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  1. No '250 dialogue lines', no 'Read every book, play every game, watch every DVD and Max every social link', no '100% compendium'. I actually think this one is a bit too easy. Which is strange. All of the usual time-consuming trophies that required meticulous time-management or just straight-up grinding are all gone. It's probably easy to do this in one playthrough. Forget doing that in 4 and 5, NG+ was almost essential for the platinum. Probably shaves about 40 hours off the time-to-beat
  2. Made it to colossus 7 but then just got kinda bored. Haven't played since. Graphically and conceptually the game is great, I just didn't enjoy playing it
  3. I feel like every game has a Platinum Blocker: the trophy that is such nonsense that it makes you say 'do I really bother?' This is it for me. The trophy description says one of each variety, ok no problem, what it means is 'every single one'. That is a problem when you get to act 3 in a run that you've deliberately set up to be a 1-take for all trophies and now I might have to play through the whole game agin just for some stupid elfroots? Nah..
  4. Gonna pitch in late: This game is great. Just not on PS3. Holy shit. First of all, I bought the Ultimate Edition, and couldn't even get it to start. Looked around on YT and other places found nothing helpful although a few people had my problem (something to do with creating game files). So, no big deal, I'll just install the DLC from the UE and then pick up an original copy for £3 on eBay. Did so, and the game started working. I come to find out that for some reason I can't install awakening (the most expensive DLC) from the disk so I decide to just get it off the store (fucking rip-off). I also found out that the Ostagar DLC is bugged on the UE so had to buy that too. Wankers. So finally I'm playing this 2009 game that I ended up spending about £40 on (my nostalgia took the reins here) and it plays like shit. Miserable loading times, saving times, everything just feels slow. Like 'Okay now Imma head to that area. I'll go downstairs and make some toast and get a drink while it loads' in some cases. But I'm still getting through... ...Until I started getting areas in the game where the world just doesn't load; all the characters etc. are just floating with no ground or anything. This happened in the forest area and some parts of Denerim and the Deep Roads (good luck getting through those places without being able to see the floor/walls). I'm zoning in on the plat but god DAMN has this been a bad experience compared to the 360/ Xbox One.
  5. .. No more farming status ailments and then getting annoyed when Futaba just.. doesn't mention them? Sign me up. This looks mega easy compared to the OG trophy list
  6. I'd say around 40% of the Platinums I do have some kind of negative impact the game. Story games are the worst: going back to make disingenuous choices, often having to do far more runs than you want to. Not good. Then you've got games like Monster Hunter that ask you, with a straight face, how much you'd love to spend about 500 hours (not hyperbole) grinding bleak RNG trophies. That diminishes the enjoyment of the process. Collectibles suck dick 9 times out of 10. Those trophies that are like 'Kill an enemy with a handgun, then your fist, then a car, then mean language, while eating toast, on a Sunday, 5 times'. They're pretty shit.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Those Crown events were the most worthwhile events in the base game, and yet they haven't bothered to make any for Iceborne? I mean if people love just killing the same monsters for whatever pittance reward these 'events' give then fine, Im not knocking that, but for the rest of us that have other games to play or other things to do with our time, these quests would be the best way to send this game off.
  8. Sorry boys but I've gotta get this out there: Fuck this. I've killed almost 100 Black Diablos, measured far more than that (I'd say I fight around 1 in 4), and still haven't gotten the giant crown. This was the first monster that I started sniping for outside the event quests that Capcom randomly decided wouldn't cover all monsters, and on-and-off months later I'm still doing this. This is the most egregious waste of a player's time I've ever seen in a video game. Capcom literally does NOTHING to make this acceptable. No empirical way to measure monsters, no way to properly increase the chances of a crown, they literally expect you to spend hundreds of hours of your life in loading screens as you go into a map, try to measure the monster, then either leave or waste subsequent hours fighting only to be disappointed at the results screen. I hate giving up. I've never backed down from something because it's 'too difficult' but this is just a straight-up waste of life. I spent the last 2 days, long play sessions, working on this and have made absolutely 0 progress anywhere, and then the cheeky pricks think that it'd be a good idea to make you do it all over again in the DLC? Fuck. No. Especially when something close to half of the 'NEW' monsters are just bare-faced reskins of Vanilla monsters. This was my favourite game of 2018, it's one of the few on my card that I haven't managed to platinum but this is just not good for me at this point.
  9. Nah man don't be daft. He doesn't just want $99.99 a year, he'd love you to buy more atoms on top of that.
  10. There's one on for today (far left tower) so I recommend y'all get some of that. You get the trophy just for taking part
  11. Play games that you really enjoy playing, then just go one trophy at a time. Rather than looking at the whole list, just break it up into smaller parts like 'story, combat, grind' whatever
  12. Really no idea. But ffs just when I was close to getting all vanilla crowns
  13. Man I've done about 14 platinums this year, give or take, this one has been the most downright exasperating. I must have made about 3 fruitless runs on top of all the ones the game makes you do. 2 of those were trying to get all 'heart' decisions. I feel like I've been hitting that Manchurian Gold and am now convinced that the game is fighting me back. The last one I need is 'all girls survive' and (minor spoilers) I can't get Junior, the dick, to just do what he's done in EVERY OTHER RUN and shoot Brad not Julia. It's just wasting my time at this point. Until Dawn took like 2 days. This game is half the length but has taken twice as long to nail down Update: Right. Finally. Done. With the hearts and minds runs I literally had to choose 100% of the particular dialogue and actions, and I had to do them in a fresh run. I don't know if you can pick a 'say nothing' instead of a heart/ brain because I was past the point of risking it. When there are two of one option, even for actions, you need to let the timer run out. Picking one will scrap your run, hopes and dreams.