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  1. Can someone bring me up to speed, why is this more of a problem usual? I'll admit I wasn't happy when they released DLC trophies for fallout 76, is this a similar thing?
  2. Yeah, the video was actually pretty helpful. Got the platinum but damn was it annoying. Just felt like an unnecessary grind to end a pretty good game.
  3. Just here to wish everybody a good day. Everybody apart from the clown at housemarque who thought that it wouldn't be utterly tedious running through one entire biome, to get to another one with OP enemies, to then clear out that entire biome and find 0 collectibles and have to start the entire thing again. That guy can get fucked. 30-45 minutes completely wasted every time. Seriously could they not just guarantee you one collectible every biome? I don't expect to find all 20 glyphs in one run, but this is just dismal. I need three glyphs in biomes 3 and 6 and the game is done. I'm just getting nowhere with it
  4. I was in the same boat. Just used the shield weaver and blast sling and managed to speedrun through in a couple of sessions
  5. I vaguely remember there being some mode where a death = restart a camp. I never got killed by an enemy, all my deaths were infuriatingly from Lara just refusing to grab the handhold in front of her and sliding her face down a cliff. My housemates at the time heard a lot of 'WHY WILL YOU NOT JUST CLIMB?!' Also I never like when people say 'Just stop playing the game then' motherfucker I'm already X hours deep. I'm not quitting or that time is wasted.
  6. I enjoyed this game quite a bit but I'm not really ready to shell-out £37 for some graphical and performance upgrades
  7. This was my last trophy. I finished all the others in almost exactly 100 hours... Then I had to run around looking for supplies for 3 more hours to upgrade utterly pointless buildings for no actual reason other than to get to level 6. I was not in a good mood for those 3 hours. I already felt very done with the game, and they really did not help.
  8. I have nothing to contribute but I am very much enjoying this thread
  9. So I played this game near launch and then stopped a few months later. I decided to swing back in because I figured there'd be masses of stuff to play but I'm just kinda sitting here confused. They released expansions to remove content from the game? Can I still play that whole Cayde-6 thing or is that gone? I can find the moon stuff but not that? I haven't bought any expansions yet, do I need to do that if want to increase my gear level etc?
  10. Bro I almost turned my console off when I literally found 2 3-star chipmunks outside the woman's cottage, having previously spent 4 hours roaming around some battlefield trying to find them Mhm so did I. This took far longer
  11. I'll probably play through the main game again and then import for the rest. No way I'm doing screwball and 300 crimes again.
  12. Kind of. It's actually a much better list imo. As a rough guide you're gonna need about 2 playthroughs to get all the boss souls for spells/miracles. Also be aware of a couple of the bonus objectives when fighting bosses. If anything I'd use a guide to navigate some of the npc questlines like the Satsuke/ Biorr one. Not sure how much you're going to have to play around with world tendencies too (nobody missed that feature). The original list had a much bigger emphasis on crafting/ upgrade materials which they thankfully swapped for one that focusses on exploration.
  13. In my experience the best advice is to do a couple of levels a day. Do a couple of daily challenges or bounties or something and then go and do something enjoyable. Not what you asked, but that's how I did it and I found it actually slightly fun
  14. The closest I had to that was in Kiwami (so glad I have to do all this shit again) I had a full-straight, with the three red dragons. Called Riichi with about 45 left, would probably have gotten me the Haneman as well, and got Ronned with 4 left. I turned the game off.
  15. PSA that some genius thought climax battle progress should only save once you exit back to main menu. I thought it saved automatically (like.. uh.. every single other game that I have played..) and turned my console off on the climax menu. After I'd just got done spending a few hours getting through the first 3 categories of them. Came back to find all of my progress was lost. After finally clearing the roadblock that was 100% completion, I thought I'd dealt with enough bullshit from this game. Apparently not.