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  1. # 312 - Hot Wheels: World's best driver Rarity - 4.41 % MStalker58 - 162.64 HcG-_Clawz - 82.47
  2. Date a live: Rio Reincarnation HD has been added, the requirement for gold has now been increased to 8 plats which means @Dalez1658 is now Silver. You guys have been added and updated.
  3. I'm using the T300. I'ts the first wheel i ever bought and i couldn't be more happy with this one.
  4. This just means more game time TBH i think its good the way it is. Everyone has the same problem.
  5. # 280 - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Rarity: 1.21 % MStalker58 - 151.05 HcG-_Clawz - 76.88
  6. You can also sign me up as Housemarque Apprentice with the Super Stardust Ultra plat. Maybe it finally time to get to Resogun and Dead Nation too.
  7. I have a disease thats called not able to finish games. This disease makes it hard for me to get my points in. Im so close to quite some UR VR plats. I still havent found the right medicine yet to cure it.
  8. Honestly i still dont know how you think we are cheating. I got the deluxe edition which got me the games 3 days early. I'm playing with 8 sims and since i have nothing better to do with my life i have been playing sims over 12 hours a day, 1 time even without sleeping. So yhea there you go. Thats how i and probably more got their trophies so fast and close to each other.
  9. Hey man im sorry. I wont do it again. Can you please do something about that report?
  10. Oh shit im going to get flagged now. Better hide my game to not be known as a cheater
  11. I've had this happen quite a few times too. The way I fixed it was by clicking going over every menu in the bottom right corner a few times plus a few times clicking circle and itnwouls every time fo away so far. I also got the save glitch once now but I save every 30 to 60 minutes so it didn't really do much to me. Also had a glitch where my character would be completely stuck in the middle of the room. Even though he could go anywhere his actions won' come either not from me or automatically and the only way I found to fix that was having another aim travel with him somewhere.
  12. We don't have a name yet but our team will be HcG-_Clawz Danny_Johansen Floriiss Yuichiro-Akuhei
  13. Im really looking forward to this one