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  1. Ok, got the trophy. I found that waiting do nothing, but fast travelling around the district eventually worked. Both messages came through immediately after a fast-travel. Oddly I thought I needed two more cars from Regina but turns out I didn’t. Not sure what happened there. Lastly, I really don’t get why people are complaining about the money to buy the vehicles. You can very easily craft mods that sell for €$800. I went from 0 to buying the the Caliburn in about 15 minutes. There are even guides saying you have to loot EVERYTHING and NEVER spend money on cybernetics or gear so that you can afford the cars. Total bollocks. Don’t listen to that shit, money is very easy to come by in this game, through legit means.
  2. I’ll give this a try. I had skipped a couple of days but not so many as 8. Did CDPR seriously think there was enough content in each district for players to spend 8 full days there??
  3. At some point in the game does V get a new phone number and forget to tell the fixers about it? Wtf? I’m at street cred 50, completed all districts, but nobody is texting to offer the cars. Is there any way to unstick this? The money isn’t even the problem here, I’m just literally unable to buy the vehicles because nobody is offering them for sale. From looking online I can see that people were actually whining about getting too many messages from fixers offering cars. Well great job guys, you fucked it up for the rest of us —.— Update: Ok, got the trophy. I found that waiting does nothing, but fast travelling around the district eventually worked. Both messages came through immediately after a fast-travel. Oddly I thought I needed two more cars from Regina but turns out I didn’t. Not sure what happened there. Lastly, I really don’t get why people are complaining about the money to buy the vehicles. You can very easily craft mods that sell for €$800. I went from 0 to buying the the Caliburn in about 15 minutes. There are even guides saying you have to loot EVERYTHING and NEVER spend money on cybernetics or gear so that you can afford the cars. Total bollocks. Don’t listen to that shit, money is very easy to come by in this game, through legit means.
  4. What a stupid trophy. Just got it. Took me a combined 150 hours, where around 15 was what I would call deliberate running (avoided using the glider or fast travel toward the end of my playtime, hoping this BS would pop naturally) and then about 15-20 hours rubber-banding. I have no idea what Techland were thinking with this one. Glad it’s over..
  5. I'm starting to think that the author of this trophy list didn't actually play much of this game. We all know that the story trophies are massively bugged and either refuse to pop, or randomly pop hours later, and Techland, in their infinite wisdom, decided to tie some of their 250 collectibles (a tedious amount) to quests that are buggy or missable. But what has struck me recently is the *intentional* trophies: the ones that actually work as Techland intended, but are just ridiculous. Firstly 'Who Wants To Be A...' is insane to attempt without exploits. Quests reward very little in the way of currency, the majority of your income comes from selling things, but since the majority of things you can sell will go for around 500 (very very rough average) this would require tens of hours of looting the same places over and over. There are dupe glitches, or you can just sell all of your stuff and then buy it back and sell it again (my chosen method) but even that takes a long time and is utterly tedious to do. There aren't enough Inhibitors in the game to get both of the trophies for maxing-out Health and Stamina. Nice middle-finger from Techland there. On their Twitter they just say that people need to choose between the two traits. Don't put a trophy for both of them then? Dicks. I know you can just save-scum it, but still. I don't know about others, but I found that after I had finished my '100% Playthrough' (all missions, activities, challenges, collectibles, side quests etc.) I found myself at Combat level 24. At the very end of the game, I was staring down a deficit of 50,000 Combat XP. I had had a couple of side quests bug out, meaning that I couldn't turn them in for the XP reward, but aside from that, I had finished the entire game, while making sure at least half of my gear had Combat XP boost attributes, and I still needed 50,000 Combat XP. WTF. I walked over and dispatched a group of zombies, only to receive 74 Combat XP. I had to literally run around the city, farming random encounters and swiping at the occasional enemy, to eventually reach the next level, it was a total chore. Ultramarathon is one of the worst implemented trophies I've ever come across. I had to make two Playthroughs of this game in order to circumvent the numerous bugs and problems throughout. That made a combined total of 118 hours. I have utterly ran out of 'game' to play. One save has all activities and main missions done, the other is 100% complete. The trophy is supposed to track across both Playthroughs and it still hasn't popped. Part of the reason why I'm making this post is because I currently have two rubber bands on my controller, and this beats watching a pair of legs hurtle around in circles. I am totally confused. Did they think that this game has enough content for the trophy to pop naturally? Did they expect players to make more than two Playthroughs, despite the lack of NG+? Did they think their utterly unstable co-op would be make this worth doing? Or did they just want to waste people's time? There are reports online of people having to rubber-band their controller for FORTY HOURS after completion of the game. The PowerPyx guide suggests 30. Seriously what were they thinking with this? This BS makes the rest of the list seem totally reasonable by comparison. At first glance I actually thought the trophy list seemed decent, but I'm actually close to quitting on the final trophy and waiting for content to justify the kilometres...
  6. This actually worked!!
  7. The way I see it, it just evens the score a little bit. I can spend hundreds of hours getting the trophies for Nioh, or Death Stranding or AC Valhalla. Some other guy could spend an afternoon on some 1/10 platinum. By making these bigger games’ trophies essentially worth double, it feels more worth it
  8. 1) Disco 2) Catfight 3) Batting Disco was infuriating; the scores you needed to get were just so damn high in some of them. Catfighting is just annoying bullshit. It should be hilarious and fun, instead it's yelling at the TV when your fighter gets railed for no damn reason or fault of your own Batting can just get fucked Shoutout to Climax Battles for being annoying too. I've got 5 left and I'm seriously over them
  9. I had an even weirder glitch where I had zombie Balathu, but then he just sorta froze in place and zombie Kurum literally spawned from him, so Kurum was attacking the team while Balathu was frozen in place. It looked kinda awesome, took me a minute to realise it was a bug. Anyway I'll add a couple of these nuances to my list, thanks
  10. Nah I'm too lazy. I'm happy to share what worked for me but I'm not about to go out of my way to link people to Powerpyx' collectible videos and such. Might be something to work on for a game in future though, I mildly enjoyed writing this
  11. I got the platinum and thought I'd put some advice down since a few of the trophies are a bit of a pain in the dick, and I couldn't find a proper trophy guide online. I also want emphasise a couple of methods that did not result in the trophy, but which I thought might, to hopefully save some people some wasted time. Apologies, I can't remember exact chapter names and chapter select is bugged anyway (most of the chapters don't appear).. This is a very rough recount of everything I did that got me the trophies. I did not come up with all of these Strats, I'm just trying to put them in an easy list. I'm only mentioning the less obvious ones. All can be done solo in the Theatrical Cut: Double-Tap: Have Jason and Nick mine the centre of the corridor (possibly in The Signal chapter). Later, in The Assault, Rachel has to Retreat instead of firing the machine gun (note you need to fire the gun for a separate trophy). Nick will then have to tell her and Eric how to avoid the mines. Tell her to go through the centre and that should brighten up their day. And yours. Let Me Have a Go: This is buggy. From the looks of things using chapter select will void the trophy so.. don't do that.. in one silky smooth run you need to have Salim discover the Vampires' UV weakness (The Slayer scene?), he and Nick need to kill a creature in The Truce, Eric then needs to autopsy the big bat and lighten the mood with his UV wand. He will then arrive to crisp up the resurrected Joey. Later, in The Horror, Salim has to choose to shoot the creature mauling Rachel (not the one about to dive-bomb him. Don't worry, he'll be fine), Rachel can then choose to save Eric from the Geriatric that he's having a tough time with. She will use the wand to do this. Toward the end of the game, Eric must be... "open-minded"... enough to hand his wife's lover his special toy when he goes down into the vault. Nick then has to fail the heartbeat QTE, and choose to Retreat from the big cocoon pile. At this point the vampire from earlier will swoop down. PASS the first QTE and then FAIL the second. He will use his wand to fend the creature off and you can exhale when you see the trophy pop. Or you can rage-quit depending on how it goes. It's possible that Eric doesn't need to autopsy the creature, but I'm almost certain Salim needs to discover the weakness to sunlight. I chapter-replayed from when Eric does the autopsy just to be on the safer side. Note that in one unbroken playthrough (chapter selecting from The Assault) I had Rachel use the wand to save Eric, Nick used the Wand in the Vault, he then passed the wand back to Eric who used it on a creature but no trophy popped. Pretty annoying but it seems like it needs to be from when Eric flashes Joey, up until Nick is escaping the Vault. Until Death do us Part: Mostly self-explanatory. Rachel needs to beg for her life (choose Desperate to avoid getting a bullet) and then REFUSE to be cocooned. She will then escape and return right at the end of the game. At this point I think you can pass or fail the QTE. Alternatively, if only Eric and one other remains, there will be no QTE but Eric will cut the rope (again..) and this time she will die from the fall and you can get the trophy that way. Into the Sunset: Just make sure you select NO air support in The Briefing and that Salim survives. I also made sure that Merwin died early just to be safe. If you select Air Support and then get Merwin killed off, it will still arrive and for some reason Salim just waits for that happen instead of sitting his arse down and letting the Yanks fly away... It's possible that if Salim is the only survivor and Merwin didn't fix the radio that the choppers might not arrive but IDK. Note that Salim doesn't need to be the sole survivor if air support was refused. Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Nick needs to find the medkit around the centre of the game (possibly in After the Fall but I'm not 100%). Then in the 'Horror' chapter, Nick will take an injury (unavoidable whether you select crucifix or rifle) and then Salim must choose to shoot the bat that's about to dive-bomb him; NOT the one attacking Rachel. Rachel will still survive but it's possible Eric doesn't (Clarice killed him for me here). That means that Salim avoids injury. In 'Strange Aeons' Nick will patch himself up. Have him survive his bombing run and you should get the trophy when they all leave. Technically the trophy should probably pop if Nick dies seeing as how he is no longer 'injured' but rather more accurately 'mutilated' or 'immolated', but I don't know for certain if this applies. At minimum make sure you have the medkit and Salim does not take an injury. Heart to Heart: Find the Stake collectible and have Jason decline it 'I prefer the rifle'. Nick will then have the Stake. In the Vault, Nick must choose to advance, and then pass the 3 heartbeat QTE's. The bombs go off and the Warrior will attack Nick, who can then serve him his Stake, medium-rare. It's possible there are other ways to get this. Note that in a playthrough I had Nick kill Balathu with his own spear, and the trophy didn't pop Climbing out of Hell, and Bad Signal: Just make Eric, Nick and Rachel all be dicks to each other. Notably as Eric you can refuse air support, refuse White Phosphorous, and then berate Nick whenever you get chance. Rachel needs to put the affair 'on ice'. Choose all the shitty dialogue choices and you should be left with Rachel dumping both of them, and Eric and Nick being on disagreeable terms (a good way to tell this is if Eric just starts swinging at Nick in The Assault chapter right after Nick hugs her). Later on Eric should automatically refuse to give the UV wand to Nick before he goes down to the Vault. Here, have Nick choose to Advance, pass the 3 heartbeat QTE's and get himself caught up in the lightshow. Eric will ignore his signal. Note that you will not get the Climbing out of Hell trophy if Rachel, say, chooses Eric over Nick and then Eric dies. She needs to reject both of them, alive or dead. Final Girl: I did this with Rachel. Fail everybody else's QTE's in the final scene and the trophy should pop after the credits and after the preview of the next game. TECHNICALLY this should always pop along with 'Lost in Time' since Rachel is not dead at the end of the game. Granted she's not in an ideal predicament but the description doesn't say shit about that. But anyway it doesn't work that way and I'm not over it. Apparently this trophy pops for any lone survivor but I can't attest to that myself. Oorah: Make sure everyone else is dead before the final chapter. You can select from Strange Aeons, have Rachel kill herself with the WP and have Jason and Salim die in Semper Fi. Lost in Time: Have Eric be killed by Clarice (Not necessary but you might as well), then have Rachel beg for her life and agree to be cocooned. Eric has to be dead or he will whip out his magic wand. Have all the remaining characters die. Old Dog: Have Balathu make his bid for the Akkadian Javelin Competition at the start of the game, then be nice to the bald man. Choose to fight together and Balathu should come back later. Fail Rachel's QTE in The Horror and Balathu should kill her. Alternatively you can fail the QTE right at the end of Semper Fi if Balathu is still up and about. This is nowhere near definitive and their are probably other ways to arrive at these trophies, these are just the ways that worked for me. I made the following playthroughs (I would also recommend choosing 'head' for as long as you care to in your initial run. You can then chapter-select and continue from there. Might save you some time.) 1. Collectibles and just experience the game. Merwin repaired the radio for me here, everyone survived and I got most of the easier trophies naturally 2. Heads Only. I did this in Movie Night Curators Cut. During this you would be able to get the UV wand trophy providing you don't need to replay any chapters. 3. Clarice killed Eric, Ain't got time to bleed, Rachel was cocooned and everyone else died 4. No air support, Bad Signal, Heart to Heart, Semper Fi, climbing out of hell, final girl Then use the very dicey chapter select to find any you might have missed Hope this all helped somebody and good luck PS. I would recommend Midnight Mass, Squid Game or Alice in Borderland to watch during your 5th playthrough and thereafter
  12. Mine was exactly the same. I needed to play around with the final chapters to see if I could squeeze some extra trophies out and I could only select from Strange Aeons. For a game that requires so much chapter select and backtracking this is pretty shit
  13. Yep. Super glad that I can't select from 'Semper Fi' or 'Daylight'. I just love playing through the green chapter over and over when the game decides to screw me out of the trophies that should pop. But actually there are tonnes of scenes that you just aren't allowed to select from for no good reason. I've had Underworld, Pazuzu, Breaking Up, The Chasm, After the Fall, Slayer, The Truce, Bloodbath, The Vault, Semper Fi and Daylight all be missing at some point... Surely this is a bug and a pretty fucking annoying one due to the amount of chapter replaying that the trophy list requires. However I found that most of the scenes were visible in Movie Night (Curators Cut) so maybe try that?
  14. I’ve been trying to be a bit more precise with this game: got all the collectibles on my first run (which I never do), tried to hit as many trophies as I can per subsequent playthroughs to try to minimise time spent replaying, just because the first two games just became such a damn chore by the end and I didn’t want that to happen to this one. I enjoyed Man of Medan on my first playthrough. By the 7th I was utterly sick of it. These trophy lists don’t do the game justice
  15. First off, just because you didn’t experience a bug or glitch, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Secondly I addressed the point about the trophy being called ‘Final Girl’. My point was that the description is wrong. Which it is. Thirdly, I said that I enjoyed the game and that it’s a step up from the last ones. I said that the TROPHY LIST is bad. If you enjoy the game so much, go and play it instead of white-knighting it on forums. Congrats though, when anyone ever has any complaint about anything there always has to be that one complete tool that puts down his crayons and says ‘why don’t you just not play it’. Nice work on being that guy See now this shit is helpful. Thanks man, I appreciate this advice