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  1. Already have LS plat but yhea, i should get back to HF and HR
  2. Nice, im hyped as fuck. Can't wait for this GGO based game
  3. Yhea exactly, i actualy said this with Naruto in mind. It currently has 5 games and 2 more are coming out this year.
  4. Im on the same boat as Lucas, i want to know what the changes are first. And i also think that games in mixed PP bags that have more than 5 games in the serie should be allowed to have its own PP.
  5. Have you even looked at the trophy list before saying this? The platinum honestly doesn't look easy.
  6. # 271 - Smite Rarity - 0.73 % Started playing this game with friends and was slowly working towards my plat. But can finally say i got this plat. Not really sure how long this took me but i'm guessing its 150 - 200 Hours And looks like stalker already added my game to the total score ^^
  7. Im actually quite suprised im at 2nd place at both career points and score.
  8. The leaderboard takes a little bit to update after you synced your trophies.
  9. Sorry guys i got confused with the days and thought there was still 1 more day left. Time goes to fast :/ Alright here's the last fixture. Platinum League Mstalker58 v ReimiSaionji9742 Mah2C v Whyfire Cjshaitan v LucasV9991 Pureproteinman v Psy-Tychist Zajac9999 v HcG-_Clawz Gold League RalphyLDN v Omar280792 Tsundere-Tenshi v Kent10201 Jarethgeason v Enma8910 xZonehunter v ToxiKirby Wdog-999 v woop94 Silver League ericperez18 v Vasorat13 HcG-_Terror v freddie1989 Revvie11 v NIALLERMANBUZ RainstormIII v Bladesoframen man_with_wdjat v Tearraven Bronze League XShadowYakuzaX v Ganryu_Pl voodoo_eyes v Boooda56 Exhaseo v me3lingual Obscure_Ale v Dragon-Archon X18JELLO18X v Ichiban-Hybrid Manganese League RingUnlimited v FredolIne05 gr1mydawg v ratchet2425 Official-ME- v Hertzfeldt Walter_Breit v Jiaho24 BrutalLooter v soultaker655
  10. Im pretty sure the reason why Project Platinum is dying is because the leaderboards died. A lot of people lost motivation to update their thread or to update their progress because of that.
  11. # 268 - Mercenary Kings Rarity: 1.44 % New score 42.93 Im closing in on you Stalker, better stop slacking
  12. # 268 - Mercenary Kings Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty: 5 / 10 Really fun game and also made it to fastest achievers
  13. Fixture 8 Platinum League Mah2C v Mstalker58 ReimiSaionji9742 v Cjshaitan Whyfire v Pureproteinman LucasV9991 v Zajac9999 Psy-Tychist v HcG-_Clawz Gold League Tsundere-Tenshi v RalphyLDN Omar280792 v Jarethgeason Kent10201 v xZonehunter Enma8910 v Wdog-999 ToxiKirby v woop94 Silver League HcG-_Terror v ericperez18 Vasorat13 v Revvie11 freddie1989 v RainstormIII NIALLERMANBUZ v man_with_wdjat Bladesoframen v Tearraven Bronze League voodoo_eyes v XShadowYakuzaX Ganryu_Pl v Exhaseo Boooda56 v Obscure_Ale me3lingual v X18JELLO18X Dragon-Archon v Ichiban-Hybrid Manganese League gr1mydawg v RingUnlimited FredolIne05 v Official-ME- ratchet2425 v Walter_Breit Hertzfeldt v BrutalLooter Jiaho24 v soultaker655 Started 1 minute ago.
  14. # 267 Magicka 2 Rarity: 1. 33 % Which brings my score to 35.37
  15. Break is over, back to earning trophies. Fixture 7 Platinum League Mstalker58 v Cjshaitan Pureproteinman v Mah2c Zajac9999 v ReimiSaionji9742 HcG-_Clawz v Whyfire Psy-Tychist v LucasV9991 Gold League RalphyLDN v Jarethgeason xZonehunter v Tsundere-Tenshi Wdog-999 v Omar280792 woop94 v Kent10201 ToxiKirby v Enma8910 Silver League ericperez18 v Revvie11 RainstormIII v HcG-_Terror man_with_wdjat v Vasorat13 Tearraven v freddie1989 Bladesoframen v NIALLERMANBUZ Bronze League XShadowYakuzaX v Exhaseo Obscure_Ale v voodoo_eyes X18JELLO18X v Ganryu_Pl Ichiban-Hybrid v Boooda56 Dragon-Archon v me3lingual Manganese League RingUnlimited v Official-ME- Walter_Breit v gr1mydawg BrutalLooter v FredolIne05 soultaker655 v ratchet2425 Jiaho24 v Hertzfeldt