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  1. [GRID]

    I've did an EIGHT! HOURS! grinding session yesterday ... just to be 1/3 of the way done.

    90% my amazing green rubber band and 10% me when driving a few laps here and there.


    Currently at 14.500 and a few km / 40.075km distance driven. 

    Just 65 more 99 lap races around Indy.

    Which means - I only need to turn left another 25k times  (or right if I do Indy Reversed) and the Around the Globe and GRID platinum are mine!


    I enjoy the Codemasters racing games a lot (mostly F1) but this trophy takes my personal top spot as most grindy and the one I hate the most.

    If I'm not mistaken it would still take ~ 90h if you could create a custom all straight track that is.


    26th of March if I can keep the streak of at least 1 race a day up. That's when I'm done. Hopefully sooner.


    1. dermarx


      yup, that one sucked.

  2. 5pm passed in Germany which means it's been two months now since I've been cutting myself for the (hopefully) last time, after more than a year of doing so.

    Still some scars left, but it's not the bloody mess it's used to be anymore.


    I want to thank the community to making me feel like someone actually cares about me after my fiancé died and the two fallouts I had with her and my family.


    Been a long time since I could honestly say that my mental health is going in the right direction!



    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Let it heal. What mental health diagnoses do you have? I have a few myself, so I might be able to help.

  3. After failing like a millon times trying to get 21 Awesome Ratings in the Lego Movie Game Dance Minigame I've done it!

    But I'll never be able to get this song out of my head again!


    1. Cleggworth


      I'm playing this game at the moment, for the 3rd time. 4th if you count the Vita version. I was so terrible at this I had to get my wife to do it for me every time but I managed to do it myself this time around 🤣 go me!

    2. JayDeLosDioses


      GG :D

      Did the coins mess you up too?


      I struggled a lot when the coins from the previous button press got added to the total.

      So many 20 Awesomes...

  4. After playing the story of Spider-Man PS4 / Spider-Man Remastered a total of 4 times...

    During the final cutscene after beating Otto...

    I've found it, the one thing I've wanted for so long...





  5. August 8th 2017 was the last time I’ve played Horizon Zero Dawn...

    Today I’ve went into NG+ on Ultra Hard... This is fine 🔥🔥🔥🔥




  6. First time that I'm not making goals up as I go but actually put some thoughts into it.


    2021 goals:

    • 90.00% completion rate (84,13% atm)
    • 3250 unearned trophies (3974)
    • 17000 trophies total (15594)
    • 50 ultra rare trophies (48)
    • 300 very rare trophies (198)
    • stay above 6.00 trophies per day (6.00)

    It's time to start digging out some games I've never finished and get that mountain of unearned trophies down a bit.

    Getting a small milestone in UR's would be a nice touch too.(looking at you Worms Battlegrounds)


    Current to do list:

    • finish Dungeons 2 campaign
    • Grind Around the Globe in GRID (21,25% done, ~ 7700 laps left to do
    • get into Worm Ops in Worms Battlegrounds, get the DLC in a good sale for 100%
    • complete NG+ Ultimate in Spider Man (PS5), buy all suits to pop Spider-Man Remastered as plat #500
    • Witcher 3 Complete Edition whenever I find the time, complete all Stacks for Witcher 3
    • Finish Dying Light with @Fnee2000 

    Other games that I'd like to finish / play this year:

    • Skyrim (PS3)
    • Borderlands 2 Fifth DLC (PS4)
    • Borderlands (PS4)
    • Horizon Zero Dawn DLC and NG+ (PS4)
    • F1 2020 (PS4)
    • Fallout 4 (PS4)
    • Demon's Souls (PS5)
    • Heavy Rain (PS4)
    • Borderlands 3 (PS5)
    • Hogwarts Legacy
    • Horizon 2 Forbidden West
    • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


    1. JayDeLosDioses


      I'm a moron, of course I'm at 6.37 trophies a day currently, not 6.00. Whoops

    2. LancashireLad87


      Best of luck to you on reaching 90% completion rate. I'm trying to reach that target as well but maybe one day I will reach it. I don't have many games on my account but the games I do are going to be difficult to improve but I'll give it my best shot!

  7. I have to say I'm really disappointed in the lack of information 2K is giving us about the issues with the CIV6 multiplayer on ps4.

    It's been 4 days now and the only way I was able to connect with a friend was to leave the lobby idle for 90 minutes before it finally turned up in the game list for one of the 4 people I tried to play with.


    There are some major bugs in the singleplayer aswell, you can't buy things with Faith if you have the building queue active. It's not hard to get around that for a religious victory against a Settler AI but still. Sometimes the graphics glitch if you load a saved game, I had to throw away a nearly done sience win because of that.


    I was looking forward to play the game with my friends, but charging 90€ for a 3 year old game + dlc (which greatly improve the quality of the game imo) and  the most important part isn't even working...

    1. JayDeLosDioses


      Science is missing a C 🙈

    2. dermarx


      I thought it was an error on my side, but I saw complaints about the multiplayer not working here and there. Hope they fix it soon.

  8. I've struggled to motivate myself the last few days and I couldn't figure out why.

    But then I've decided to do somehting radical and burn some bridges, getting rid of some people. Maybe it was just out of desperation, but it actually helped me, so I think I did the right move. Tbh I feel a bit stupid that I didn't realised earlier that all these "friends" came after a certain point in my life.


    So that means that I'm looking for some new people to have a nice chat with, or play games or whatever comes to mind. If you wanna chat hit me up, if you wanna play some games feel free to add me 😇

  9. Is there a way to turn off the monster animations in YuGiOh Legacy of the Duelist?

    It was cool the first 10 times, but seeing Exodia obliberate for the 1000000th times is just a waste of time.


    And I'm simply not smart enough to get behind all that Link, Pendulum, XYZ summoning stuff.

    When I played the card game daily it was special to SPECIAL summon a monster, not special to NORMAL summon a monster.


    Throwing away your boss monster and special summon it from the graveyard was the combo then.

    Feels like you can just summon your whole extra deck in todays YuGiOh.

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    2. DrakeHellsing


      XYZ stuff, don't you just have to have the two cards and be all like, "Welp, I'm gonna make this monster now" and shove the combined monster onto the field? Unless it's a poly fusion card where you need the poly card (don't ask me to spell it xD ).


      Link and Pendulum, not a clue.


      And don't even get me started on that other summon they introduced, that syncro stuff..

    3. Copanele


      XYZ stuff is like Uno , customer edition xD  You slap one card, then another card, add them up then slap slap slap you stack 7 cards of "Draw 4" with some incredibly dumb powerful monster that will die next turn from Raigeki. The most awesome useless Blackjack type of game ever.

      Link is "my summon activated my other summon that activated my other summon that...". Basically XYZ but with more asspulls and triggers.

      And Pendulum....oh boy. You have special monsters with different levels. You put a lower level in a slot in the left and upper level in right. Then you can summon all pendulum monsters from that interval. Why? Because they needed to do another season of yugioh of course!


      That's the big picture, because there were details that made me go "nah son fuck this, let's go YUGI BOY"

    4. JayDeLosDioses


      There's so many fusion cards in the game now aswell :D

      Every archtype has their own, then there's super poly to just get rid of any monster you like as long as you can fusion summon one from your extra deck.


      The Synchro stuff was alright acutally. The boss monsters from the synchro decks aren't too bad, they don't protect themselves from being destroyed all the time.

      Knowing a few of them from the anime might have helped too, the first season of 5D's was the last one I've watched episodes from.


      My enjoyment of the campaign went close to zero as soon as duels started to take 7 turns max.

      Pendulum summon your entire hand with a bunch of 2000+ atk monsters? Yes, please go ahead.

      Link summon monsters that buff each other over 5000+ atk? Suuuuure


      I've started "cheesing" the VRAINS story halfway through with Exodia.

      It's boring as fuck since there's no interaction with the other players deck, but then again, summoning your whole deck in a turn isn't fun for me either.

      Easy first turn win as long as you get a Royal Magical Library early enough in the first draw combo.


      I've tried another deck with "Gren Maju Da Eiza" as boss monster.

      He gains 400 ATK and DEF for every of your banished cards, but that's not fast enough for todays game.

      And that card is easily blocked... card protection is key.

  10. It actually was fine but stressful, lol

    I think Aloy's back is ruined now as much as I rolled.

    Can count my deaths at one hand, once in the arena after being trapped, twice against the Thunderjaw at All Mother Mountain and once against the final boss.


    Finished the DLC main quests too.

    It' a nice touch that the added something to counter the kinda unbalanced Shield-Weaver armor.

    The new bows are better than the older ones I've used, but I still never considered switching armor.

    Being able to take at least one free hit before taking damage saved my life in NG+ and the DLC.


    But now it's time to put the difficulty on Story and just relax while getting the final kills and level 60.

    Playing Frozen Wilds hyped me up a lot for Forbidden West! 

  11. It´s my first status update, but it´s gonna be a longer one.

    So if you don´t like longer texts or personal stories please avoid the spoiler

    I´m not looking for attention, I just need to get some things off my chest.



    I´ve learned this wednesday that my girlfriend passed away while I was on vacation... 

    I was trying to figure out how to deal best with it, and because I don´t have anyone to talk about such things, I´m "talking" to my favourite community.

    Otherwise my head is going to explode.


    You may ask why I don´t have anyone to talk?

    Because my relationship with my family is broken since I´ve got together with this girl.

    They never liked her, or her family, they even made fun of her and such things, so I had to choose a side, and I did.


    And my friendlist is pretty short, you may ask why again.

    Because I nearly died when I was born, and was "lucky" to get away with permanent brain damage and weak af muscles.

    Funnily enough I still skipped 3 grades of regular school, and finished with a solid 1,3 average (1 is the highest grade in germany)

    The girl who died was the only person I can remember who never bullied me during breaks or on my way home, she was my only friend all those years.

    She helped me together with her dad and my uncle to get into gaming. With her help and playing videogames I managed to get the "delay" I had in my brain from 3 seconds til my muscles would to what my brain told them, down to sub 1. 


    You may wonder now why my parents would hate a girl who helped me so much?

    It´s simple... her family and drugs, but mostly drugs.

    Her dad works in a pretty high position at Bosch (you may heard about them), was never at home and gave her all the things she could dream off. And if he didn´t bought it, his credit card did.

    We came together when she was already addicted to this shit, but my parents never understood a thing. 

    They made fun of her, she wasn´t allowed to visit us at home and I wasn´t allowed to go to her. 

    They tried everything to ruin my relationship...


    But long story short.

    I came back from my trip, my dad picked me up from the airport, gave me 2 games and said it´s to get me distracted.

    He didn´t told me why, and when I tried to call my girlfriend her mother picked up and told me everything.

    My world is ruined atm, but I´m trying to keep my thoughts clean.


    Again sorry for posting such a long text. 

    But I actually feel a bit better now.




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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Well I am sorry to hear that, but that makes more sense. I have gone the other direction (Canada to Austria) and that is a large time difference. 


      Not something you want to walk off the plane to. 

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Sorry to hear it, my condolences. If you have no one to talk to, there are help lines which you can call or chat with, like the Telefonseelsorge or regional organisations.

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Sorry for your loss. I'm open for a chat when I'm not busy. 

  12. PlayStation gifted me the FIFA20 Champions Edition yesterday for my loyalty in FIFA19.

    What I did was:

    Buy FIFA19 in a sale for 20€

    Buy 1€ of fifa points to try my luck with a FUT Draft

    Don't play the draft because the team was crap

    Play career mode a few times and occasionally getting recked by friends online


    Anyone else had that happen to them yesterday?

  13. Two years ago I've unlocked Be Greater in Spider-Man as my 5.000th trophy overall and the 75th plat.


    Today I've unlocked Be Greater for Spider-Man Remastered as my 500th platinum.

    Haven't used my old save game to autopop the trophies, swinging around Manhattan is so amazing, can't do it often enough.

  14. Yesterday's national holiday progess :dance:


    Plat #480: Rainswept

    I like Point & Click / Puzzle games, I really do.

    But this game just wasn't for me, it's as basic as you can go with this kind of game.

    Easy puzzles, no inventory. you just get a new button to press when the character acquiered the item needed.

    Maybe I'll finish the story someday (probably not), sadly it's just a platinum grab at this point in time.


    Plat #481 AC Valhalla

    Made the joke yesterday, doing it again: viKING Legend!

    The overall game was pretty solid and I'm happy that I've got this instead of Cyberpunk 2077. The game is another step up for the RPG AC series.

    I don't like the modern story arc at all, and I hope that they maybe finish it with the DLC's. I don't think I can go another game with this... it doesn't work.

    Also - bugs... so many bugs.

    - 2 trophies glitched out, thankfully solved with a console restart.

    - AI bugged out at least 4 times, stopped attacking just standing there. (Once during a boss fight)

    - graphical issues



    Plat #482 Maneater

    I've wanted to get this game for a while now, thanks to PS+ I've got it for free.

    And that's probably what saved this game for me. Paying 40 bucks for this? It's too short for that. It feels more like a Life is Strange episode than a full game.

    But apart from that it's a solid game, I died a few times in the early stages, but once you've grown into the adult stage and unlock the first active skils there's nothing that's too difficult anymore.

    Finished the story with the Shadow set and the Infame grind with the Bone set.

  15. Zelda is the coolest guy in Hyrule 😬

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Its 2019, s/he can be anything s/he wants I guess.

    3. Folkenio


      Couldn't help it. Classics never die.



    4. JayDeLosDioses


      @Folkenio you can't go wrong with an old time classic :D


      I found a set of shirts I used to wear back in school with those kind of statements printed on. I'd still wear them, because that's my kind of humor. The humor may be the same, but the belly is way bigger now 😞

      The Zelda one was my favourite back then, but today I'd probably go with "Jar Jar is my favourite Sci-Fi hero"