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  1. Was tough getting this game done. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5532-my-name-is-mayo/HcG-_Clawz
  2. But you wont be getting any trophies for that anymore so just wasting your time. Why not get a different version if there is another list. What differents does it make. It doesnt affect other people in any way.
  3. Guess i really need to go to some kind of clinic to get rid of that then. Do you know of any?
  4. For me that implies for any stack to a game that i like
  5. Obviously people do it for them juicy stack gainz.
  6. The reason why Assetto isnt on here is probably because it wasnt out back then But i do think Assetto is harder than GT5.
  7. Mrunknown got 583 trophies in February. Im am the one who got over 600 trophies though with 653
  8. Can you add sonic & all stars racing transformed, gran turismo sport and superbeat xonic to my list?
  9. I fixed it. All i had to do was delete my profile and create it again. But i lost all my media and save files. I did back up my save files before i did that just to be sure. Just sad to lose all my plat images
  10. I tried rebuilding database but that didnt work.
  11. For some reason whenever i try to sync my trophies on my PS4 it doesn't sync. It's not a specific game it happens to every game. Booted up a completely new game and didn't want to load the trophies. Tried to start up. Dying reborn which should give you a trophy for just starting the game and nothing, tried Energy Invasion where you have the same kind of trophy and still nothing. Its definitely a problem with my PS4 since my PS4 Pro, ps3 and vita work fine. Has anyone experienced anything like this or know a solution to this?
  12. Damm, zajac stole my pink name..
  13. Thats sercretly how Tearraven looks in RL.
  14. Never again... Have fun going for the plat
  15. Yeah let me join back too