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  1. Great, thank you!
  2. Just another quick question about this trophy. I read a lot of different answers, but for objectives like "complete in... " do you need to skip cutscenes? Some people say it doesn't matter.
  3. @NL_Sion Yeah that's what I was thinking of as well. I also like the story so it's okay to replay the whole story again, but not when you just finished it for the second time. To be honest, by following the spreadsheet which was mentioned here and by (optionally) reading walkthroughs from PowerPyx or watching vid-walkthroughs from GTA Video Series it seems doable. Did it with four missions now and got them all in the first try. So for anyone finding this forum post and wanting to replay: check that sheet, watch or read a walkthrough and simply follow it up.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys, will go for the replays!
  5. Great guys thank you! Will go for the replay then! Yeah I'm hoping lvl50 won't take too long. I bought the ultimate edition and I believe there is an XP boost until lvl 25, so I hope this will speed it up a bit.
  6. Fellow outlaws, I'm new to PSNProfiles, but I'm very happy to be here. It's easier to track what to get for Platinum and there are guides and tips all over the place, really handy! As a full-time employee I don't have hours and hours to play games. So instead of trying to be best online I figured that getting Platinum for the games I already have might be more worth my while. So I finished Spider-Man really, really easy and then I figured, let's go for a difficult one: Red Dead Redemption 2. I already played the game once and wanted to continue on the save, but then I read there are missable trophies and yes, I missed Lending a Hand and Errand Boy (Arthur felt too good for errands). Started up a second playthrough, followed PowerPyx trophy guide and ka-ching: I now got all the missable ones. Breath happy and continue. At the moment I'm on 47% with 26 trophies out of the 52 (which in my belief is 50%). Haven't done RDO yet, I want to finish up all offline trophies first. After getting those missable trophies I realized I should check the other trophies as well. And now I realise that Gold Rush might the most difficult one to achieve. I'm at Chapter 6 and need 5 more quests before I enter the epilogue. I started counting: if I continue the game and save before every quest and go for the gold, eventually I will have (5 previous + 5 C6 + 11 EP1 + 10 EP2) 31 Gold medals. That means I will need to replay 39 missions. So if all goes well, I'll be at 44% of this trophy. I was curious about what other players might do. Will you continu on and get every gold medal left and just replay, or will you start a new save for it? Hoping you guys can help me make a decision.