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  1. First (unofficial) update, since MidnightDragon either missed my sign up, sign ups are closed or I'm not allowed to participate (my money is on the first option). Mad Max 0% -> 18% (13 / 50 trophies) As a lot of people currently do, I'm also trying to get Mad Max done before the servers are closed at Halloween. I really enjoy the gameplay, I like the fist fights and the car combat is quite nice too. But the constant fear that any of the stat trackers might gltich and I have to start over again is ... hampering my enjoyment. I don't know what's the better way of doing it, wait til the online challenge (that requieres the player to NOT play the game) is finished, or work on locations and other challenges so I can get another run if anything glitches... There's also the trophy for having 10k scrap in the inventory, which means I can't really buy as many upgrades as I want to, if I don't want to grind on other vehicles later, if that's even possible after cleaning up the map. My overall experience with the game after the first weekend playing - I enjoy it way more than I was expecting. I can't say anything about the story or the franchise, I've only played until reaching the second stronghold yet, and I've never seen the movies, but the gameplay is simple and enjoyable. The key binding is a bit weird, I can't tell how many shells I've wasted pressing circle. The trophies I've earned: Everything Lost Again / Slight Distraction / Golden Boy / Jeet Thrives / Quench Their Thirst / Fresh Air / Doing Jeet a Big Favor / Doing Gutgash a Big Favor / Just Rewards / On the Road to Nowhere / The bigger they are... / Wasteland Chef / Just Walk Away (all ) I've also managed to increase my Ultra Rare trophy count from 39 to 50 over the weekend by nearly finishing all main game trophies for Worms Battlegrounds. The ranked and clan trophies are boosted, so you could argue that they shouldn't really count, but sadly both game modes are dead and there's no other way (I've tried waiting for a ranked match once but left after 15min in the lobby alone).
  2. I've changed my mind and if sign ups are still open I'd like to join @MidnightDragon RL sucks atm and it's nothing that's just going to vanish soon, BUT that shouldn't be a reason to cut out a thing I can enjoy and share with others. I've met some of the most awesome people around here (it's been a year full of coop trophies for the @Fnee2000 & Jay party) and I'd like to meet even more! Here's my list: Beyond Two Souls / PS4 (0%) GreedFall / PS4 (0%) Mad Max / PS4 (0%) Dying Light / PS4 (17%) And the game I've been using for Sony's Summer of Play challenges so far: Heavy Rain / PS4 (7%) I'm still determined to get this profile up to 90% completion by the end of the year!
  3. Congrats @JIVe_____ What's the chance of getting a single digit in that draw? It has to be somewhere > 1%
  4. It's been a while since the last update, but that's mainly because I haven't looked at the challenge for a month or so now. Lost my mojo again sadly and haven't found it again yet. So just a short summary: I've nearly finished my challenge Completed 4 of the 5 games I've initially "locked in" Only game that's missing is Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Two multiplayer main game trophies and all of the DLCs. With that I'm going to wrap up my challenge. I'm also not joining the next one. Everyone who's still cleaning up and participating in the next one I wish you all a lot of fun!
  5. The Borderlands franchise. Not fully grew out of it yet, but close to. I've never enjoyed The Pre-Sequel and the limited "farming" on BL3 release and the imo lackluster story didn't help my enjoyment of the game. That being said; I definitely grew out of most of the humour by now, no matter what game of the franchise. Recently played the Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2 again, remembering it as one of the best DLCs I've ever played, but the only thing I've enjoyed during the playthrough was barrel-trolling my coop partner.
  6. My number is 2481 - inFamous Second Son https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2481-infamous-second-son
  7. Tbh, I've installed the game at least 50 times, probably closer to 100, over the three months I've tried getting it. Since there's no save file deleting on vita and you always have to reinstall the whole game again You're supposed to give second chances, aren't you?
  8. I've been playing the game on my PSV (EU version) and the trophy for finding Crepe isn't unlocking. Anyone else encountered that problem and maybe know how to fix it?
  9. I’ve got it! @luckydonut it’s unlocked when I found the word Crepes first in „Leave Room for Dessert“, and Crepe in „The Most Important Meal of the Day“ afterwards. The other way around didn’t work. And I’ve only unlocked these two words, nothing else in the whole game. Got the idea from @Xylobe. But that could be a happy coincidence. Or maybe the Vita felt sorry that I’ve tried til 5:30 in the morning. I‘ve also reinstalled the game about 12 times tonight.
  10. I'm trying with Crepe in Most Important Meal, second row, five from the top, going down
  11. First of all: I'd like to apologize for being quite rude in my earlier post. Wasn't my intention! And I know it's not your fault So again, sorry for that! I still love (all but 1 ) of your games! But the three lines of answer I've got back in the day... they did not felt like that much help. You'll be the first to know whenever I've found a solution, maybe it someday magically fixes itself like inFamous did, who knows. Here's a list of things I've already did: Re-installed the game Formatted the memory card Formatted the PS Vita Tried in flight mode Tried while logged out of my profile 100% completed the game to maybe unlock it with any other word Installed, unlocked the word, waited a minute, deleted the game .-> did this circle for about an hour trying to force it to unlock. And I'd like too know what you've done @Dayyyoo13 since you've unlocked the trophy by now.
  12. Nope, nothing new. I've contacted the devs about it, and the answer I've got was that it's working fine for others so he can't help me. Disappointing answer if I'm honest, but if they don't care what can I do? I even tried it with 100% completing the game, but no trophy.
  13. A few things that come to mind are: Alchemy / Enchantments in Skyrim: I know you can create crazy gear with the exploit, but I don't need it. Never created a character who relied on magic either, I'll start of as a warrior and end as a stealth archer, as always Parry in the Souls series: It's not true anymore, I'm using the parry function today, but I've played the games for 4 or 5 years without using it. I knew it existed but the risk was too high for me. Flashbacks in the F1 games: You can rewind time in F1 games if you make a mistake, but I don't like to use it. If it's my mistake I just need to do better next time. I don't disable them in the options though, sometimes the AI is stupid if you're about to lap them, and I'm not wasting an hour of my time to be brake tested mid corner by a stupid AI car. Groundslam in Borderlands 3 and Borderlands TPS: There's just no need for them, there's barely any situation the slam is more useful than melee or just using your gun.
  14. @Dreggit I'd like to be added to the list please
  15. I know there hasn't been a new episode of sunday update for the past 3 weeks (or maybe two. I don't know anymore). That's 33% because of moving, 33% because of my grandad turning 80, 34% because of a lack of motivation and a 100% reason for no updates. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to update: I've finished Just Cause 4 and all it's DLC. Story - boring Gameplay - okay Trophies - okay (with a location guide) I don't like judging a game from a series by using earlier releases as a reference, every game should be judged by itself and not how it fits into a series imo. I'm only judging a games story if it's based on another game (Far Cry 5 and New Dawn for example). That being said: I was thinking that Just Cause 3 did this better and that better so many times. JC3 being my first game of the series I enjoyed it as a Square Enix sibling for Saints Row. And the story is still as crazy as Saints Row, but the moving frontlines to unlock more missions part of the gameplay wasn't as much fun as simply blowing up the whole military base like you did in the previous game. I took a break for a few days too. Cleaned up F1 2019 and got the plat before F1 2020 was released. But that also means I've only got one game left: Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag. But I'm having way too much fun playing F1 2020 MyTeam.
  16. Recently started JC4 after picking it up as sale of the week: I've only played 7 or 8 hours yet, so there's a chance the game might catch me and I'll change my opinion. But here's a list of things that I already dislike: - tanks and helicopters have limited ammo, it's realistic, but annoying. - you can only carry two guns and Rico just throws your loadout away when he's out of ammo - there's only two or three weapons that's worth using (so far) - destroying enemy bases isn't about destroying them anymore, it's just another quest to unlock a region - desctruction objects respawn after a while (I know why, but maybe don't make the army of chaos requirement so high then?) - the hoverboard included in one of the DLC isn't nearly as good as the DLC wingsuit from JC3 - the tether mods aren't cool, I've never used the air ballon so far (just for the feast and the tutorial mission), the booster maybe a handful of times. - driving cars is the hardest part of the game - unlocking locations can be quite tricky sometimes - flew over a lake to high and it didn't register
  17. I can't speak for Emina, but I'm still helping yes Havent looked in the thread in a while 🙈 I've played the first half without the alien weapons, mainly because I forgot tbh, but my character is 1000% sure addicted now. The amount of drugs I took for more speed, marking enemies and more defenses. I've straight up sprinted to Jacob, taking a few hits of his sniper to the face while healing. The hardest bit is escaping from John's bunker after the first or second time you get kidnapped, every weapon is better than no weapon at all.
  18. JAY-NANIGANS, it's Sunday, you know what that means - I'm your host Jay and this is Sunday Update #3! Far Cry New Dawn 0% -> 100% I've never played a worse game from a big franchise in my life. The singleplayer stuff was stupid, they changed things like names and such from Far Cry 5. The story was boring, the villains even worse. Gameplay ... exists. I've crashed myself to the coop trophy thanks to Fnee. Just Cause 4 0% -> 5% Blowing up stuff is still fun, haven't played enough yet to fully share my opinion about the game with y'all. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 10% Had the first multiplayer session with the lovely Liioni yesterday. Leveled up from 17 to 22 while doing Wolfpack for 2 hours or so. I'm not high on singleplayer games adding a multiplayer mode, but at least Wolfpack is fun. And that's it for this weeks recap, I'm not adding a new game this time around, I've got some things I might add in mind tho. Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Sunday Update
  19. JAY-NANIGANS! Welcome to an earlier episode 2 of Sunday Update - I'm your host Jay and this is this weeks recap! Dark Souls 74% -> 100% I've finished Dark Souls on Thursday by turning in the final boss souls for their weapons. It's been long overdue. I really really love this series and I should work on the plat in DS2. I've done the weapon trophy without someone dropping them for me too, and I enjoyed NG+ and half the NG++ runs (but I skipped Anor Londo, thanks stairs ) Lego Ninjago Movie The Game (or whatever it's called exactly) 0% -> 100% My faith in Lego games was restored thanks to this game for a while, and then stupid me thought I could take this motivation into Lego City Undercover and finally finish this one off... nope that game sucks - many many stupid quests, even more crashes. But at least Ninjago was a fun 14h plat for me. Dungeon Defenders II 0% - 100% Free to play game with no plat, but it's a nice little tower defense game with some RPG added on top. I've got some help leveling from Seppukun, who I helped with the Far Cry trophy in return, I think that's always nice, helping each other out with some then easier trophies. Seeing that I've completed 60% of the games I've entered this week I'm going to start adding, this weeks addition is: Far Cry New Dawn - 0% So that's all for this week. I've been your host Jay, thanks for "listening". See y'all next week to a brand new episode of sunday update
  20. @GoatKillham I wanna try it too I'm curious what you've got to say about my profile. Feel free to ask me anything if you're missing some informations (and maybe skip the >50% rarity games)
  21. It's been a while and I've actually been waiting to do that the whole week: JAY-NANIGANS! Welcome to Sunday Update Episode #1 - I'm your host Jay and this is the weekly recap! Dark Souls 25% -> 74% As said in my sign-up this game is my priority and I'm treating it exactly like that. I've finished NG up to Gwyn, currently grinding out the weapons and kindling all the bonfires on the NG+ route. I've found and finished all covenants (exepct for the sunbros) for the spells and weapons too, so another thing less to grind. Funny thing while grinding for a titanite slab (I've fucked up the Siegmeyer quest and was missing one): I've decided while Dark Wraith grinding that another 4 levels in faith (skilled to 14 for astoras sword for the catacombs) would be smart to get homeward. So I did run after run, and in theory it worked out perfectly, with the last homeward bone I had enough souls to get me to 18 faith and use homeward. And then it happend ... the very final mob on run 21 dropped it and I don't need to go down there anymore. But you can always use a port back I guess. EDIT: I've decided to get all the upgrade trophies too after I've already posted my update yesterday. "Abusing" my ability to do backup saves so I don't waste my souls and titanite for weapons I won't use after upgrading. I'm going to need every single titanite for the boss weapons. And that's all I've done this week, I should be able to pop the plat next week. That's all from me, enjoy your challenges everyone I've been your host Jay, and this was the first episode of sunday update for this challenge. See you next week
  22. You don't need to play any story at all for the mp. I'll add you all on psn and set up a group, if that's fine with everyone. I think the stunning and reviving boost is way quicker than playing wolfpack, so that would be awesome if we can do that
  23. I'm assuming that you're playing the ps4 version? I wouldn't mind another grinding partner for the stupid mp, if you're interested
  24. Changing my list: Dark Souls Remastered (25%) - it's staying and the main focus! Lego Ninjago Movie (0%) - as I said in the Fall/Winter challenge ... you can slap me now Just Cause 4 (0%) - picked it up in the sale lately Dungeon Defenders 2 (0%) - staying from the first list Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - PS4 (10%) - I've forced Fnee to do the multiplayer grind with me, so it's on my list now 😬
  25. This! I already own the game for Vita and PS4, so there's nothing wrong with stacking those versions. I'm not big into regional stacking (yet) but I probably will grab the third Witcher 3 plat sometimes later. And I do grab a NA stack for some Rata games when I feel the need for a quick plat to boost my motivation. Or the game is worth playing again like both Devious Dungeons titles, I really like them.