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  1. More by accident, but I`ve completed Among Us in 6 months and 2 days. Boosted the last kills after getting the tasks trophy out off the way today. We rarely play and I swear to god, I never get imposter!
  2. What helped me a lot was just getting a lap in and then off setting the ghost by the time that was missing. Catching my ghost in any of the trials gave me a confidence boost for the remaining lap. I changed that strategy just a bit in S-10: I started with a slow lap just to have a ghost and then took a few tries to get confident with the car and the dry line. Once I got close to the target time I changed back to my normal ghost strategy, but making the gap a bit bigger than it actually was to have a better visual to where the dry line actually is or where I messed it up.
  3. Snowrunner is completed! One of the best games to just chill with friends and talk about whatever imo. Once you get past the beginning stages where you don't have the tires and trucks to get through the deeper mud parts of the maps the game becomes relatively easy. Although the start and some days can be a bit frustrating if you get stuck or flip your truck. The game recently got a PS5 version, so this one will be stacked someday. Not quite sure what's next on my agenda. Maybe the Bugsnax DLC, but I'd have to play again, deleted my save files... stupid mistake.
  4. Helloooow ladies, gentlemen and everybody else Been a while but I've got two completions Before I write a bit about them, if anyone is interested in getting The Division 1 done with me, please let me know. Not in a hurry to get them, just trying to clean out my unfinished stuff I still own on disc. F1 2021 It's the usual tbh. I play the game daily, having a lot of fun and then stop for whatever reason, Once the new game has a released date, I rush everything that's still missing. Still have the whole PS4 version to do, I paid for that, I'm getting that platinum! Maybe this year I should do the trophies first and then play casually, so I don't have to worry about anything Far Cry 6 Haven't enjoyed that one. It's getting boring. Or maybe the story wasn't for me. Castillo was the worst antagonist so far, he was boring and stupid ... I know they have to be stupid, that how games work, why kill the other guy when you can make it dramatic... but please don't make them boring. Since I don't really watch movies or series, I don't know the actor who played Castillo, friend of mine said it was a big deal and he liked him playing the role, can't see why do. The special operations on Mastery 3 just suck, at least the two spammed with flamethrowers. At least the DLC somewhwat saved it for me. All three of them where surprisingly enjoyable. The Joseph Seed DLC made me want to play FC5 again. Next on the list: Snowrunner.
  5. Been a while since I haven't seen my name in the monthly summary. And it's going to be another month too, next game I really see me completing and being "old" enough is Far Cry 6 (but that's turning 6 months old in april). Not inactive though, I'll come back. Stronger than before. Just a bit busy with Elden Ring, Gran Turismo and whatever my impulsive hands are buying in the store.
  6. From your list (and games I've played aswell) I´ve enjoyed the most. Cat Quest and Murdered Soul Suspect aren't too long or hard either, just a few tricky collectibles in the second one. I think Bugsnax is an underrated game. I had a lot of fun playing it. Sure, it's not up there with the best games, but a solid 7/10 for enjoyment imo. Sekiro is always worth playing, took me a while to get into the deflecting coming from Dark Souls, but once you get it, the game is a lot of fun. And it's beautiful from start to finish, amazing landscapes. (Same for Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, but I'm a FromSoftware fanboy) Can't comment on the other unfished games, haven't played most of them or didn't like them
  7. Ladies, gentlemen and everybody else - I've completed Anthem! First of all - the good things: Flying around in your javelin is quite cool Guns are okay, they sound nice. Now the things that ruined my experience with the game: To start the game I had to open like a billion ports, because otherwise it would just boot me from the server every other minute I had to play the whole story twice, because two objectives in the Sentinel and Freelancer challenges didn't unlock. Wanna take a guess which? Correct, both MANDATORY quests you need to progress the story. All javelins feel pretty much the same, as long as your not playing on anything higher than hard there's no reason at all to ever switch. The hub world is boring af, you're on your own, there's no interaction with anyone other than NPCs Having to find gear / weapons before you can even craft the most basic gear without any additional effects is time consuming and pretty much useless. All it does is annoy the player. Waiting for a collectible to spawn. Why would you ever think that making collectibles RNG related would be good? AND WHY DO YOU ADD 300 OF THEM? Anthem has one of the worst wikis for looking up quests, there's like no information when a quests unlocks, all it says it that the previous side quest must be completed, duh. But no mention of required main story progress - and the guide here also isn't the best imo (but most of the guides on PSNP aren't useful if you're looking for a specific trophy honestly) The story is so bad, it's good again. It's like an accident, you know it's wrong to look, but you can't look away. Overall the game just doesn't make want to ever buy or even play a BioWare game again, I know they've made Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I've never played them and I honestly don't want to try them after that hot pile of garbage I was playing. Possibly the worst first experience I had with a game studio so far. And I'm pretty much buying all Ratalaika games the day they are released - I've seen some questionable indie games Well anyways, that's 4 / 12 done for the year, and 9 / 50 counting games I can't add to the challenge. SteinsGate:0 might be next. I really want to play Final Fantasy 12 but I know that I can't finish it in three weeks, so before it comes out of the backlog pile just to go back in - it just sinks deeper into the void. If you want you can check out my backlog list if you're interested in what I want to try and finish this year. I also need inspiration for the six open spots, so feel free to leave a comment in the empty spaces (or about any other game if you have some usefuls hints) EDIT: Well, that's SteinsGate of the list. Skipped through it, story didn't really connect with me. Can't like them all I guess.
  8. Agreed, but as long as I still need two pieces of Intercepter gear and god knows how much Ranger gear I'm missing I'm happy with getting whatever I can grab on my way through missions, at least I've hit level 30 yesterday so I can use my embers and coins and try my luck in the tomb. Most of the time when thinking about why a decision was made in a meeting during developement I can kinda come up with a reasonable idea why someone would think idea XY would be a nice touch and could play out well in the finished product. But then there's RNG collectibles and I can't wrap my head around it, You know the meme with the guy getting thrown out of a window for suggestion something? Those collectibles would be an idea of the other two persons in that meme, while a better idea was thrown out.
  9. A bit of both honestly. I'm still missing gear and I can't find it. I also can't find a way to buy or craft what I'm missing, so it's just luck? Collectibles are the worst kind I've seen in a video game so far. If the internet is right, and it always is , other people in a random lobby can steal them from you. If they even spawn in the first place that is.
  10. Completed the RNG portion of Rune Lord. It's a common plat, so it looks kinda bad after the UR of King Hayes (but there's a cheat to complete all levels in this game, which I used for frustrating ones tbh.) Not much too say about it, the x15 combo is RNG and nothing else, bit annoying. Anyways, one step closer to maxing out my level on PSN, until they increase the cap again as soon as I get close. Probably one of the last games submitted for a while as well if I don't find anything to play before the release avalanche that's coming soon. Horizon, Elden Ring, GT7, Salt & Sacrifice, Tiny Tinas Wonderland, Dying Light 2 once I'm done with Elden Ring, AC Valhalla DLC I'd say something like, who has time to play all of this, but I had 2789 hours of ingame time last year. And also: Fuck Anthem! If I ever finish it, prepare for a rant!
  11. Everything looks good. If anyone has questions about the answers sheet, I can answer them too btw Gretchen shared it with me a while ago.
  12. I don't know if my information on this one is up to date, so take it with a grain of salt. I think the plat for this isn't obtainable anymore, unless you already unlocked the Community Ambessador trophy.
  13. First game done - 11 to go for the platinum symbol. Completed in a shockingly quick time of just 5 years and 7 months - I have completed Salt & Sanctuary. Well, from start to finish it took me 8 hours with an hour of farming for items included. I had help with the jumping puzzles from a friend. It's only local co-op but with share play (or playing with yourself) the second player acts like a checkpoint. Press pause when you're falling somewhere and when you press pause again, magic, you're teleported to the other person. Saved me a few deaths from falling. I might not play the most difficult games out there, and as I said before, physically can't play without hurting my hands thanks to my disability, but it's quite rewarding completing a game you struggled with all these years ago. First of all it shows that i'm getting better overall in my hobby, but most importantly it shows that I keep a steady / improving level for my condition.
  14. It’s easy for the first half of the year to keep a streak going, but after that the games you actually wanna play and get reasonably done in a month get pretty low, at least that was my problem. I also didn’t want to use an game that only takes an hour or two, wanted to put some effort into it. Which I think I did, completing 4 FromSoftware games
  15. Seems to be a bit of trend going on here since that was pretty much the reason I’ve decided to not do it another year. Not intentionally at least. I still enjoy participating in this, and I want to clean up as much as possible, but I won’t stop myself doing games I’m in the mood for anymore, because I need a game for next month.
  16. Not really, it's just boring not hard. If you don't mind a day or two of doing the same thing over and over again you can go for it. It's also currently sitting below 1% for 100% completion if you're into that
  17. I did manage to get the 100% for Godfall yesterday and if not for GRID, this game would have been the most boring 100% EVER. The only really enjoyable endgame content Godfall has is the tower of trials. Dreamstones I rushed for the upgrade materials and lightbringer... Let me tell you about lightbringer you take damage whenever you're not close to a beacon - hurray after completing the objective by closing a dark tear you have to escort someone back to the start of the level - yeah for the best reward you have to close a tear and escort back another two times - fun intensifies to end the mission you have to win a gauntlet of three rounds, two of which are normal enemies, but in the last round bosses spawn depending on how many tears you've closed, so for maximum reward that's three bosses against you - woopwoop Whoever thought that taking some of the most annoying stuff in gaming and put it into one mission was a fun idea ... NO IT WASN'T We've played this in coop and no joke, one of my friends fell asleep while escorting. I'm glad this is over.
  18. END OF YEAR SUMMARY (skip if you do'nt care, hehe) Hellow everybody, since I don't think I will complete any game this month that is viable for this (currently playing Skyrim, Iron Harvest and Dark Souls 3 again (just for fun) I thought that I'll do a summary. Maybe I'll complete Godfall, I'll just edit the numbers if so. First of all, big thanks to @Gretchen27 for hosting all of this and keeping the OP up to date as good as possible. Can't really imagine how time consuming it is to get all the spoilers, pictures and everything. And it probably gets worse over time. So as I said, thanks for keeping us organized if you ever need a hand let me know Second shoutout goes to @roxas1233 the reason I've got my Bloodborne and Sekiro plats this year. Thanks for getting me motivated to get those two games completed alongside you. Bloodborne I might have done, but Sekiro - never ever. And final shoutout, surprise surprise, @Fnee2000 for helping me with as many coop / multiplayer related trophys as he can. Online trophies suck much less if you know you already know you have someone to do them with before starting a game. We've come a long way from our first Borderlands 3 run together . But let's get to the games: Completed games / DLC: 33 (34 on my personal to-do, but one wasn't "old" enough) Longest completion time: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [6 years, 9 months] Shortest completion time: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legace of the Duelist: Link Evolution [6 months, 1 day] and Zombie Army 4: Dead War [6 months, 1 day] Most proud of: Sid Meisers Civiliazation VI [1 year, 4 months] to this day I'm still the first achiever for 100%, not only on PSNP, if I'm not mistaken, worldwide. At least the rarity jumped to 0.1% when my final trophy unlocked. Least proud of: GRID [10 months, 1 week] I've rubberbanded over 150h for this trophy. I don't like autopop and afk trophies, and this one took the cake. After getting everything done the game had to offer, all season pass content, all base game content, I was still over 85% away from Around the Globe. That's just a major misjudgement of content to trophy ratio. Enjoyed the most: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice [2 years, 4months] had to think about this one for a while, but Sekiro takes the cake over F1 2020. Once I got into the game and got the timing for deflections right the game was a lot of fun. The grind for experience points in the end wasn't to bad either, a few hours maybe, but with a good playlist / movie, that's not to bad. F1 2020 lost out because of it's online part and the enjoyment killer that are salty drivers who take you out. Enjoyed the least: Letter Quest Remastered [4 years, 2 months] this one takes the cake over GRID and Yu-Gi-Oh for the sole reason that both games only have a boring grind, while the main content is quite fun. Letter Quest was just boring and with English not being my native language, I had to look up many many words to deal enough damage in the levels. Hardest game: Demon's Souls [6 months, 1 week] never played the original version, I've discovered the Sekisoulsborne series when DS2 was released. The amount of things you can mess up with tendencies is crazy. Checked the guide a lot. Also NG+ with even less health because the character is pure black isn't fun either. Many missable boss related trophies aswell. Easiest game: Eekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard [1 year, 2 months] nothing hard in this game, don't know why I stopped for over a year. Overall I'm quite happy with 2021 gaming wise. As mentioned above, I've managed to finish 34 games out of 50. Didn't quite reach my completion % goal of 90% and I totally missed the mark with unearned trophies, that pretty much stayed as it was (not counting Skyrim and Iron Harvest into that since I've recently started them) The games that I'll carry over into 2022 are: PS3: DS2 and AC2 PS4: AC Valhalla (milestone stack, don't know which one yet), Anthem, Ark, Dungeons 2, Dying Light (DLCs), FF12, GreedFall, Gris, Heavy Rain, Lego Movie 2, Minecraft Dungeons (DLCs), Rune Lord, Steins Gate:0, Trackmania Turbo, I'll think about which 34 other games are going to fill the empty slots now. Elden Ring, Forbidden West and GT7 are set if they don't get delayed (again), but there are still 146 uncompleted games on my profile, more than enough to create a enjoyable To-Do list imo. To end this wall of text I'd like to thank each and every one who's participating and sharing. I've said it before, it's nice to read about games from other perspectives, get some recommendations for games you've never heard about, get some tips & tricks for others. My friends slowly start to enjoy getting platinums themselves, but it's still something different in a forum full of like-minded people. Keep the backlog small but more importantly stay health everyone. Jay(DeLosDioses)
  19. Final game for the year done. Finished Two Parsecs From Earth today. This game is hard for me for all the wrong reasons... I mean it's a common platinum and a Ratalaika game (which I honestly enjoy quite a lot and I really like that the company gives smaller/indie devs a chance to get their game to other platforms than Steam), but, and that's a capital BUT. I can't play games with different jumps depending on your inputs. I can't tap a button quickly with my disabilty, it's impossible - and this game has a different jump depending how long you hold the X button, and of course quick taps are needed. But that is what trophy hunting is about isn't it? Overcoming a challenge. IIRC that should be a game for every month of the year completed, but I don't think I will do the yearly streak again next year. Not because I hadn't had a lot of fun while doing it, but because I've stopped some games because of it. Last month for example, when I had my DLC mood I had a few more DLCs I could've done, but then I thought: "do them next month, don't "waste" your completions". Of course, that's totally wrong and no completion is wasted on my way to 90% and beyond, I still stopped doing DLC and now I'm not in the mood anymore. I will still try to get a platinum symbol in the OP for every year, but I'm not getting myself distracted anymore, doesn't matter if a month as all the games needed for that or multiple.
  20. Do nemesis missions with your legendary captains. They gain 5 - 8 levels every time, and a legendary captain destroys most of the normal captains in a minute or two. You also get around 10k experience for each, if you have the two slots filled with high level white gems.
  21. I'll install it as needed then - it takes too much space away.
  22. I've deleted the game a few days ago (after getting the mastery challenges with your guide ) Must have missed the new DLC on the front page. When you think you're finally done with this...
  23. DLC month continues This time it's Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I've never played the Bright Lord DLC, and I've struggled with the Hunt of the Mistress trophy before leaving the game again. BUT, I've honestly feel like I've never played a game better than the Test of the Wild this time. Everything just worked... in the end I had 9 minutes spare. In the second try that is, my first try failed with a time of 40:25 (the time limit is 40:00). I didn't use the backup strat mentioned in the guide, but I did quit out to reset the Graug baits quite a lot. With less than 2 minutes time for every captain and Warchief, killing them with combat finishers isn't really an option. Thankfully most of the Warchiefs have bodyguards, that's an important time saver. If you can't kill most of them during Riots the challenge is impossible I believe. Valhalla is still worth playing, it's a good RPG. And maybe I just had bad luck with how many people in the challenges killed themselves. You'll need patience for the mastery stuff, that's for sure. Not quite sure if I will do another game this month, or if I'm already checking out for November. Time will tell I guess.
  24. Completion numero dos for this month. Assassins Creed Valhalla is back at 100%. I think it's kinda funny, that they call the DLC "Mastery mode" and it's probably the most buggy thing I can remember Ubisoft releasing. Also, a lot of the challenges aren't "How good can you use our pre-made build in situation XY", instead they are "How many enemies can burn themselves" Then I had to reset a few of my skills, because if you don't you can't complete optional stuff that was released MONTHS after the game Really looking forward to another year of DLC for this pile of garbage.
  25. Sorry for the double post, but there's too much I want to say about Dark Souls 2 for an edit. Dark Souls 2 was the first FromSoftware game I've ever played, I remember that one of my best friends said he found this awesome game, I should try it out. So I did - as a mage - while skipping the tutorial area. I had no idea how to lock the camera, I've free aimed my way to the Last Giant and lost a ton of times, so I've quit saying "Skyrim is way better than this shit." Oh boy, I never was so wrong again. I came back a few months later, this time playing coop with my friend, and not as a mage. Played the tutorial, read the message "Press R3 to lock onto an enemy" and my mind was blown. The whole game changed. We've played through the whole game, finished the story while more or less ignoring all NPC quests... we had a thing going that whenever we meet a new NPC, a coin flip would decide about Dead or Alive. I've started a few platinum runs on the good old PS3 after that, but never finished a whole run, always stopped during cleanup. Time went on, the PS4 remake was released and we played that one as well, this time completing the side quests, but then stopped during the third DLC, it's the one you can't play coop. Not a problem for me, I'd say that I've managed to become quite good in Dark Souls. I've learned to parry, played PvP, finished the story a few more times with different builds, but I've never went ahead and got all the different schools of magic done. There's this problem with Dark Souls 2 ... it's always so ... I don't know how to put into words, it's so nearly good. I know it had a troubled development and they've changed directors during that. There's so many little things that happenend in both the original release and the remake that just aren't on the typical level you'd expect. Areas that don't fit together, Earthern Peak and Iron Keep is the perfect example for that. Going up a mill, just to unlock an elevator that goes even higher up to a castle that's not supposed to be in the sky. Bad boss design, there's 41 bosses (32 without DLC) in the game, and from the top of my head, there's three that I enjoy fighing. Sir Alonne, Fume Knight, Burnt Ivory King - all of which are DLC bosses. Most of the bosses are generic big knights in armor or "animal" like bosses. Agility - there's this stat that's only used in DS2, the higher your agility stat is, the more i-frames you get when rolling, can drink your Estus faster, block faster... it's crap. It's faster to use Lifegems than drink Estus in the early game. There's a bug in the Scholar of the First Sin edition that halves the durability of everything. Because they've changed the game from 30FPS to 60FPS, every time you're weapon connects with something it counts as two hits, not for damage, that's calculated correctly, but it basicly cuts the durability of any weapon in half. It's saying a lot, that I've finished DS3, DS1, Demon's Souls, Sekiro and Bloodborne before the very first game I've played in this genre. Anyways, it was a longer text than I thought it would be. One more month to go for this year!