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  1. I'd take mahjong over that lil brat Haruka and her damned requests any day
  2. Just enter some buildings and leave. Walk around the town, he will get you eventually. Did u do the emails?
  3. I'm waiting for physical copy, I'm currently dealing with car chase on legend, and climax battles in kiwami. Gotta do melee fight #10 and all the ultimate ones. Only after I get the plat will I play kiwami 2. Hell knows when that's gonna be so I'm in no hurry to get that bundle.
  4. I had an issue with bookstore, but finally managed to play it on interrogations. Ya, after like 80 matches :/
  5. Well it's half dead at this point. If you want to get platinum, prepare yourself for hours of waiting in the lobby. Yeah, hours, and that's if you are lucky.
  6. It is enjoyable, especially interrogations, but man it's such a chore when you have to go through all 12 weeks TWICE. Also it's only hard at the beginning
  7. Btw if you leave the match with 0 healthy survivors you will fail BUT if you do nothing and get kicked out due to inactivity you will not fail, and time will move forward. I actually discovered this accidentally, went to get me something to drink lol. I was kicked out twice in a row with zero healthy survivors and didn't wanna push it. So what I do is get everyone healthy, skip two games in a row, get kicked out due to inactivity amd then play for one or two matches to get people healthy again. Also I only play interrogations, you get plenty of time to craft all the gifts you need and collect enough supplies.
  8. I've finished all substories except for Amon, and for that I need Dragon style maxed out. Thing is, I don't seem to get any emails from Majima's subordinate. How can I trigger them? I'm missing 6 emails and I'm in premium adventure mode as of now. Please help Edit: Nevermind, already figured it out. Turns out I got them damn emails, apparently I'm blind. All I had to do was to just go to the right places at the right times.