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  1. Yesterday's national holiday progess :dance:


    Plat #480: Rainswept

    I like Point & Click / Puzzle games, I really do.

    But this game just wasn't for me, it's as basic as you can go with this kind of game.

    Easy puzzles, no inventory. you just get a new button to press when the character acquiered the item needed.

    Maybe I'll finish the story someday (probably not), sadly it's just a platinum grab at this point in time.


    Plat #481 AC Valhalla

    Made the joke yesterday, doing it again: viKING Legend!

    The overall game was pretty solid and I'm happy that I've got this instead of Cyberpunk 2077. The game is another step up for the RPG AC series.

    I don't like the modern story arc at all, and I hope that they maybe finish it with the DLC's. I don't think I can go another game with this... it doesn't work.

    Also - bugs... so many bugs.

    - 2 trophies glitched out, thankfully solved with a console restart.

    - AI bugged out at least 4 times, stopped attacking just standing there. (Once during a boss fight)

    - graphical issues



    Plat #482 Maneater

    I've wanted to get this game for a while now, thanks to PS+ I've got it for free.

    And that's probably what saved this game for me. Paying 40 bucks for this? It's too short for that. It feels more like a Life is Strange episode than a full game.

    But apart from that it's a solid game, I died a few times in the early stages, but once you've grown into the adult stage and unlock the first active skils there's nothing that's too difficult anymore.

    Finished the story with the Shadow set and the Infame grind with the Bone set.