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  1. Is there a way to turn off the monster animations in YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist?

    It was cool the first 10 times, but seeing Exodia obliberate for the 1000000th times is just a waste of time.


    And I'm simply not smart enough to get behind all that Link, Pendulum, XYZ summoning stuff.

    When I played the card game daily it was special to SPECIAL summon a monster, not special to NORMAL summon a monster.


    Throwing away your boss monster and special summon it from the graveyard was the combo then.

    Feels like you can just summon your whole extra deck in todays YuGiOh.

    1. Copanele


      I don't think you can...at least the version that I played (without the platinum and VRAINS campaign) you had to sit through all DARK MAGICIAN DARK MAGIC ATTACK animation every time X_X .


      And YES, I couldn't wrap my head around Link, Pendulum and XYZ either xD I gave up, did those summons for a trophy then Exodia deck draw in one turn mode unlimited!

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