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  1. Same here. Maybe the PSN API is currently not available so Psnprofiles cannot access trophy information.
  2. Hey guys, just for the case somebody needs it: I guess I found out how to resolve the glitches on Solaris Master and Completion Serenity without replaying all puzzles. I played the game and missed some puzzles and memories. So I looked for the remaining ones in chapter selection using a guide. I got the Solaris Master, but the Completion Serenity didn't show up. So I thought what could have made the difference: I finished the chapter after finishing the last solaris puzzle. But when I did the other missing puzzles I did not finish the chapters, but went back to the home screen using the options menu. So what I tried: Using chapter selection, I just walked through those unfinished chapters, again (no need to restart the whole game). When finishing the last chapter, the trophy appeared. It worked for me, but I don't know if that covers the whole glitch. Can anybody confirm this solution?