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  1. 1 hour ago, aZombieDictator said:

    I hope they make it ridiculous to Platinum. People have enough easy plats. I wanna see the people who live off EZPZs get trolled. 


    Imagine if there was a trophy for a billion taps or a trophy for being on leaderboards. Most taps in a given day/week.

    Don't think you can make a tap based game grindy.

    There's too many workarounds these days.


  2. Been a roller coaster ride for me:


    I've bought the game when the server shutdown was made public, I had it on my, let's call it extended wishlist. Nothing I really want to play, but something I want to get someday.

    Then I've played the first chapter, with the intention of getting the platinum as quick as I can, in case I need to start over. But I was hooked the moment I've started it. Combat is simple but fun, driving controls felt nice, only thing that was weird was the button layout.


    I've played until I had two scrap crews and stopped after that until the challenge was completed for it.

    Only starting the game once a day collecting my scrap, backed up my save on USB and started going for the camps and stuff while on my way to missions.


    Playing through the game was a lot of fun, until it wasn't anymore.

    There's a margin with collectibles in my opinion, and they went way overboard with it.

    Marked locations are a nice thing to have, but having to drive to a location for a single piece of scrap ... that's just not fun anymore.

    During the cleanup the game felt more like work than playing a game, checking if every camp is fine, every insigna counted, all wasteland missions correct, every scavening location registered ... not fun!




  3. 2 minutes ago, MAUSZX said:

    Wait, is it against the rules to use your own save file on the same profile? I have never done this but I find this interesting. 

    It's against the rules if you're unlocking trophies this way. As long as all the trophies from your save are synched with your profile it's fine.



  4. @NekoRave

    There's one Archangel challenge that requieres you to kill any vehicle from Stank Gum's legion.

    I'd recommend doing this before finishing Deep Friah's area. I've reduced the threat to 0 and roamed around Gastown / The Dump for around 45min hoping for a spawn.

    Maybe just unlucky, but with a threat level higher than 0 the patrols spawned regularly right next to the stronghold.


    Most of the archangel / weapon specific car combat challenges can be "exploited" by spawning in a car from the stronghold, calling the Magnus Opus with the flare gun and destroying the first car. Pretty much anything that doesn't require a moving vehicle can be done this way.


  5. 9 hours ago, StiZ127 said:

    I understand your point..

    I actually follow some user instructions on my first run..and not really counting how many scrubs I received every time I or my brother log on.

    Anyway...seems your don't care what I'm says and stay focus on your own experience on the game.


    Like many others I'm currently trying to get all the trophies for the game and having two scrap crews it took me 6d 18h to get my scrap, only logging in once a day.

    That's a reason for me why your time is highly unlikely.


    I do care what you're saying, because if you found a way to make this waiting game much faster, I bet a ton of people would like to know.




  6. 2 hours ago, Dark_Overlord said:

    Scrap crews accumulate 6 scrap per hour per strongold up to 500 scrap max


    So even if you had all 4 strongholds


    That's 24 Scrap per hour


    500/24 = 20.83 Hours (To hit limit)


    You need 2000 for the challenge Dividend, so


    4 x 20.83 = 83.3 Hours offline time


    I hope my maths is right xD

    You need 2500 scrap in total from Scrap crews, the 500 for the first challenge aren't included in the second one, increasing the time by a few hours.


  7. 3 minutes ago, Fnee2000 said:

    Says the guy who got the trophy in the Borderlands 3 Krieg DLC before we were done with all of the side quests and crew challenges 1f601.png

    That's something completly different... as always when it's happening to me and not someone else 😉


    I think I know why that happend btw.

    I did the first two crew challenges and a side quest in singleplayer, and iirc it popped two challenges  and a quest early.



  8. The Borderlands franchise. Not fully grew out of it yet, but close to.

    I've never enjoyed The Pre-Sequel and the limited "farming" on BL3 release and the imo lackluster story didn't help my enjoyment of the game.

    That being said; I definitely grew out of most of the humour by now, no matter what game of the franchise.


    Recently played the Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2 again, remembering it as one of the best DLCs I've ever played, but the only thing I've enjoyed during the playthrough was barrel-trolling my coop partner.




  9. Tbh, I've installed the game at least 50 times, probably closer to 100, over the three months I've tried getting it.

    Since there's no save file deleting on vita and you always have to reinstall the whole game again :D 


    1 hour ago, luckydonut said:

    Good time to mention that the sequel is out on Tuesday? Probably not...

    You're supposed to give second chances, aren't you? ;)



  10. I’ve got it! 


    @luckydonut it’s unlocked when I found the word Crepes first in „Leave Room for Dessert“, and Crepe in „The Most Important Meal of the Day“ afterwards.

    The other way around didn’t work. 
    And I’ve only unlocked these two words, nothing else in the whole game. 

    Got the idea from @Xylobe
    But that could be a happy coincidence. 


    Or maybe the Vita felt sorry that I’ve tried til 5:30 in the morning. 


    I‘ve also reinstalled the game about 12 times tonight. 


  11. First of all: I'd like to apologize for being quite rude in my earlier post. Wasn't my intention! And I know it's not your fault :)

    So again, sorry for that!

    I still love (all but 1 :D) of your games!

    But the three lines of answer I've got back in the day... they did not felt like that much help.


    You'll be the first to know whenever I've found a solution, maybe it someday magically fixes itself like inFamous did, who knows.

    Here's a list of things I've already did:

    Re-installed the game

    Formatted the memory card

    Formatted the PS Vita

    Tried in flight mode

    Tried while logged out of my profile

    100% completed the game to maybe unlock it with any other word

    Installed, unlocked the word, waited a minute, deleted the game .-> did this circle for about an hour trying to force it to unlock.


    And I'd like too know what you've done @Dayyyoo13 since you've unlocked the trophy by now.