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  1. You only have games with no plat that u haven't touched in over a year, so what is the point of advising playing any of that shit. Try Yakuza series if you are up for a challenge. Also same goes for me, don't recommend me shit like Ratchet, no I'm obviously not gonna play anything i haven't touched in over a year so be realistic.
  2. GTA V unless you want to get all these collectibles and spend like 100 h with 12 year olds constantly trying to kill you
  3. GTA V, knife flights are just not worth it
  4. NFS Rivals. Why plat something you apparently hate?
  5. Lol nobody's making you play
  6. Drake's Fortune
  7. Okay bro, so I think you shouldn't bother with the last of us part 2. Play the first one first, as it's a brilliant game. I recommend not going for any trophies at first, just enjoy the ride. After that go for the plat. Honestly, online isn't that bad, just takes a long while even with skipping days, but the game itself is well worth it. As for the second part, well i do have the plat but was it worth my time? Not really. I think that you should only plat the games you really like and that was not the case with the last of us part 2. It's not the worst game but it's not a masterpiece some say it is. It's waaaaay too long, boring and the story is just straight from bald and beautiful. Go for the first one my dude, lil challenge never killed nobody. Second one is pretty much long ass hand me plat. EDIT for whoever is gonna advise me against platting something, please don't say Fall Guys I'm obviously not going for it
  8. Well I had to start a new game and do all flying stuff again. Took me 4h but i managed to do it.
  9. #24 Los Santos Legend Well that took a while. I absolutely love GTA V but knife flight challenges are ridiculous. Extremely proud of myself 10/10, 1000000 for effort
  10. God dammit that's what I thought. I will do than mate, thanks
  11. So I'm missing 2 knife flights and i have no clue which one. Is there a way of resetting it? Coz at this point i can't tell if it doesn't pop coz I'm doing it wrong or because I have done it already. Please help those two fucking flights are between me and plat
  12. Hey how do i unlock Devin Weston is director's mode? I have completed the story all missions etc 100% so why isn't he unlocked?