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  1. Oh dam, is it true? The one and only ... wait who were you again?
  2. Well. I think i gave you enough of a lead now. Let me kick this off with Time Crisis plat. 261 - Time Crisis Razing Storm Rarity - 0.12 %
  3. # 261 - Time Crisis Razing Storm Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 After joining FDG's event called Your Next Game Lottery i got this game picked for me so had to play this. Now 1 year and 1 week later i finally got the platinum. The multiplayer took me quite some time but other than that it wasnt that long. Honestly the only thing i liked in this game was the Arcade mode. The sentry mode was alright but got boring pretty quick and the story and multiplayer were just really bad. The game wasn't really that difficult and still now idea how it has so many URs.
  4. Zajac was afraid of losing to me, thats why he didnt want to join.
  5. Im pretty sure they were the same back then.
  6. Oh come on, you really had to put those quotes of mine in?
  7. I somehow feel like you need to perform every different animation kill. I still havent really tried since im still level 28 so dont have the last jason yet. But i feel like i should have done all the different excecutions. Not all the animations though there's lots of those.
  8. Hey you never know. I just feel like all the americans are ganging up because they are afraid of the superior eu math. 5 americans in our team. 5 people voting on me. Coincidence? I think not.. Oh thats cute. It might look like i have done nothing for our plat race yet since i still have 0 points. But i have been working on grinding MP trophies for some pretty nice UR plats so you better watch out
  9. Didn't know people disliked me this much. Oh well now atleast i can see how my reputation is around here. It's either that or you guys just wanted to get rid of one of the stronger players in the team which looks like a stupid idea so early in the event. But on the other side that sounds like a tactic jem would come up with so im not suprised. At least now i can focus on beating a certain someone in a plat race again. Might even double the points. Anyway goodluck to the rest.
  10. Yheaaa, that's a great idea! How about no...
  11. Since i couldn't stay an extra 20 minutes i thought i'd just post them already and have you enjoy your early match up reveals. So here you guys go Fixture 8 Platinum League Pureproteinman v Toxikirby Kochiya-Shana v Zajac9999 LucasV9991 v Whyfire cjshaitan v Mah2c ReimiSaionji9742 v HcG-_Clawz Gold League Omar280792 v Hemiak Psy-Tychist v RalphyLDN RainstormIII v Jarethgeason Mstalker58 v the_couchster HcG-_Terror v Wdog-999 Silver League Ichiban-Hybrid v jem12345 VASORAT13 v woop94 me3lingual v Shadowhood1111 Enma8910 v Kent10201 xZonehunter v ShogunCrocop Bronze League man_with_wdjat v XShadowYakuzaX Tearraven v revvie11 ericperez18 v NIALLERMANBUZ Bladesoframen v freddie1989 Gregorymany v X18JELLO18X Approximate starting time: in 24 minutes
  12. Hmm..
  13. Didnt know who to vote for but I voted for unknown. I like both of you but seeing the early game trash talking that seemed to be the better choice 😄 anyway good luck to both of you.
  14. I warned you not to take me lightly. Thought i gave you a little advantage . I'll be getting past you soon and you'll never see it coming.