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  1. Dont know much about the game, i just love the fact that the eu version is called football and the na version is called soccer.
  2. That moment when every kart caring game is a rip off from Mario Kart and every battle royal game is a rip off from pubg even tho h1z1 was first. Whats next are we going to call every fps game a Call of Duty rip off too? One genre doesnt belong to one game come on, it doesnt even look like mario kart. On topic though, looks like another ez pz game that everyone cant get enough of.
  3. Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  4. If you really want to its possible to get back to the first patch.
  5. But this list really is grindy lmao. Most people in this game get like an average of 2 / 3 kills per game
  6. I have not used the modifiers yet. Using those you don't really learn much. But i think i will, just to get the FCs trophy
  7. Full Combo means that you finish the song without breaking the combo so basically completing the song without missing a note.
  8. Getting S rank on the expert songs isnt that difficulty either. After like 5 hours of playing i already have most expert songs on S with no experience on pc or whatsoever. Still havent been able to get a fc tough. Always mess up one note. Also doesnt really help i dont have the room for this and keep hitting the wall and my desk.
  9. I have the same thing. I keep smashing my desk with the move or the wall or something. And pretty hard at that aswell to get those extra points 😂
  10. Lmao, was just memes and shit. Having a laugh while Virtual was working on a detailed explanation. Good luck though.
  11. So just to prove to everyone that the trophy really is possible i recorded me getting the trophy. So after we tried for the first weekend we really had bad luck we spend like 12 - 14 hours that weekend and we only were able to get 2 people the trophy one of them was an alt to test it on. Today we tried it again with some upgrades. We had a host with some godlike connection, host had google fiber with 1 ping and everyone has cable. We found players on wifi would barely remain connected long enough for everyone to join the lobby. Also everyone in our session is European so that might help a lot towards stability. To further improve your luck on getting the trophy some excellent driving is required as you can see in this video.
  12. Expert is available from the start. The missions are like challenges indeed. Start at easy diffculty and then slow throwing mods in them while also raising the difficulty. Wouldt suprise me that some of the last missions would be to complete song on expert with some mods or something.
  13. Yeah my bad, i never properly read trophy descriptions 😂 Yeah i mean Rhythm games in general haha. People could be good in swinging swords all they want. If they dont got a feel for rhythm they wont come far 😅
  14. Yeah 16 songs is shit. especially for this price IMO.Yeah so if you want to plat the game right now you would have to get 15 out of 16 songs SS rank Also did a bit more research and the devs said there wont be custom song support since they said its impossible. Although impossible is a big word. But they did say the will release DLC songs quite "regularly". So we'll see about that. But as of now im still going to enjoy it and really digging the electric songs. I think the plat is going to be a good challenge but might become easier as more songs come out. So if you really care about your completion i'd say wait a bit maybe. But seeing you also got DJ hero plat you should be fine either way.