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  1. Way to many zombie trophies for my taste. Wish it had more MP trophies, something like max prestige would be fun
  2. Well i think Spirit is a really strong killer, even though its only considered a mid tier killer. Deffinitly one of my favourite. My favourites are still Nurse and Hag.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know who isn't aware that there is double points weekend. https://twitter.com/DeadByBHVR/status/1042927642402607104
  4. I dont understand how finishing one stage 1st as legend is a gold trophy but finishing the whole dakar in 1st place as legend is only silver. Oh well, looks like a fun game with a fun trophy list.
  5. So i completed Kakashi's special mission and both Sakura and Lee's mission but didnt get the trophy for any of them. I had the same problem with basic training but i thought that was because of the loading screen froze so i tried again after that and got the trophy for it. But with these 3 missions the loading screen didnt freeze because at least thats finally fixed now but i didnt get any of them. I tried doing kakashi's special mission again for the 2nd time and still no trophy. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue, im liking the game quite a lot but its really broken atm.
  6. What kind of madman are you to request collectables?
  7. Honestly all you do is hit them and they're gone. Its not even really usefull. Most of the time they only have them selves with it. You do realise survivor gets more points the longer its being chased right. Thats what most people are going for, at least thats what i see and hear most streamer talking about.
  8. IMO Nurse is the best character and also the one i like to play most of the time. But its hard to get used to her so most people you see playing her are not good. Hook blocking is not a tactic to annoy killers, it's just a effective way to help your fellow survivors. On the other hand camping a hooked survivor is gay and utterly useless especially if all 4 survivors are friends and talking on party. You're annoying 1 survivor but in the time you've been camping him the other 3 would have almost finished the game by themselves. So really dont understand why people like to do this. Most killers who do this dont even win.
  9. I'm just a really competitive person, i just enjoy moving up the leaderboards. It's not just leaderboards i also play many games competitively.
  10. #450 - DJMax Respect Difficulty: 9/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 This is definitely my proudest platinum and also my favourite rhythm game on the console. Bought this game because it looked a lot like OSU Mania, even though i barely played that it's the closest thing to an OSU game coming to the PS4 so i just tried the demo and after playing a few songs i instantly bought the game because i was having a lot of fun. Thanks to the DLC the platinum became a lot easier, but still hard nonetheless, but then the requirements for some of the later DLC trophies are insane and i doubt i will ever get the 100%. I will definitely be going for the other stacks
  11. I just started this game today and im really liking it so far
  12. Probably one of the best lineup i've seen in a while now.
  13. Yeah, my guess is because of summer as well. But then again, it really isnt that much.
  14. Well, your want to watch list is still better to finish than mine 😅