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  1. Going back to Trackmania Turbo after 4 years.

    IF I can get all the golds, it'll be by far my rarest platinum.


    Stopped playing at 100 gold and 9 trackmaster medals yesterday. 

    Some of the green tracks took quite a few tries and multilaps are going to be the bane of my existence in this game.

    I can get one good run every other attempt, but chaining 3 solid laps is, for whatever reason, quite the challenge for me.

    I'm expecting the black tracks to be a lot harder than the red ones, although it only took a handful of tries to get a gold on the first red track.

    Track #66 though... the one with the palm tree over the road before jumping over a tunnel ... F**k! That! Tree!


    Everyone who finished the game, what camera did you use?

    I tend to do tracks that are more open and not filled with twists and stunts with the cam behind the car.

    And tracks with loops, tunnels, twisty checkpoints I often change to the view in front.

    I avoid switching during runs, because that throws me off a lot.

    I know it's personal prefererance in the end, but I'd like to have some opinions :) 


    And another question:

    Should I keep going after I get a gold until I've unlocked the 50 Trackmaster trophies, or should I leave them until last.

    Checked the list of @SlimSanta94 (only one on my friendlist who has all tracks completed, at least if the in game record and ghosts are correct.) He has them way before the golds, but I also got a trackmaster by accident when having a lucky run.

    Could mean less grinding time in the end. I don't know...

    1. SlimSanta94


      I personally left the trackmaster medals until I got to around track 175, then went back and just got trackmaster on most of the white series tracks. I found going back to them after reaching that point made it so I could get a lot of them in 1-3 attempts.

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