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  1. Got 1 plat on my new account with the trillion plat
  2. Ok yeah that one might be luck based too, i usually just see that round as a nice brake since the first 90 seconds are useless anyway lol people try do the same thing but for some reason most people dont seem to be able to get the timings right. Just camp a baskest from the opponent team and throw every egg outside i mainly went for the one with the least eggs. Dont worry about getting eggs in your own
  3. Yeah jinxed is the one game i was talking about thats the luck based one Hoopsie daisy literally havent lost that game once Fall ball - Even with less players i often still carried just camp the middle and wait for the ball to spawn again. Easy goals Egg scramble/hoarders - there are a few tactics you could use here to win games 95% of time time really not that bad.
  4. Definitely more skill than luck, if you think team games are just pure luck means you're not good enough to carry. I mostly solo carried team games really dont know what you're talking about. Literally the only luck based game was the team vs team tag game forgot the name
  5. I cant believe i have more points than brave who won and i nearly got knocked out lol
  6. Been a while since i did this so let me try and do this again
  7. Plat #4 - Fall guys. Pretty enjoyable game and easy plat. Difficulty - 3/10, Enjoyment - 8/10

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      HcG Clawz

      Yeah, i started a new account a few months ago. I got tired of trophy hunting for leaderboards so decided to start over and do more casual hunting.  Still trying to figure out how i can switch my psn account on my forum account.

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  8. Oh nice i won against brave didnt see that one coming. Thanks fall guys haha
  9. Yeah exactly, the more you get used to everygame the easier it will get. Ofcourse there is still some luck involved in getting the right games. And in some cases getting the right teams. But when i play with a few friends i never lose team games. and if you're all trophy hunter you can let eachother win for the winstreak. Although most of my wins have been in solo mode. But yeah justhave to see what works best for you.
  10. Stop thinking everything is luck based and make excuses. If this is your attitude in going for the trophy you already have a wrong attitude lmao.
  11. Nice try buddy, but you're looking at the wrong account I nearly have the plat. Got the trophy right after i got the 20 wins trophy. Honestly not that bad. some of my friends already had 5 or more winstreak multiple times now. Ofcourse there is some luck in this game actually quite a bit of it. But this trophy isnt just luck based hahaha.
  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this list. Would have even ejoyed if it was more grindy tbh. Quite a straight forward list.
  13. Sadly i only got the T - Rex color and not the pattern. Not that i would have gotten the plat since i still need to get to level 40 but still. Kinda lame that this is random.
  14. Ah sorry if i caused any confusion. Didnt want to win that way haha
  15. Ehh thats stupid, guess i just have to do the grind normally with sim and domination theni ugess