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  1. 1 hour ago, Sylvanticore said:

    I already picked a handful of games that count towards the backlog event such as: 

    Cat Quest II

    Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Murdered: Soul Suspect

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

     From your list (and games I've played aswell) I´ve enjoyed the most. Cat Quest and Murdered Soul Suspect aren't too long or hard either, just a few tricky collectibles in the second one.


    I think Bugsnax is an underrated game. I had a lot of fun playing it. Sure, it's not up there with the best games, but a solid 7/10 for enjoyment imo.

    Sekiro is always worth playing, took me a while to get into the deflecting coming from Dark Souls, but once you get it, the game is a lot of fun. And it's beautiful from start to finish, amazing landscapes. (Same for Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, but I'm a FromSoftware fanboy)


    Can't comment on the other unfished games, haven't played most of them or didn't like them :D 


  2. 3 hours ago, Ich1994-1994 said:

    It’s best to find a farmroute and then just reload the world and go throught it again and again. The game is absolute hell

    Agreed, but as long as I still need two pieces of Intercepter gear and god knows how much Ranger gear I'm missing I'm happy with getting whatever I can grab on my way through missions, at least I've hit level 30 yesterday so I can use my embers and coins and try my luck in the tomb.


    Most of the time when thinking about why a decision was made in a meeting during developement I can kinda come up with a reasonable idea why someone would think idea XY would be a nice touch and could play out well in the finished product.

    But then there's RNG collectibles and I can't wrap my head around it, You know the meme with the guy getting thrown out of a window for suggestion something? Those collectibles would be an idea of the other two persons in that meme, while a better idea was thrown out.



  3. 56 minutes ago, Sylvanticore said:

    I feel your pain, is it the collectables or just the game in general as I completed it in about a week and the collectables drove me mental.


    A bit of both honestly. I'm still missing gear and I can't find it. I also can't find a way to buy or craft what I'm missing, so it's just luck?

    Collectibles are the worst kind I've seen in a video game so far. If the internet is right, and it always is :D, other people in a random lobby can steal them from you. If they even spawn in the first place that is.


  4. 23 minutes ago, Ich1994-1994 said:

    Yup same here. I don’t want to stop working on my backlog but the challenge kinda makes it stressful. And with don’t starve for example I think I didn’t finish it because I was afraid of not having something to finish next month. But then found something else^^
    Also my pile of unstated games that was ignored for a while now needs to be adressed^^

    It’s easy for the first half of the year to keep a streak going, but after that the games you actually wanna play and get reasonably done in a month get pretty low, at least that was my problem.

    I also didn’t want to use an game that only takes an hour or two, wanted to put some effort into it. 

    Which I think I did, completing 4 FromSoftware games 


  5. DLC month continues :D


    This time it's Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

    I've never played the Bright Lord DLC, and I've struggled with the Hunt of the Mistress trophy before leaving the game again.

    BUT, I've honestly feel like I've never played a game better than the Test of the Wild this time. Everything just worked... in the end I had 9 minutes spare.

    In the second try that is, my first try failed with a time of 40:25 (the time limit is 40:00).

    I didn't use the backup strat mentioned in the guide, but I did quit out to reset the Graug baits quite a lot. With less than 2 minutes time for every captain and Warchief, killing them with combat finishers isn't really an option.

    Thankfully most of the Warchiefs have bodyguards, that's an important time saver. If you can't kill most of them during Riots the challenge is impossible I believe.


    17 hours ago, poetic_justice_ said:

    Dang, wow. Thanks for posting this, Jay. I was looking forward to getting a PS5 before playing this, as Ubisoft burned almost all its bridges with me for how they handled Division 2. 

    Valhalla is still worth playing, it's a good RPG. And maybe I just had bad luck with how many people in the challenges killed themselves. You'll need patience for the mastery stuff, that's for sure.


    Not quite sure if I will do another game this month, or if I'm already checking out for November. Time will tell I guess.


  6. Hellow everybody :D

    I just want to drop in and say that I love the end of any month, when all the completions are being talked about and seeing what's played. It's amazing and I will steal a few of the games you have been playing and add them to my 2022 To-Do list


    I can already tell that Diablo 2 is going to end up here sooner or later for me.

    I like the game, and I get why they haven't changed much according to the people who played the original game.

    But, and that's a rather big BUT ... I can't play the game long in one sitting. The inventory management is fine, I like it, but overall a few QoL changes would have been nice. Like waypoints for quests, pausing the game in the menu, SAVING your fucking charakter when the game crashes. I lost my act 1 progress completly because it crashed while moving on and the game only saves if you Save & Exit via the menu. 

    It kills my enjoyment that I have to exit the game every now and then just to make sure my progress is saved, it reminds me of Mad Max, checking if the camp was counted correctly or not. 


    You should end on a positive though:

    Nexomon is the best game that Ratalaika Games has ported onto console so far.

    If any of you played Nexomon Exctinction you should definetly get this game too. It's a bit harder than the second game IMO, but totally worth the 5€ I've payed for it. (It's 9€ in the store, but I always count it as half when I get a free version on any other platform with my purchase) Got the plat on Monday and the PS5 stack is going to be a milestone down the line, not sure yet if plat #750 or #800.