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  1. I'll probably play through the main game again and then import for the rest. No way I'm doing screwball and 300 crimes again.
  2. Kind of. It's actually a much better list imo. As a rough guide you're gonna need about 2 playthroughs to get all the boss souls for spells/miracles. Also be aware of a couple of the bonus objectives when fighting bosses. If anything I'd use a guide to navigate some of the npc questlines like the Satsuke/ Biorr one. Not sure how much you're going to have to play around with world tendencies too (nobody missed that feature). The original list had a much bigger emphasis on crafting/ upgrade materials which they thankfully swapped for one that focusses on exploration.
  3. In my experience the best advice is to do a couple of levels a day. Do a couple of daily challenges or bounties or something and then go and do something enjoyable. Not what you asked, but that's how I did it and I found it actually slightly fun
  4. The closest I had to that was in Kiwami (so glad I have to do all this shit again) I had a full-straight, with the three red dragons. Called Riichi with about 45 left, would probably have gotten me the Haneman as well, and got Ronned with 4 left. I turned the game off.
  5. PSA that some genius thought climax battle progress should only save once you exit back to main menu. I thought it saved automatically (like.. uh.. every single other game that I have played..) and turned my console off on the climax menu. After I'd just got done spending a few hours getting through the first 3 categories of them. Came back to find all of my progress was lost. After finally clearing the roadblock that was 100% completion, I thought I'd dealt with enough bullshit from this game. Apparently not.
  6. "Hey boss? Remember that time when mobs in a boss fight made the fight better?" "Nope." "Me neither. Anyway we just got done putting mobs in the final boss" "... wait what?" Also, who at this studio thought that a stun animation should also count as a hit? Seriously? Getting hit is one thing, having the bossquito's beak land on you, because you're absolutely serving him, is quite another. Also a quick note on the reliability of this strat: the boss died before I could get it to work...
  7. It's less about the time I spend on a platinum and more about what I'm doing in the time. I don't mind committing 100's of hours over a series of months if what I'm doing is fun. Replaying the game to the point of it just becoming a walking-simulator because you know the story inside-out just feels lame. It probably took me about 24 hours to platinum but after about 2 playthroughs it starts to become a chore, which just makes it even more painful when you realise something has gone wrong and now you need to reply scenes/ make a new run
  8. There aren't, I got the platinum in theatrical without shared story, so that's a bonus. The way you get 'Odd couple' is strange though, you'll need a guide for that one
  9. Nicely done sir. Also, how you doing man? We did the Arkham Origins online trophies together 😆
  10. I swear the platinums in this series don't *want* to be earned. Something always seems to go unexpectedly wrong just when you're closing in. In man of medan, I had a nightmare with the head and heart shit, then in my 'save all women' play through, Junior insisted on shooting the blonde (forgot her name) when every other playthrough he'd shot the dude (also forgotten his name..). Took me 9 playthroughs of that game, I still don't understand how or why. In this one I've enjoyed such sweethearts as: - You can't get all collectables if you're on a hearts-only run - Vince showing up with the cops and stopping Anthony from shooting himself - Everyone dying at the ruined house but lol no trophy for u anyway boi - Framerate drop during a QTE so Taylor gets toasted prematurely - Going right and avoiding the demon means Taylor just isn't headstrong enough - Not shooting Angela in the face means John isn't logical enough - The world fails to load and Daniel falls through the map when trying to chapter-select 'Ruined', so have to replay the chapter before as well - 'Odd couple' And a few others. I mean this one only took 5 playthroughs so I guess I'm getting better but does anyone else have experiences similar to these? I feel like I'm constantly trying to persuade the game to hand over the trophies
  11. I was hoping that Valhalla, Miles Morales etc. would have a shared trophy list like Persona 5 so I can get a head-start but meh, I still got some games to finish before the 19th. I'm not into the whole 'trophy stacking' thing
  12. Fr though Mahjong is just garbage. Even when you understand the rules, it doesn't take a genius to realise 'Oh look, the AI has Riichi and we've only had 3 turns. This is fair, I'm sure that the computer didn't just deal itself another killer hand' seriously I've been at this shit for 3 hours and I've barely made any progress. The past 6 times I've got Riichi, it either ended up in a draw or somebody else stole it. Now I'm not gonna say 'let me fucking win one for a change', but maaaaaaybe it wouldn't be terrible if... I dunno... one of those 6 times resulted in the only human player actually winning? Would that be so horrific?? They could at least put some music or something on in the background, the tedious monotony is putting me to sleep.
  13. I think the same. Until Dawn would have been shit if the Wendigo was just an imagination. I realised about 1/2 way through that, once again, the monsters aren't real (about the same time as I did in Man of Medan) and it just killed the game for me. I really hope the next one has actual creature(s). I want to platinum every game in this series as they come out but these Picasso trophy lists are killing me
  14. Yet another miserable trophy list. The 'head and heart' stuff is pretentious garbage, and it's looking like you might need online co-op to get a couple of the relationship trophies (who thought this was a good idea?!), so this is a huge waste of the player's time, just like Man of Medan, only the game is actually not as good this time...
  15. I've got a nasty feeling that you need to do this one in online play. Hoping I'm wrong because that would be one seriously badly-designed trophy