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  1. 12 minutes ago, Gretchen27 said:

    Stacks are tricky to base on, I was hoping it wouldn't come up. I'm going to say they are okay done legit. Auto-popping trophies really isn't fooling anyone, but I don't know all the games that allow for that. With the few stacks I have (like the Uncharted games) you started from scratch. So if Minecraft works like that, go for it. Games are meant to be unique for the year. So if you did the PS4 version last year & are just getting around to the PS3 this year, it's fine. 


    I don't autopop games in general, so that's fine. Just not my kind of thing.

    I don't mind using glitched or exploits for games at all, probably because they still require some effort, while auto unlocking is just starting something.


    Good that most of my stacks are done for specific milestones and rarely take longer than 6 months to do :D

    We'll talk about that again whenever it comes up practically and not theoretically?


  2. 8 minutes ago, Gretchen27 said:

    What doesn't count, but may for the normal event:
    Completing the story
    Completing just 1 DLC pack
    Repeating a game [Ex: No counting Killing Floor multiple times for streak completion. Or earning the platinum say in Borderlands one month, & trying to count it twice the next by finishing the DLC.]


    I'll make a few examples, just to be sure I've got it right 😅


    Letter Quest Remastered is okay, because it's a 100% game

    Skyrim platinum is okay, because platinum, duh. BUT Skyrim 100% a month later isn't because of the platinum already.

    Minecraft PS3 is fine, because it's "not the same" as Minecraft PS4 and therefore unique. Yes?

    Or more generally said, as long as it's a new trophy list, it's a unique game? Region stacks for example?


    Not that the region / version stacking really matters. I have enough to do without it :D


  3. 5 hours ago, Gretchen27 said:

    Got your inactive completions added in. It boosted you to a gold rank for 2020, nice!

    Thanks for fixing my spelling error and also adding all the other games I’ve played :D

    Going for a platinum this year. 


    Remind me again, the streak challenge is doing a game every single month?

    If so, count me in. 

    Already planned to do Minecraft PS3 with @Fnee2000 this weekend, or at least this month. Depending on availability. 



    Adding a small list of things I have planned for this year if you want to include in the the first post :)

    • Skyrim (PS3) - Get the glichy Daedra trophy and the platinum for that, also DLC stuff
    • Ark (PS4) - I'm just going to use the console commands for this, one of the games I've started on PC after buying the console version. Not as fun on console playing "legit" as on PC.
    • Dying Light 100% - all the DLC stuff with Fnee and the Parkour stuff that's better done solo
    • Witcher 3 complete edition - that's a big maybe, it's planned as platinum #600 let's see if I can reach that goal this year.
    • F1 2020 - mostly career mode things, but done fairly quick with 5 lap races.
    • Heavy Rain

  4. I check a new game I'm buying for trophies that are unavailable or bugged before I start or get to deep into the game.

    Borderlands 3 on the PS5 is currently unobtainable because the challenges aren't tracked proberly iirc, so I've stopped playing for now. I still want to get back and clean up someday

    Even after nearly 500 plats and a lot of quick, but mostly good indi games I still feel a small boost in happiness and confidence whenever a new platinum pops.


    So spending x hours in a game I'm limited by server shutdowns or bugs and not my own skill is something I try to avoid as good as possible.

    I'll never get the platinum in any FIFA or multiplayer shooter game on my profile, but I honestly don't care.

    I'm not really good in either, I'm happy if I even score a goal against my friends, and I still brag about the one time I've been the best on a battlefield server... in a match that went on for nearly 2 hours ... that I've finished with  56/55 K/D... just because everyone that's actually good in the game left or stopped playing :D



  5. On 19.1.2021 at 7:54 PM, PS_Bowser said:

    unfortunately, you should of deleted the save and replayed the entire game again after deleting the profile according to site rules just so trophies pop normally.

     I don't think that's true if there's a single trophy out of order, bugs and glitches happen.

    And I don't see a problem with the list other than Bed of Chaos being at the end.


  6. We have 13 in common


    01: Infamous First Light

    02: Infamous Second Son

    03: Driveclub

    04: Driveclub Bikes

    05: Rocket League

    06: Mad Max

    07: Mafia 3

    08: Horizon Zero Dawn

    09: God of War

    10: The Order 1886

    11: Witcher 3 GOTY

    12: Far Cry 4

    13: Saints Row 4




    34 minutes ago, Janire1911 said:

    I've just had a bug where I didn't get the wealth when I killed an npc, the marker stays on the map and using Odin's Sight reveals the wealth to be stuck underground. I've had this happen a few time earlier and then loading an earlier save allowed me to kill the npc again and collect the wealth but now realoading didn't help, the npc didn't respawn and the wealth is still underground. Fast traveling or restarting the game didn't resolve the problem either. I REALLY hope there's some way to fix this as I'm 130+ hours into the game.

    Try to change your gender and travel to your settlement to reload the map once.

    Worked for me when a Goliath glitched.


  8. I just noticed today that the trophy somehow glitched on me. I had it unlocked but the actual career milestone in game wasn't unlocked. don't know why.

    But I've managed to beat it now, final time is a 1:38,7. I was lucky once with the shortcut at the start of the final sector 

    The lap was far from perfect too, I'll share a video in the spoiler tag at the end if anyone :)


    Those are my tuning settings:






    Back to grinding miles now. YAAAAAAY


  9. 01. Black Flag 

    02. Brotherhood

    03. AC 2

    04 Freedom Cry

    05. Revelations

    06. Odyssey (Kassandra)

    07. Valhalla 

    08. AC1

    09. Liberation

    10. Syndicate

    11. Odyssey (Alexios)

    12. Origins

    13: AC3


    Haven't played the games not listed.


    It's a close call for me between Black Flag and Brotherhood, the top 3 are all in S-Tier for me.

    Freedom Cry and Revelations aren't as good as the top tier, but they're memorable for their own reasons.


    Played Odyssey as Kassandra and Alexios, imo you can tell by the animations and voice acting that you're meant to play with Kassandra, the game is so much better. The pilgrim set (iirc) is broken, but you can just decide to not use it. DLCs made Odyssey a lot better too.

    Valhalla is another step up for the RPG games of the series, only some plot points made the game worse than Odyssey, maybe the DLCs will fix that.


    I've started AC1 after I've played Brotherhood for the first time, if you start with AC1 it's probably a way better expierence than it was for me.


    And now the bottom 4 ...

    well... Syndicate and Liberations are average, nothing more, nothing less.

    Some unique elements, but nothing impressive.

    The story of Origins is a mess, they throw in deaths of "important" people after a few moments after meeting them and you're supposed to care. I didn't. I bought the game because I was interested in Layla after playing Odyssey before Origins. And tbh, after I was done with the game I WAS STILL MORE INTERESTED IN THE MODERN ARC THAN THE ACTUAL GAME.


    AC3 is the same for me as Resident Evil 6 for fans of the RE franchise.






  10. I might be the only one, but what I want is a modern time setting.

    I want all this modern arc to be finished and gone.

    Finish it, let the Assassins or Abstergo win. 


    And after that, stop releasing games with a modern part in it at all.

    By now most things that made the modern story at least a bit interesting are gone.

    There's no bleeding effect for the main character, you don't have to be an ancestor of the person anymore, just get some DNA and you can be whoever you want to be.






  11. 5 hours ago, gladiatorrrrrrr said:

    I did per-order a PS5, but my console got lost in space....yeah that is right! The local postage messed up and they cannot find my console anymore. So no PS5 for me at the launch 1f621.png. This is all I want to say about it....


    That was my biggest fear going into launch day. 

    I hope they can "find" it soon.


    It was my first release of any tech thing I've "joined" day one (or day 7 compared with NA)

    I've read all week about bugs with the system software, consoles getting "lost", packages being handled like shit (but that's the norm kinda)


    A friend of mine had to send his console back on day one aswell. Pre-ordered and picked it up as soon as the store opened, but the fan wasn't working like it's supposed to, his new console was as loud as my PS4.