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  1. You're not alone. I struggle with this on extreme as well. I never really thought my hands were too big for my vita until I began playing project diva. I've been practicing dual-wielding since the first game a couple of months back and I've been practicing every day. and it's getting easier. but the doubles still destroy my hands too. The general idea that I try to go with is as I'm alternating to my left hand for the second hit, I'm moving move right hand to the next note button. It should look like two counterclockwise circles with your fingers offset by 1 button. the alternative is to try and mash it but I don't know if I have the mechanical strength to press and release and press again in 1/16 notes. I give up a lot still. I wish you luck! an admirable goal to get better at these games.
  2. The trophies do still publish to PSN, the trophy list just remains hidden. I had an early review copy of a game that hadn't published the trophy list. got the platinum and then a few days later without me turning on my ps4 it had shown up on my PSNprofiles. So it's certainly on PSN. The developers probably just forgot to tick a checkbox to make the list public or something.
  3. #129 Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Difficulty 5/10 Enjoyment 7/10 I played this on VITA and I'll admit smashing this for hours on end really did a number on my thumbs. quite a bit harder and much more grind-filled than F was. But honestly they are really solid rhythm games. No noticeable input lag on vita and interesting patterns on each difficulty. grinding out the diva points on some of the song meant playing the song 30+ times. which did get a bit boring after getting the Perfect several times. Moving onto X now and its really different but looks even more grindy, so I might just beat this one and move one rather than going for the complete.
  4. #125 Project Diva f (vita) Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 7/10 I really enjoy rhythm games and this one is no different. Though I did find the patterns of the notes to be quite challenging sometimes in this game. Especially in the harder difficulties. I really had fun getting this platinum except for the massive grind to unlock all the diva modules (skins) as they took up a solid 1/3 of my total platinum time. Moving onto the next game f 2nd while I've still got the muscle memory. Hopefully, the grind isn't as long because I can bring my diva f save over to f 2nd. But we'll see. Happy hunting!
  5. Wow everyone is absolutely killing it, this challenge. Keep up the good work everyone I'll be cheering for you 💪
  6. Strange. Is he still at the parking lot?
  7. I believe, you must have defeated the boss of the area as well before he will spawn.
  8. #122 Persona 5 Strikers Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Finally got around to playing this last week. It's probably the best Musou game ever made, incorporating depth in the combat through the persona concept, epic and well-written dialogue and narrative, as well as the oozing style Persona 5, thrust forth into the world. If you enjoyed the Persona 5 cast and enjoy hack and slash games with a JRPG combat layer on top (similar to Final Fantasy 7 Remake) I highly recommend this. The platinum is a bit of a grind, however, requiring a solid 10-15 hours of grinding to get enough xp to unlock all skills, so if you're also hunting for the platinum it may sully your experience. That grind is the only bad trophy though.
  9. It does make it slightly easier, yes. That said I disagree that the game becomes "very easy", the rocket update has been out for 4 years and the plat is still sitting at a 2.57% rarity on a trophy hunting website. Its an incredibly rewarding Platinum though so I do recommend it. That said there are some real doozy challenges. The collection stage is also faster with the rocket suit (you can cover ground really fast) cutting the plat time down by several hours.
  10. The plan is to be back with the Winter one. But we'll see how things pan out! Was lovely to see everyone working towards some hefty goals! I'll probably check in with the next challenge to see how everyone is going. Good work everyone!
  11. Alright, I think this will be my last update. I'm never going to get around to crash in the next 3 days and certainly am not going to smash those platinums out in 1 day each. I'm currently playing Persona 5 Strikers and it's pretty damn good so far! So that's good. Stephen Universe was pretty good. The combat system became pretty dry and repetitive after the halfway point. luckily the game isn't too long so it wasn't too bad to push through till the end. I'm going to sit out of the next challenge. I've just not been feeling like hitting the games as hard lately. I feel as though I should spend more time with my loved ones and other hobbies. I might see you all in the winter. Good luck everyone! Journey To The Savage Planet (81%) plat Moonlighter (84%) plat Monkey King: Hero is back (28% -> 71%) plat Steven Universe: Save The Light! (17% -> 100%) Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Vita) (100%) Robotics Notes Elite (Vita) (100%) Crash Bandicoot 1 Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot 3
  12. Another Update. Finally making some progress! Took me enough time though haha. Been working on my side project game engine, which is certainly taking a lot of my time away from gaming. I don't know if I'll actually get to playing Crash this challenge. I still have to finish Steven Universe. There is also a few newish releases that I want to try out. Persona 5 Strikers and It Takes Two are up there on the want to play list. Good luck everyone! Journey To The Savage Planet (81%) plat Moonlighter (84%) plat Monkey King: Hero is back (28% -> 71%) plat Steven Universe: Save The Light! (0% -> 17%) Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Vita) (0% -> 100%) Robotics Notes Elite (Vita) (0% -> 100%) Crash Bandicoot 1 Crash Bandicoot 2 Crash Bandicoot 3
  13. I think I'm going to sit out of this one. I've been struggling with last season's challenge and also trying to have more responsible gaming habits. Good luck everyone!
  14. Hard to say the exact estimate. If you paly free to play. probably around 180 hours distributed over several weeks (collecting primo gems from dailies) depending on your luck and how much you pay maybe around 80 hours and upto around $500? getting 2 decent teams of 4 characters and leveling them up to complete spiral abyss is going to be the determining factor.
  15. This is pretty hype. I'm hoping they auto-pop. like a lot of people who played to get the 100% when it first came out. we've done almost all of these things already.