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  1. Another plat for me, this time Ghost Recon Wildlands. Which puts the counter below 3700 unearned trophies and a completion rate of 70%. Ghost Recon Wildlands 14% -> 71% (100% Base Game) But Nomad and her team of Ghosts aren't finished yet. There's still a road to travel, and a crash landing in the jungle to survive. Luckily for me (and not so lucky for my wallet) both DLCs are on sale currently, so I picked them up and can just continue now.
  2. @Fnee2000 already updated y'all that we're done with BL3, my only plat since my last update 2 weeks ago. Like he said, we did nearly all things together, exept clean up stuff. (all locations, stupid Waterfall on Eden-6) I'd love to do the DLCs with you @Fnee2000 if you want The trophy list isn't hard, and the missing character trophies are a nice touch. I'd say one of the harder trophies in the game is the shooting range No need to start up 3 extra playtroughs just to stop them somewhere in between. Story spoilers ahead, if you haven't finished the game skip it please I played a bit of Ghost Recon Wildlands before the release of BL3, I finished the first ending and did some minor clean up, but tbh the only thing I really enjoyed while playing during the last two weeks was Borderlands.
  3. 01.09.2019 Until Dawn Plat - already prepared a save up to Chapter 9 before the start. Plat #1. Saints Row IV Re Elected - Earned the first 10 trophies for this game 02.09.2019 Saints Row IV Re Elected - 22 more trophies today 03.09.2019 Saints Row IV Re Elected - only 6 more trophies left to get, finished the story and both DLCs today 04.09.2019 Saints Row IV Re Elected - finished, Pplat #2 Lego Batman 3 - 8 trophies 05.09.2019 Lego Batman 3 - finished the story and all DLCs 06.09.2019 Lego Batman 3 - continued with Batman, missing 7 trophies 07.09.2019 Lego Batman 3 - finished, Plat #3 Ghost Recon Wildlans - picked this up as next game, might need to pause when BL3 releases Saints Row IV: 0% -> 100% Until Dawn: 27% - 100% Lego Batman 3: 5% - 100%
  4. This is the list I'm going to start with, I'll edit the post I made somewhere in this thread. I'll update my list and log my process daily here and will post updates in the thread weekly or so. I've got quite a lot I want to add, that's just things from my profile I want to complete, didn't look trough my library yet. Borderlands 3 PS4 0% Witcher 3 Complete Edition PS4 0% Saints Row IV Re-Elected PS4 0% Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham PS4 5% GTA San Andreas PS4 10% Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-Tered PS4 10% Borderlands TPS PS4 10% Ghost Recon Wildlands PS4 17% Until Dawn PS4 19% AC Revelations PS4 20% Minecraft PS4 24% Minecraft PS3 33% Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor PS4 33%
  5. 10: Skyrim Great game, had a lot of fun with it. Lost out "points" to Dark Souls Combat and recently for glitched PS3 trophies. Would be higher up otherwise. 09: Horizon Zero Dawn I enjoyed the story and machine fights so much, it was a gift and I didn't had it on my radar, fantastic surprise. 08: Rocket League My first PS4 game, got it for free in PS+ and had so many fun hours. 07: Life is Strange Chloe is my most favourite character in any video game up to this point. Sadly the last decision you make in the game was cleary one sided, you can see it in the quality of the endings imo. 06: Detroit: Become Human I took so much from this game. I really like all 3 plots, yes even Marcus, honestly Marcus is my favourite story. For me it's Marcus -> Kara -> Connor. 05: Witcher 3 Amazing story, amazing world, amazing side stories, Gwent is way more fun than other minigames in the series. Don´t like the combat so much though. 04: Prison Architect Sometimes I just let my prisons run over night to see if my system is working. Adding some QoL mods on PC for even more fun. 03: Minecraft Let's be real, minecraft is amazing. You can be creative, you can try your best in hardcore mode, trolling your friends. 02: Factorio Yet another building game. The factory must grow! Best PC game imo. Getting the ratios in your factory just right is such an amazing feeling 01: Dark Souls series The whole series is fantastic. Those games changed the way I'm looking at combat systems. It "ruined" every other close combat game for me. The sense of accomplishment you get for beating a boss after many tries, killing an invader while carrying a bunch of souls, finding secrets, slowly painting the picture as a whole with all the small pieces of lore you get from items. I could go on, but the list would go on and on, longer than I can tell.
  6. Devious Dungeon 1 & 2 also took some effort to plat. But this game is fun, expect the final boss. Don´t like that fight. Spoiler ahead:
  7. Your son, or whoever did it, used a save to unlock all the stars. You earned the trophies for them out of order and way to fast. Until you hide the game, you´re removed from all the leaderboards on this side. But if it´s your only cheated game you can just hide it and be back. If you get 2 more flags this account is permanently off the leaderboards
  8. I send you a friend request on psn. We´ll figure something out.
  9. I´m still looking for a coop partner for BL3. Timezones could be a problem though But I´m on vacation on release day and the week afterwards, so we could probably get quite far into the game
  10. What´s the point in removing someone for a few months from the leaderboard? You´re over the limit of 2 flags and that´s that. The vita trick messed up your trophy list, doesn´t really matter if you played them all legit or not. Still had a chance to hide them when you signed up and read the rules about the leaderboard. But now it´s too late for that. Either start a new profile if you care about leaderboard position or just keep doing your thing and don´t care about rankings. But that´s just my opinion
  11. I like the idea, and I thought about participating. But atm I´m gonna pass I´ve got a lot of unfinished games, but not a lot of unstarted games sadly. Even games with only the "tutorial trophy" AC Brotherhood(PS3) and GTA4 aren´t allowed So that´s the rule that keeps me from joining currently. I need to check my ps+ games again, but atm I think I need to buy like 15 games. That´s quite the commitment, even for someone who buys a lot of games spontaneous. Or hope the free games fill my blank spots. But I´m sitll lurking to check for new games I may enjoy
  12. It´s my first status update, but it´s gonna be a longer one.

    So if you don´t like longer texts or personal stories please avoid the spoiler

    I´m not looking for attention, I just need to get some things off my chest.



    I´ve learned this wednesday that my girlfriend passed away while I was on vacation... 

    I was trying to figure out how to deal best with it, and because I don´t have anyone to talk about such things, I´m "talking" to my favourite community.

    Otherwise my head is going to explode.


    You may ask why I don´t have anyone to talk?

    Because my relationship with my family is broken since I´ve got together with this girl.

    They never liked her, or her family, they even made fun of her and such things, so I had to choose a side, and I did.


    And my friendlist is pretty short, you may ask why again.

    Because I nearly died when I was born, and was "lucky" to get away with permanent brain damage and weak af muscles.

    Funnily enough I still skipped 3 grades of regular school, and finished with a solid 1,3 average (1 is the highest grade in germany)

    The girl who died was the only person I can remember who never bullied me during breaks or on my way home, she was my only friend all those years.

    She helped me together with her dad and my uncle to get into gaming. With her help and playing videogames I managed to get the "delay" I had in my brain from 3 seconds til my muscles would to what my brain told them, down to sub 1. 


    You may wonder now why my parents would hate a girl who helped me so much?

    It´s simple... her family and drugs, but mostly drugs.

    Her dad works in a pretty high position at Bosch (you may heard about them), was never at home and gave her all the things she could dream off. And if he didn´t bought it, his credit card did.

    We came together when she was already addicted to this shit, but my parents never understood a thing. 

    They made fun of her, she wasn´t allowed to visit us at home and I wasn´t allowed to go to her. 

    They tried everything to ruin my relationship...


    But long story short.

    I came back from my trip, my dad picked me up from the airport, gave me 2 games and said it´s to get me distracted.

    He didn´t told me why, and when I tried to call my girlfriend her mother picked up and told me everything.

    My world is ruined atm, but I´m trying to keep my thoughts clean.


    Again sorry for posting such a long text. 

    But I actually feel a bit better now.




    1. Dr_Mayus


      Well I am sorry to hear that, but that makes more sense. I have gone the other direction (Canada to Austria) and that is a large time difference. 


      Not something you want to walk off the plane to. 

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Sorry to hear it, my condolences. If you have no one to talk to, there are help lines which you can call or chat with, like the Telefonseelsorge or regional organisations.

    3. ee28max


      Sorry for your loss. I'm open for a chat when I'm not busy. 

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  13. Pretty sure, because I can report the ps4 version, but not ps3.
  14. How did you finish the game 100% on ps3 without unlocking the trophy for some of the missions?
  15. I usually read the things I post and try to avoid typos as much as possible. Or edit them out if I see one afterwards. Some of the typos I missed before posting are actually embarassing . I´m amazed by my own stupidity. I mostly mess up tenses, I´ve never learned how to use all of them correctly. I blame the schools for that! (It was my fault because I thought school was stupid)
  16. Didn´t mean to offend you, I´m sorry if I did. All I meant to say was, that it doesn´t matter how hard a game is, someone will cheat it, because there´s proof that it happend Don´t take the flag against you as a gamer/person. Your plats are still impressive imo. It´s against your trophy list, and just from looking at it, it´s impossible to play the game in the way your trophies reflect your progress. I´m sorry if it stays wrongly flagged, I really am, but you/we have to wait what the dispute team will say about it. Maybe there´s a way to fix it, they know these things better than I do.
  17. People cheated Aabs Animals, it doesn´t matter how easy a game is, someone will cheat it. I don´t know if the trophies are buggy, only think I heard about was, that they aren´t unlocking if you had the demo version or something. I played it with a friend on his account and we had no problems popping any trophies. Maybe someone knows about your bug, otherwise you would need to prove it, I know it isn´t easy after all those years but everyone would use the same story if it get´s the flag liftet, even with an impossible list. But if it´s your only flag and you care about your leaderboard position you can always hide the game
  18. The base game is a solid single player plat imo. It´s fun, it´s balanced (not having to perfect all challenges, some of them are really tricky), collectables are marked on the map, some boss fights are challenging, but always fair. Ultimate isn´t a challenge, at least it wasn´t for me. Did it after the DLCs and in NG+ (like most people I guess), knocked out snipers and brutes with stealth, web the rest. In the end I died 2 times in the whole Ultimate run, in both fights with Mr. Negative
  19. If you can work with the methods Yuri suggested you, this is all solved then I guess. It´s a two way street in the end, the trophies you did legit, and the trophies you bought are your responsibility, it´s your account But I think we agree that it was a stupid decision that got you in this place. Have fun completing your other games though Good day to you vapur/archtaris
  20. afaik they ban people sometimes. Because you bought all your trophies my guess would be they banned you because of a high amount of edited timestamps or CFW. I don´t think those trophy services play the games themselves Idk if the ban will be removed, it´s more about abusing CFW and not any of the leaderboards. You can always create a new account though. A clean start with a 100% completion rate in mind. Sucks for the trophies your lost, but if you´re back into trophy hunting you can earn them again (if the trophies are still obtainable)
  21. Thanks for the replies I´ll add it as late as possible to the challenge, if I add it at all. I´ve got enough other games below 30% I can do, without possible rule bending It´s still nearly a month, anything can happen during the time, and the minecraft trophies are easily done with both creative glitches anyway. I´m not changing any of the 6 games I added. I have them in mind for quite a while now, no excuses anymore! Enough buying new games while others aren´t close to be done.
  22. I´m joining my first backlog event. Tried to get rid of it myself without a deadline - doesn´t work.
  23. AFAIK, your name is taken off from all leaderboards as soon as you get a flag. Hide the flagged game, earn a trophy (sync if not earned on ps4) and update your profile on psnp. You should be back on the leaderboards soon then, if nobody flagged you for possible other cheated games on your profile. Haven´t checked myself, but there´s a high possibility a few people went over your games and trophy lists.
  24. -_-

    In getting flagged, that´s right. Why did you even bother making a dispute, when 90% of you´re trophies are earned a few seconds apart? Hide the game and move on
  25. Strange, is it just waiting a bit longer then? I searched every room, inspected everyhting that was marked with R2, asked Ralph about it, Hank called for Connor...but there was no option to leave when I was close to the door Or can you hide somehwere else? iirc you can´t choose a hiding spot.