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  1. I've spend some money in the end of year sale and therefore I'm updating my goals:

    Swap 4: I'm dropping Red Faction Re-Mars-Tered and will do South Park Stick of Truth instead. I haven't looked at Red Faction once since September, and have a bunch of games I'm more interested in right now.

    I've got the NA Version in the sale. The censored oneyou can get in Germany is a just awful, afaik half the game is just a black square because of the Nazi stuff.

    I'm also adding Life is Strange - Before the Storm. I need something story based right now. 

    Dropping back to 52,33% overall 

    Update on sunday ^_^


    Games left:

    Borderlands The Pre Sequel

    Assassins Creed Revelations

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Assassins Creed 3

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    South Park: The Stick of Truth


  2. 3 minutes ago, HusKy said:

    I mean I did receive the e-mail, however there is no discount what so ever. Just the theme code.

    Oh :/, I wanna have a mail with nothing but a theme code aswell. I never get these.


    Is there some box you have to check on your PSN Account?

    I already checked all the boxes for personalised ads and such.


  3. On 24.11.2019 at 11:26 PM, SpaghettiGrabsy said:

    Lies. The dubstep intro needs to go on longer than it has any right to before launching straight into a Raid: Shadow Legends sponsorship and your post needs to be filled with the same obnoxious 5 second ad for KFC every 5 minutes.

    Noted. I'll see what I can do about some more ads.


    I'm selling some quality ad space in my update series "SUNDAY UPDATE".

    You want to shamelessly plug yourself, your best friend or whatever you want? Just hit me up and I see what I can do ;)


    As you know my update is always *cough cough* build like this


    GAME 1

    GAME 2

    GAME 3 (if I play more than 2 in a week)


    Not going to add something extra between the last two parts, we can talk about anything else


    And for everyone who read this far:

    I've won a CIV 6 game in any way possible now (Science and a quick 20 turns domination win yesterday, and even cleared 1 of the stupid RNG trophies while doing so. Also started grinding the 750 point blank shotgun kills in Pre-Sequel for the Challenges trophy. And on top of that I've done the GoatMMO DLC for Goat Simulator (not part of my backlog challenge) AND played a little bit TPS with Fnee again after all of that.

    (Yes I had a day off work yesterday, was watching SmackDown, NXT TakeOver and Survivor Series this weekend, starting at 2am here in Germany)



  4. 17 minutes ago, Sarsky said:

    Mess up one game lose leaderboard ranks on every other game... Seems fair. 

     That's not true - you have to mess up three games. That's why we have 3 strikes. Just hide the game and move on, easier said than done I know.

    Yes it sucks to hide a game where you got 90% of the trophies legit, but keep in mind that the flag isn't really against the player in those cases. It's more against the trophies.



  5. 1 hour ago, Sarsky said:

    hmm... i din't think about that in that sense that's a very excelent point, however if they did cheat that game and its been reported/flagged it should have a flag symbol next to the game and that person will not be on the leader boards for that specific game.


    etc. if MW2 was autopopped user would be removed only form that games leaderboards and on their profile it will have a flag next to the game a little symbol to say that they autopopped instead of making people hide there trophies and messing up there milestones and tracking of trophies.

    But do I still get the 2.500 points for the overall leaderboard if I have a marking next to a cheated game? If so, then I would just get the 2 unobtainable plats with the most points via savegame. Just removing from the game leaderboard is an invitation to cheat if you ask me.


    I'd vote for a whitelist for people who run into some morons unlocking trophies for you if you go back to some ps3 games, but then we have to check every single person who get's flagged after the whitelist if they searched for a modder on discord or whatever, or if it was an accident.


  6. @Together_Comic I have every single item in my inventory, excluding the book that is removed when you read it. I did the Hircine exploit to get both items aswell. Did the book quest last, so at one point I was carrying all daedric items with me.

    Two different save games, one with all DLCs. And one rushed one without any DLC or other items ever collected, except gold and lockpicks. Because I read somewhere that a bigger save file can glitch the trophy aswell.


    Twice no trophy for me. 




  7. I've changed my approach quite a lot this year alone:


    After joining psnp in April I tried to complete every game I (re)started, to get my horrible completion percentage up ("started" in the higher 40s, 48 I think).

    It worked, but after a while it bored me to do longer games only. So I mixed it up and did easy, short plats before doing my longer game. You can hate me for that if you like, but I don't really care. If I enjoyed the hour I don't think it's wasted. If you see a profile as ruined because it doesn't have much ultra rare stuff, cool - it's your opinion and we don't have to share the same one :)


    Then I've started to do a PS3 game one day, and a PS4 game the other day, clean up some ps3 backlog. To be quite honest, after years of ps4 only, going back isn't that much fun for me anymore. Switching to the DS3 pad hurts my hands after a while and the DS4 isn't really working so well with all ps3 games. There's some ps3 games I'd like to play again, but after the Skyrim incident I'm salty and haven't used my ps3 for a few months now...

    (the daedra trophy glitched twice on me, once with the dlc installed, okay my bad could have read the warning about it, and then again without the DLC installed... "It just works" some guy from Bethesda might say)


    Since Borderlands 3 I'm friends with @Fnee2000. We've done the plat for BL3 more or less together all the way trough during release week.

    And since then we started up our little weekend project that we do for a bit over a month now. Currently playing another title of the borderlands series, Pre-Sequel. That's normaly my friday and sunday for gaming, hard to do any other days for us, because there's a 6h time difference I think.

    I hope we continue this for much longer, I really enjoy having a reliable partner.

    For the other days I picked 1 singleplayer game and 1 multiplayer game to do, currently F1 2019 and Witcher 3 GOTY. So Monday / Wednesday for F1 and Tuesday / Thursday for Witcher for example.

    That only leaves Saturday blank where it's either coop time with Fnee or I do my solo stuff.


  8. unfortunately you're over the limit of 2 flags, a third and you're out of the leaderboards for good.

    Since you're not really disputing anything here I hardly doubt that you get 2 of those games lifted.

    You can always start a new account, a second chance so to speak :)