the usual save file pattern for the Special Ops missions, I don't think this one is getting lifted. The connection has nothing to do with the timestamps afaik
  13. I reported him for the PS4 list The PS3 list was already reported, I think OP mixed up his games when doing the dispute. I've never been flagged but the version should be in the report?
  14. Your ps3 list is a mess tbh. Everything you earned on 28th Dec 2016 is cheated... It's not even your ps4 list that's flagged and non of your online trophies were unlocked with the save file or whatever you used, so I think that one is fine. Edit: found one
  15. I've got the final plat of the decade with The Crew 2 today. Thanks to my amazing girlfriend who's replacing my right arm currently.
  16. Guess who's back, back again Jay's back, tell a friend Been home since Sunday, I thought I have to stay much longer in the hospital. But it was only Friday and Saturday, surgery was a success apparently, at least I can feel pain in my arm again. I even got an update for you: My brother streamed CIV 6 for me so I could finish the 100% from the hospital bed (3rd in the world according to PSNP, kinda proud of it) And then I've talked my girlfriend into doing 1 Controller 2 Players, since my right arm is still in a sling til at least Friday and I'm not supposed to use it to much. And turns out we're really good at it - 2 plats for us. I'm 1000% sure now that she's a keeper. The Crew 2 (isn't part of my list) and: Shadow of Mordor 27% -> 82% BUT I'm using my second drop for it. My girlfriend and I can't figure out how the Warchief shit in Sauron's Army works in the Challenges. We we're trying the Test of the Wild or whatever it's called for the trophy and used the riot system how recommended in the guide to kill Bodyguards and Warchiefs. But everytime a Riot was completed another Captain got promoted, and not a Bodyguard from the old Warchief, some random Captain. Tried 3 times happend all the time. If anyone can explain the system to me I might clean it up later. So that's leaving four games for me: Borderlands TPS (in progress with Fnee, currently on hold because we did the Borderlands 3 DLC) AC Revelations (probably the last game I'm doing) AC 3 (I'm saying for a while now that I'm doing it next, but I finished South Park, LiS Before the Storm a lot of Shadow of Mordor before starting the game xD) Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (starting this soon) As you can tell my mood has improved greatly with my health improvement. Funeral for my granny is in 2 weeks and after that I'm leaving the whole last month of 2019 behind me. Starting the new decade with a clear mind and a goal to reach, the goal is to leave the ever lurking depression behind me. Bit of a boring NYE this year since we haven't planned anything. I was sure I wouldn't be home anymore this year. But that gives me enough time to remember people the real reason we celebrate on the 31st of december. To remember Lord Voldemort, who would have turned 93 today. (Yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd)
  17. Final update of the year: I've earned my rarest plat to date with Civ VI 😁 Getting some of the DLC stuff done now before I have to leave in about 4 hours now. Hope y'all had a good Christmas, I'll see you next year Jay-Nanigans
  18. *Intro music!!!!!!!* WHAT'S UP JAY-NANIGANS (I think I've finally found a good opener) AND WELCOME TO THE NEXT EPISODE OF SUNDAY UPDATE Only 2 games with trophy progress this week, so without further ado: Life is Strange: Before the Storm 0% -> 100% Easy and short game but it reminded me again why Chloe Price is my favourite female video game character. (And her voice actor, who's speaking all 3 of my favourite female characters) Trophies: Bring on the Storm South Park: The Stick of Truth 0% - 100% Second platinum this week. Thankfully I made a save before the final boss, because I forgot to re-equip my Makeover gear after the promotion to King Douchebag. Money grinding in the end was boring af. Trophies: South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Platinum Trophy I've played a bit Civ and Borderlands TPS aswell this week, but I haven't unlocked any new trophies. 6 games left for me now, and I think it's time to start up Assassins Creed 3. That's all from me for this week already. I hope you're having a great holiday season See y'all next week for the final sunday update of this year. (I know that there's two sundays left but I'm skipping the last one)
  19. It's a box with a grid on top? People get paid to design this?!
  20. @ZachGM91 I think one of the problems of Outlast 2 is the payoff if you beat a boss (or successfully run away since you can't really fight that much). I felt relieved after the doctor died in the first game, but never had a similiar feeling in Outlast 2.
  21. *Bad Intro Music* WHAT'S UP KIDDOS, AND WELCOME TO THE NEXT EPISODE OF "SUNDAY UPDATE" 3 games for you, small progress, stupid moments and as promised last week, 1 shiny platinum LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES 100% We did it! We saved the city! The game glitched so hard in the end game, but in a good way. I've finished with 152/150 minikits, unlocked the 100% trophy while the game was at 99.1%. I've never reached 100% tbh, I was done when the game was at 99.9 with everything else. Another Lego game on my list to do, but that's something for next year. Trophies: Have you ever tried Shawarma? Sid Meier's Civilization VI (43% -> 44%) Not much to say about this one, I've been tight on time and only played 100 turns or so the whole week Trophy: Nobody Expects the Spanish Inqusition *And now a word from the sponsor of this week episode, the last of his kind... Hey, wanna hear the new dubstep song I wrote? Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub. DROP! Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub.* Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (62% -> 72%) Claptrap DLC finished, worst final boss I've ever fought in the Borderlands series. Thanks to Fnee again for playing the whole effing thing with me, I really couldn't do it on my own. The game isn't bad, just not as good as the others... This weeks funny moment is probably when if tried to revive Fnee and killed myself with my new launcher. Always check the manufacturer when picking up new gear. I always reload or open the weapon wheel when I revive him because of the lag when he's hosting, this time it killed me. Trophies: No Photograps, Please! / Sociopathic Networker / Expensive Taste / Grind 'n' Bear It / The Gun In The Stone / Shadow of Your Former Self / Shadow Play I'm going to start up Life is Strange and South Park next week, pushing Assassins Creed 3 a little further back. Overall progress reached 56,74% this week. That's all for this week, thanks for reading my sunday update. Remember to like, follow and obey.
  22. I've spend some money in the end of year sale and therefore I'm updating my goals: Swap 4: I'm dropping Red Faction Re-Mars-Tered and will do South Park Stick of Truth instead. I haven't looked at Red Faction once since September, and have a bunch of games I'm more interested in right now. I've got the NA Version in the sale. The censored oneyou can get in Germany is a just awful, afaik half the game is just a black square because of the Nazi stuff. I'm also adding Life is Strange - Before the Storm. I need something story based right now. Dropping back to 52,33% overall Update on sunday Games left: Borderlands The Pre Sequel Assassins Creed Revelations Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Assassins Creed 3 Lego Marvel Super Heroes Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Sid Meier's Civilization 6 Life is Strange: Before the Storm South Park: The Stick of Truth
  23. Not a game, but a Jay update. I'll put it in a spoiler again so if you don't care you can just skip it
  24. Oh :/, I wanna have a mail with nothing but a theme code aswell. I never get these. Is there some box you have to check on your PSN Account? I already checked all the boxes for personalised ads and such.
  25. @HusKy same for me, last thing I've got is a Black Friday mail.