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  1. I have been on holiday! I quit my job and starting a new one hopefully one that allows me more free time... So far its been a pretty game productive break, I had to stay home and isolate as a close contact, so I've smashed through Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. It was pretty good. Now I'm focusing on my backlog list, I've played a bunch of horizon, but I've caught up to my partner and they have asked nicely that I don't pass where they are upto incase I spoil anything. So thats going to sit there for a while I think... Smashed Ace Attorney over a couple of days and have been playing something else on my backlog Beyond Two Souls which was in my backlog challenge list from 12 months ago.. 1. Horizon Forbidden West (0% -> 15%) 2. Ashen (0%) 3. Far Cry Primal (0%) 4. No Straight Roads (0%) 5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (0% -> 100%) 6. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (0%) 7. Elden Ring (100%) 8. Beyond: Two souls (0% -> 86%)
  2. I bit of a slow start for me this time around. Elden Ring took quite a long time! though honestly I think it was the easiest FromSoft platinum to date. Currently have relinquished my PS5 while my partner continues their playthrough of Horizon Forbidden West. I'll probably start once they're done or maybe play some Ace Attorney. 1. Horizon Forbidden West (0%) 2. Ashen (0%) 3. Far Cry Primal (0%) 4. No Straight Roads (0%) 5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (0%) 6. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (0%) 7. Elden Ring (0% -> 100%)
  3. Heya! I took my break during the last event and I'm back for the next one! So count me in. I won't be tackling such a big list this time to try balance my time a bit better. I may add to this list as I'll likely be playing Elden Ring and Final Fantasy Stranger of paradise. My partner is currently borrowing my PS5 to play Horizon as they have really been looking forward too it. 1. Horizon Forbidden West 2. Ashen 3. Far Cry Primal 4. No Straight Roads 5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy 6. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 7. Elden Ring
  4. Finished off the single player stuff for Screencheat. Thanks for playing this with me as well @Cryadis That's my first orange.
  5. forgot one! another for pink! Played this one with @Cryadis was good fun! now to finish the hard trophies on Screencheat.
  6. Another Pink for me. Life is Strange: True Colors was a solid ride. Not too cringe and a lot of fun moments.
  7. I've only managed to finish one game in the last couple of months. But it counts as a pink! Maybe I'll be able to finish a few others.
  8. I've attempted this twice and the issue I've had twice is the next wave of AI just spawn already knowing where I am. and the checkpoint immediately saves when the next wave starts. I'm thinking I need to immediately get into stealth after taking out the last enemy. But damn if this isn't tedious! Reloading checkpoints the second someone alerts or semi-alerts seems to be the best course of action. The tough enemies have a tendency to bug and know where you are immediately after their first takedown. When starting the section of the level, I recommend restarting checkpoint immediately to stop the special guy following you down the broken floor.
  9. Yeah I've been having a hell of a time with this trophy... I spent 2.5 hours yesterday trying to get it and got so upset. I also tried powerpyx's strat to no avail. even in their video looks like they lucked out on not taking a hit, some of those tracers passed right through the cockpit... I'll try with your advice Radford. but damn. This is one of the toughest trophies.
  10. #140 Hell Let Loose Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment 7/10 This month's ps5 plus game is everything I had heard from friends who have been playing this on PC for months. Intense semi-realism world war 2 big battle shooter. When you have a full server (50 vs 50) and people are communicating and respecting the chain of command, this game is firing on all cylinders and feels great. Anything less than that and you're in for a rough session. A big downside here is the duration of the matches, most battles have you playing a single match for ~90 minutes and in some of the worst cases, a single match can take 2.5 hours! When you need 25 wins of both warfare and offensive for the platinum it's sure to take a long time to get these even with a high win rate. The platinum took me a total of 60 Hours in-game time. If you like the earlier battlefield games and are a little disappointed with the direction they have taken in recent years then this is certainly worth a shot. The game is pretty complex and there isn't really a tutorial, stick with it though as this becomes an incredibly enjoyable experience 80% of the time.
  11. Ooo this is an awesome idea! I'll join. Thinking of some of the orange and pink games I have Far Cry Primal someone has already had signed off, XIII maybe, No Straight Roads. What's the call on Sakuna Of Rice And Ruin? I'm not super great at colours...
  12. Yeah same for me. I consistently lose xp if I leave on the end game screen. Waiting until the next match and leaving has been working well for me. for the last few days.
  13. Vehicle kills is pretty easy if you can find a deadish server late at night/early morning and just drive straight to the enemy base in a tank or light vehicle and then destroy the empty respawning trucks in the enemy base. move between their HQ's to get faster respawns. If you're playing offensive you need to be on the attacking team and have captured at least the halfway point before you can reach the enemy HQ. Warfare is all good though.
  14. I'm still getting this message almost a week later... I haven't been able to complete a single match yet. Every time we get to the last sector. network error and booted back to splash.
  15. #136 Hades Difficulty 5ish/10 Enjoyment 6/10 I had been hanging out for this after all the praise I had seen around the net and knowing how many awards it had received. Sure enough, it was a solid rogue-lite. All said though I'm not sure I had such a great time with it. After the first few attempts to clear a run while I found my footing and unlocked the permanent upgrades which are a necessity. Each run from that point felt very similar. Sure the boons would be random, but you would never be staved of any resources in the game. So a run would either end at the halfway point or it would end with a successful escape. The narrative, writing, and voice acting were on point and were my favorite part of the game and is what ultimately kept me playing in the end. Honestly, this is probably the biggest reason you should recommend this game to a friend. I also really liked some of the heat mechanics, being able to make more difficult boss variants was amazing.