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  1. Who is this prinny dood you're talking about? dont remember anyone like that
  2. Not sure if it'll be a good idea to let me stay in since i started my new account. And i think its better to keep the URs in there.
  3. Lmao didnt know i was rank 38
  4. Alright the trophies look pretty much like all the other motogp games, but im really loving the trophy images. I can always appreciate some good pixel art
  5. If you knew how this game worked you could see in the video that he hasn't to all 3 unique killer perks so would't be able to get the trophy. There is literally nothing wrong with this list and it just looks like you're jealous that someone took your fastest achiever away.
  6. I still have no clue what a trad hunter is lmao
  7. Please explain to me what a trad hunter is
  8. Its cute how you think you triggered me lmao
  9. I don't care about standards or whatever. Its your attitude, i found it especially funny how you got triggered by being called a trophy whore even tho its exactly what you are.
  10. Imagine being proud of that.
  11. Lmao wouldnt even call you a trophy hunter when all you play is rata and powgi games. And here you are acting like you're some bigshot or something you're not even close to level 100 lol. Go get more rata games first before you come discussing here.
  12. For any racing fan this shouldn't be too difficult, I think this is one of the easier racing games out there because of the controls feeling really smooth. I'd definitely wouldn't rate this a 7/10 more like a 5/10
  13. Well, i just finally got my first plat on this account. Sorry Psy 😅
  14. Hey guys, i think shogun might have forgotten the time or was simply just to busy so ill just do it for him now. Fixture 9 has started 9 hours ago Platinum League Psy-Tychist VS freddie1989 Shadowhood1111 VS HCG Clawz Talic007 VS Redbeard--Rik microsamm VS theshywaterguy stupid0089 VS XShadowYakuzaX BYE: AffectatiousDonk Gold League MDGW25 VS GTA_Darren VASORAT13 VS me3lingual aztekXI VS Omar DEMONICRUBLE18 VS OmegaFenron Wavergray VS MidnightDragon BYE: hibpshman Goodluck everyone!