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  1. I agree that the rules for using DLCs and the same game twice are perfectly fine. And my Borderlands case was more by chance than planned. It just happened that the second season pass was in the sale and I found a Coop Partner for PS5. But I think, that if a game has two different trophy lists and nothing on the second list is auto unlocked it should be perfectly fine. The game is the same and you’re a bit quicker than you are the first time, but AC Valhalla would still take ~70-80h with all the things you have to do. If you just auto unlock everything after waiting six months it shouldn’t be allowed. That’s boring
  2. Yes I. meant the yearly streak. I misunderstood repeats then. i thought it meant using a platinum for month A and 100% of the same game for month B. In this case it would be two different console version, with separate trophy lists. But I can see why you count it as repeat
  3. @Gretchen27 quick question: I'm planning to make my game for this month the borderlands 3 version for PS5. (Already gotten the platinum, working on DLCs now). Do you mind changing the August game to Sekiro? It's the game I've "worked" hardest for last month. No worries if not though, it might look a bit weird if there's Borderlands 3 twice, but afaik console stacks are within the rules of the yearly challenge
  4. [Need for Speed] 


    I don't know if that's known yet or not, but I haven't found anything on Google.

    There's a bug that let's you boost unlimited in the Need for Speed 2016 game that can make the prestige mode much easier.



    As you can see, I can boost the whole straight, gaining around 12kph for the whole time.

    I think it has something to do with playing on PS5. There's a message at the start of the game that you might run into some issues.


    Sadly I don't know how to reproduce this, all I can say that it happend yesterday and today.

    After a few tries your time will bug out, first showing some absurdly high number and then simply showing nothing.

    As soon as the timer is gone, I can boost as much as I want.

    You can only tell how fast you've been going at the end of each run, but I've gained 12 seconds on this track thanks to the bug.


    If I can find a way to make this happen at will and not random I'll let you know and make a post in the game thread.

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      I still suck at corners though :D

  5. Thanks to @roxas1233 I've got a game I haven't even mentioned so far as game of the month. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or more like ... SekiJay: Dies a Lot. Being a fan of Bloodborne and an even bigger fan of the souls series is probably the thing that is holding back a lot of people in the early game, and made me quit the first time around. Without getting behind the block and deflect mechanic there's probably no way around Lady Butterfly or Genichiro. And that's exactly where I've stopped. But once you get into it, the game is a lot of fun. I'd still prefer Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne over it, but all three games are close at the top imo. Most of the areas in Sekiro are fantastic, the folding monkeys is the first puzzle boss fight I've enjoyed in FromSoft games. It can get bit repetive though. A lot of boss arenas are reused, so prepare to see a lot of the same if either of the bosses their gives you trouble. Another thing I really don't enjoy are the mini-bosses in the level... they hit like a truck and most of the time if you die you have to first clear out the whole area again so you can face the mini-boss again. It can become annoying really quick and I've abused the sneaky deathblow for a quick first bar for every other fight in the end. But let's get to the main part of the games, the thing that I enjoy the most. Boss fights! Most of them are above average in my opinion. Challenging but not unfair (all but one that is, more later). Fun fact: I've beaten Owl (Father), Isshin Ashina, Isshin, the Sword Saint and Lady Butterfly on my first try in the morning after many deaths the day before. I'll start with my two most liked boss fights. Obviously - spoilers ahead Oh and I've also finished yugioh in 6 months and a day, but who cares about that now
  6. Game two for the month done. Completed all of the Witcher 3 DLCs. Time and everything will be in the form once I've completed Yu-Gi-Oh, but that has to wait at least four days. I'm starting Sekiro again in the meantime. I don't know if I just forgot how often the game crashes, or if the NA version is just unstable af. Or maybe it's the PS5. I had sooooooooo many crashes going for this. At least double digits. Can't remember it being so bad, but anyways. Let me take you on my Witcher 3 journey: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the first 18+ game I (legaly) bought myself. On my 18th birthday. I've never read the books or played another Witcher game before that (still haven't played Witcher 1 and 2) but it was so easy getting emerged in the world, catching up with earlier happening. All you need is in the game, you'll just have to read it (and as a Dark Souls fan, reading Lore wasn't anything new). I've finished the story, got the best? ending and went on. [TIME SKIP] We're now 3 1/2 years later. I've started trophy hunting. So I've went back to mostly singleplayer games. Googled myself a guide how to get through Death March! with a good build, ditched the guide because the build was crap and finished the game on the highest difficulty. Good the worst ending and it made me sad. But I've moved on to trophy cleanup, got myself the DLCs and got my first stack. [TIME SKIP] Half a year later. November 2019. Milestone is coming up. I've decided early that, if possible, milestones should be stacks of games I've enjoyed a lot. So we're back into Witcher 3, the european GOTY. First of all, I had to redeem myself - so this time, I've good the last ending I was missing. It's a rather good one, but not the one I prefer. Game went by pretty quick. I had a general idea of what I was doing, probably not a good build, but a build that easily carried me through Death March! and some good notes to be sure to get all missables in the game. [TIME SKIP] Late 2020 - I've picked up the Witcher 3 Complete Edition, or north-american GOTY in a sale on my alt account. Been a while since I've last played so the start was rather tricky. I've finished most of Act 1 and then stopped. I can't remember why, but knowing me it was probably stress/depression related. 9 months later and I've returned to the game. I've made it platinum #600. I've finished all of the DLCs a few weeks later. Sometimes I used some adult words because I lost progress when the game crashed, but overall it's a good game. I'm really looking forward to Cyberpunk 3. From what I've seen and heard, Witcher 1 and 2 aren't as good as 3.
  7. I think I will do three games this month for the streak - I feel kinda like I'm cheating it a bit if I only use the Witcher 3 DLCs. I've already completed Borderlands 3's final DLCs with @Fnee2000 this month (which put me at the 50% mark for the backlog games I want to clear off this year), but they can't count fully either. And now that it took me nearly 6 months of on and off playing Yu-Gi-Oh and obliterating everyone with Exodia I've noticed I'm only 2 weeks away for 6 months. I'm holding off with the last 6 duels until the mark is reached 😅 But all three together makes me feel comfortable with what I've achieved this month and submitted to the challenge.
  8. I like that idea, but it should go both ways. Like many other's I've been ghosted many times when trying to get some stuff done using a session. But I've also been lucky enough to be in some great boosting sessions, and I'd like to reward those people with a positive flag. Personally I don't know why it's so hard for some people to leave a quick message if they're running late or can't make a session, but life happends.
  9. I tend to finish my platinum grabs when I start them Only the odd one here and there that I can't finish and forget about for few years.
  10. I think my current streak is going from re-joining (January 2021) after inactivity until now. But there was a time I mentally couldn't play games I've started when my fiancé was still with me. And that doesn't go well with a "timed" challenge. At least not without a good distraction, which isn't really the point of gaming, isn't it? But that yearly streak thing is surprisingly motivating - I don't know why, but I'll take it.
  11. @Gretchen27 what's the small number in the OP for? In the spoiler tag for every participant? The number of games cleared for that year? Another question @everyone Who's still running for the yearly streak? I know we lost at least two by now.
  12. It was platinum #24. The game of the year edition was platinum #200 Presenting as platinum #600: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition. I've got the whole set now. (100% coming soon) The Witcher 3 [9 months] P:7.50% Can you tell that I really like that game? If the PS5 version comes with trophies, I can already tell what's the next upcoming milestone will be. I don't know why they've made seperate lists for the GOTY and the Complete Edition. It's the same game. But other publishers made a good profit with regional stacks, didn't they? DLC cleanup is starting next week. Maybe next month. With the Blood & Wine DLC being another 30h of playtime, I think that count's for a monthly game. Hearts of Stone will also add another 10h. Spoilers ahead, but the game is six years old, so shame on you for missing out on a great open world game I think it's sad, that you can't get a 100% good ending in the game. I'd like for Ciri to become a Witcher AND kill the last Crone to get Vesemir's medalion back for Ciri. But you can only get it back when Ciri dies to the White Frost. Which is an awfully sad ending, been there - done that. I've tried the "speedrunning" route for the first platinum after playing the game casually. It's a lot faster to deny every of Ciri's requests. But totally not worth it.
  13. Monthly streak #7: F1 2020 [11 months, 3 weeks] P: 12.95% Completed the game on July 1st with another trophy popping earlier than it should be. At least according to the stats in game. Seems to happen to me quite a lot recently and I don't really know why. Thanks to @gazofonias69 for doing the remaining online races with me. Online is just cancer if you don't have a high safety rating. The new game is released on the 13th (if you pre-ordered the deluxe edition like I did) and the throphy list is already released. Pretty much the same list, they only increased the online trophy to 100 instead of 50 and excluded the new coop careeer mode. Which sucks, because I already have two friends I wanna play seperate careers with, which would have been 44 races... guess it's going to be another 3 laps races grind fest then. But a few words to the current game aswell. Online with randoms - sucks Online with friends - sucks because of technical issues with the Safety Car and other essential things to F1 racing MyTeam - is pretty fun but the progress is too quick. You can nearly max out a full department in a season. I was third (with AI on 100 / 110 difficulty) in the standings after Season 1. Mostly because the AI never goes for one stops, even though you can drive the tyres much longer than shown in the game. Also you don't randomly blow up. As long as you switch out your engine before the durabilty reaches 0% you won't DNF randomly. Which sucks. But the new game looks promising with new damage models and a lot of other new stuff. I'm also working on Witcher 3 again! Just ten games left before popping this beautiful platinum again for #600
  14. Well... Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was a quick one, so I upgrade my Fallout platinum to a Fallout 100%.
  15. Another game down! It's just a platinum so far, and I'm going to take a break from it tomorrow onwards, but: Fallout 4 (P: 12,03%) completed in [5 years, 6 months] First of all, can I say how disappointed and triggered I am that the trophy is called Platinum trophy? War Never Changes! It will forever be called War Never Changes in my heart! My first and probably last Fallout game. It's not bad, but to be completly honest. It isn't good either. I like watching Fallout New Vegas / 4 Lets Plays while playing though. I had 8 crashes in 3 days cleaning up the platinum things, that's more crashes than I had for all my other games this year combined. The endings aren't really different, so I'm glad I've kept my Institute ending as the one I continued into the DLCs with. It's by far the best ending. The BoS ending should be called the BS ending, it's boring, stupid and a total waste of time. But to end on a positive note: The opening cutscene and the ending cutscene are really good. I like the narration a lot!
  16. Hehe - it's a thing that keeps me sane during boring grinds. I really enjoy getting collectibles, but grinding exp or things like that ... disgusting. Whenever I'm grinding I start and create my personal trophy guides. Did one for the Witcher for example when I did my second stack of the game. Can't remember what I was grinding then. For games that include crafting I like to have a raw list of materials for the things that I need. Helps a lot while selling all the other stuff. The amount of times I had to buy something back for much more than I got from selling For Witcher I've also included the cut off points for nearly every quest according to the wiki, every level makes Death March so much easier. And whenever I've got one ready for a game I've liked the first stack a lot, it's getting the next free milestone spot.
  17. It's actually the first year I've set myself some goals for trophy hunting. One of those goals is to get my amount of unearned trophies down to 3250, but seeing that I've started the year with ~3800 and where I'm at now ... I should rather try to stay closer to 3800, or at least don't end the year with a 4xxx. My aim for this challenge is two games a month, if there's nothing new that I'd rather play. Last month it were WRC9 and Wreckfest that took most of my time. While there's a bunch of cool stuff on my 30 games long to-do list, I've played a lot of racing games last month. I always start a month with a game for this challenge though. Making sure to keep the streak alive. This months second game depends highly on the new Ratchet game. With most of the other games I was hyped for this year delayed, I really need this platinum! Next months game is F1 2020, that's already set in stone. F1 2021 is released mid july, want to get rid of the old game before that. I try to keep a few backlog games installed and up to date, just in case I want to play something different for a while ... or have to because I get annoyed by a game, but I keep switching to a minimum if I can manage it. We all know the pain switching from different controller layouts, don't we? The only trophies/games that are more or less fixed are x00 and x50 milestones. Platinum #600 is going to be my third Witcher 3 stack (love that game) and #650 is currently planned to be the PS5 Control stack (that can change though, it's still 70 other games until I get there.)
  18. Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, remember when I told you about my setbacks earlier? Well see what I've got as medicine now! I'm so fucking happy right now. I can't even put it in words. Blasting Livin' on a prayer through my flat, because with Demon's Souls 100% I'm also halfway there with the yearly challenge. I'll write something about my experience with the game when I calmed down a bit. My hands are still shaking a bit from a 20 minutes Maneater fight. Thank god that the Old Monk and Maiden Astrea are easy bosses. Okay it's better now: Ive never played the game on PS3 and got it as first game for my PS5. Overall it took me around 25h to start a new character and get everything the platinum needs. Plus another 20h for my first playthrough at release. Not the longest game and pretty pricy since it's 80 bucks. But totally worth it. The Souls games hit different, don't they? The boss design, the levels, the music... to quote the very best leading game director ever 🌚 It just works! Upper Latria is by far my least favorite area in the game, even worse than the typical swamp every Souls game has. Gravity won many many times. Best enemies in the game? Fat Official! Rubbing their fat bellies just before they yeet a fireball at you. Amazing! Hardest Boss? It's close, but I would go with the Penetrator honestly. False King Allant takes second place. Got lucky with my Old Monk fights and either no invasion happend or the phantom wasn't the best pvp player. Worst Boss? Dragon God or Storm King! By far! Gimmick boss fights are nice and all, but I personally prefer to learn how to dodge attacks and learn patterns. Favorite Boss? Old Hero. Really enjoyed the fight. Always attacked him, not waited for his blindness to kick in again. Fun and rewarding fight. Demon's Souls (PS5) P: 29,26% [6 months, 1 week]
  19. AC2: Was played on my first PS3 when I was young. That broke down eventually. I've got a new one but I need to play every game from the beginning again because I don't have backups. Wolfenstein: The game was just okay, not really special. It's also heavily censored and cut here in Germany. That's a game from before they've changed the rules about portraiing Nazi Germany. And earlier censoring was pretty hard. In Stick of Truth they've changed "Sieg Heil" to "Hallo Freund" (Hello Friend). It's not as bad in Wolfenstein but still... it's not the same. SteinsGate and Gorogoa: I don't know why, but both games confuse me even with a guide, so everytime I start them I get like 10% progress and stop again because I messed something up. But Demon's Souls should be easily done in a month too. It's not that hard and pretty short.
  20. My guess would be that it's just a simple Screenshot from your normal profile page. Without the Rating and completion % Looks like I'm only going to finish one game this month. Depression setbacks are kicking in hard, no real help either that my usual therapist went on vacation for two weeks and the replacement guy, I don't trust him enough to really wanna talk about myself. Not even a game prepared for next month yet. It's F1 2020 or Demon's Souls though, I'm pretty sure about that. Maybe both. Been mostly playing newer games, not wanting to go back to the past really.
  21. Five down, seven to go. Like last month I've completed my game for the month on the first day. Burnout Paradise Remastered [3 years] AR: 5.64% I'll fill out the form as soon as there's one for May Before I write a short summary about the game can I just take a moment to say how AMAZING the soundtrack is? Every time you launch the game you get Paradise City as menu song. You get Killswitch Engage, Route 66 by Depeche Mode. Only thing I've disabled are the classical songs. Oh and of course: HEY! HEY! YOU! YOU! I don't like your girlfriend! NO WAY! NO WAY! I think you need a new one! But now about the game: There's two trophies that need at least 8 players. Both of them aren't hard, just annoying. The other multiplayer trophies can easily be done while waiting for all 8 people, or just with one friend. Sadly the races aren't hard at all. The other cars scale to your car, at least I think so, everytime I got back to a slower car the NPCs went back too. But if you can point a car remotely in the right direction there shouldn't be a problem completing all the races. You only need to complete 50% of the game for the platinum. Otherwise the rarity would be much lower I guess. As I said, it's not hard, but gets repetitive really fast. There's only 5 types of events. Normal races, Stunt runs Road Rage Marked Man Time Trials. There is one challenge in all of them. Finding the way. There's no GPS in events and freeplay. You can't mark a destination either. The only way to tell where to go in events is to check your cars indicators when reaching a crossroad. According to my PS5 it took 35h to get the platinum. Plat difficulty: 3 / 10 Enjoyment: 7 / 10 Soundtrack 11 / 10
  22. IMO, LEGO games are exactly like the LEGO sets to build. They're getting worse every year with one hidden gem sometimes. All of the LEGO [Insert Hero Franchise] games are dull, repetitive and grindy. Star Wars The Complete Saga is still the best game I've played. No voiced characters, no open world grind collectibles.
  23. Since gaming sessions for this game either get ignored or abandoned I'll try it here If anyone is interested in doing all the multiplayer bs in Dead Rising 4, send me a friend request.
  24. I've replayed Spider-Man: Miles Morales yesterday and that ending made me emotional again.

    It's a short game, maybe a little bit too short, and the second half is more or less the same mission with different voice lines.


    But just thinking about what could have been if you listen to each other...


    It's in my top 5 for sad endings.