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  1. Changing my list:


    Dark Souls Remastered (25%) - it's staying and the main focus!

    Lego Ninjago Movie (0%) - as I said in the Fall/Winter challenge ... you can slap me now

    Just Cause 4 (0%) - picked it up in the sale lately

    Dungeon Defenders 2 (0%) - staying from the first list

    Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - PS4 (10%) - I've forced Fnee to do the multiplayer grind with me, so it's on my list now 😬


  2. 5 minutes ago, F3AR_Shxrp said:

    I stack PS4 and Vita games when they are crossbuy


    I already own the game for Vita and PS4, so there's nothing wrong with stacking those versions.


    I'm not big into regional stacking (yet) but I probably will grab the third Witcher 3 plat sometimes later.

    And I do grab a NA stack for some Rata games when I feel the need for a quick plat to boost my motivation. Or the game is worth playing again like both Devious Dungeons titles, I really like them.


  3. There's quite a lot missable trophies in Witcher 3 actually:


    Most importantly the Gwent trophies:

    Make sure to check the namend NPCs if they wanna play with you, some of them are gone later in the game.


    Even Odds is missable, if you complete all your contracts by accident, so make sure to finish two of the easier ones with the trophy requierements.


    Full Crew is missable if you choose the wrong options during some of the quests. You have to send your friends to Kaer Morhen.


    The trophies for Woodland Spirit and the Doppler are missable depending on how you've played the contract.


    But if you do all sidequests before doing a new part of the main mission, you should be good for the otherwise missable trophies Kingmaker, Friends with Benefits and Assassin of Kings.


    @ain_sr drop a manual save after every other mission and before talking to some special NPCs (like Keira Metz) and you can always go back if you make a mistake :) 


  4. On 13/05/2020 at 2:44 PM, Rakinho993 said:

    Are the problems solved? Vita is out today in EU so just asking if I can safely play?

    Still had the problem just now, but with random trophies popping



    when I shot myself I’ve unlocked Arachnophobia. 
    For Ringing the Bell I’ve got Treasure

    Killed the Dragon Lord and got the trophy for the sorcerer. 


  5. First of all:

    I want to say sorry to everyone I've lied to using work as an excuse.

    I'm dealing with some mental health issues currently, and that's keeping me from gaming (sometimes for days)


    I'm also sorry if I brought a bit of confusion into this thread, that wasn't my intention.

    But to clear some of the mess I've made up I'm proposing:


    If you need the trophy relatively fast, for fastest achiever or whatever your plan is, your person of choice is probably @Emina


    If you just want the trophy and don't mind waiting an undefined amount of time, text me on PSN (JayDeLosDioses). I'm not that active in the forums atm, and mostly logged out when I check the Spring Backlog Challenge or some disputes.

    It's possible that I can help you pretty spontaneously, but as mentioned at the start of this post, it's highly mood dependant.


    The "exploit" takes around 5 minutes so chances are high that I'm finishing my day with helping if anyone asked, or wasn't helped by the amazing Emina yet.


    Back home, can help a lot more again :)



  6. All 4 of your plats are cleary cheated. I reported GTA V myself and informed the CRT about the other 2 :)

    So if you care about your leaderboard position you need to start a new account.


    But you can still use the other features of this website :)


  7. On 4.5.2018 at 4:57 PM, Gretchen27 said:

    January 2020: Far Cry 5 [1 year, 9 months], Assassin's Creed Revelations [2 years, 1 month] 

    February 2020: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [4 years, 6 months], The Sims 4 [1 year, 7 months], Far Cry 5 [1 year, 11 months]


    Do games count twice if you do the 100% after the plat?

    Because you've added Far Cry 5 twice, or is that just for the list and has no impact on the rank?


  8. I've played the story 3 times on my way to the plat, but my blind run is the most memorable one.


    I didn't get Survivors because:

    Simon died after the broadcast. Shooting the guy who runs away felt wrong.

    Luther never reached Canada because I took the long way around the control and missed the bus. I've tried that boat trip so many times but I don't think there's a way to save him.

    At least Connor and Hank had a happy end.


    But as @PhantomFear94 said, the trophies reflected what is DBH by far biggest strength, the decisions you make.

    And unlike Until Dawn (appart from TellTale games it's the only decision based game I've played) the early game decisions you make do matter.

    You can do whatever you want with Sam and Mike for 99% of Until Dawn, it doesn't matter how bad you played them, until you've reached the final scene, that's the only place they can die afaik.



  9. I don't think the trophy hunting community is going to be large enough to get collectors.

    I' agree that Hakoom is probably one of, if not the most famous name in our community.


    But I don't think you can really say someone is famous, if you're not pleasing a general audience like singers/actors, you're probably just "famous" for a small amount of people.

    My brother for example really likes Bowling and told me about someone called Jason Belmonte recently (without telling me that he's playing Bowling first) and I had no idea who he was or what he did, my brother nearly lost is mind that I don't know him... 


  10. I admit that I've first bought them because of the trophies, they pop up first if you search for games to get into trophy hunting.

    But they're more than easy trophies I've you give them a chance, I think I've enjoyed Peasant Knight and Devious Dungeon 1& 2 the most, but Daggerhood, Gravity Duck and Cybarian are fun games aswell.

    I'm always doing the PS4 version of the game first and if I enjoyed the game I play past the platinum on the vita. For 5 bucks they're perfect for the bus ride to work and back imo.

    But of course there's some crap... I hate Zero Zero Zero Zero



  11. 6 hours ago, GraniteSnake said:

    Also if those from the US could give me a few examples of states that don't charge digital tax that would be great, LBP costs $20 in the PS Store so if I could avoid paying an additional charge on it that would be perfect. And if any of you know good sites to buy PSN voucher cards I'm all ears too! The things we do for trophies..


    Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.