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  1. Well, your want to watch list is still better to finish than mine 😅
  2. Sign me up too, I have Lost Song platinum. I should definitely finish the others. Usually people do something about an itch
  3. I just hope that the game tracks the 1 million well.
  4. Sure thats fine with me
  5. Last of Us without a doubt
  6. Because i already answered it in the very first question. Dont see a reason to answer the same question twice Yuuki is deffinitly my favourite character, but theres a reason why i cant do that and i can't mention it without spoiling the anime but im quite sure you know it already anyway
  7. Does anyone know whether its easier or harder with the drum? Thinking about buying the drum aswell but if that makes it harder i dont think i'll do it lol. I just cant take them serious. Ordered one of those around christmas neven got it and when i mail them they dont respond.
  8. Probably wont be a trophy list for it since its still a beta.
  9. Maybe it's just you. Every time you pick someone you think will win will end up losing. Maybe you were the reason I was losing so much..
  10. @Lucas Are you betraying the Dutch Alliance?
  11. Voted on Shana as i know she can be really competitive when she has the time. But wish all 3 of you the best of luck.
  12. Oh its this time of the year again. This always screws with my wallet... I already see so much games im interested in You can play with your DS4 on the ps3. I think there is a way to do it wireless aswell but dont know how. But you can just play wired.
  13. Well here's my last platinum of the competition. Congrats to Stalker on your win. And we both maneged to get some good UR Gainz #400 - Fifa 12 Rarity 1.30 % Current Score: MStalker58 - 185.79 HcG-_Clawz - 108.76