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  1. Hi there

    Great idea with this extension :)

    Some feature suggestions which could be helpful:

    Sessions filter

    It would be useful to filter for games on a selected list (incl. the complete/incomplete/platinum filter of course).

    For example I have some unfinished games in the sessions even with the "hide 100%/plat" games filter on for which I don't need any sessions anymore. And instead of comparing against the complete set of a user's games you could swap in the contents of selectable list as game whitelist.

    Compare game/trophy lists filter

    When comparing game or trophy lists with other players it can be useful to filter for done/finished trophies for each of the users to check which are the most profitable to do or which you actually need to do.

            * Game list comparison: if I compare our shared games for example I would like an option to either hide your 100% and/or mine 100% to see which unfinished game we have actually in common.
            * Trophy list comparison: if I compare our shared trophies for Tomb Raider PS4 for example I would like to filter out your done trophies to check if we have some locked online trophies in common (ps: we have no locked trophies in common it sems ;) )