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  1. Uncharted Golden Abyss
  2. The Last of Us Remastered Wish I could plat it again
  3. Yakuza Kiwami Also y'all are supposed to quote others so they know you've responded lol Man I wish, the goddamn game is broken and the plat is unobtainable for those with sea monster bug
  4. Knowledge is power
  5. What's there to advise, pretty sure all the games you haven't platted are unobtainable except for metro so...
  6. Dude thank you but I'm never playing this shit again, this is some ridiculously bugged crapgame.
  7. This has to be a joke. I started the new game again, and i did kill all the monsters. The shark head was orange yet somehow when I killed Abaia and crafted the fucking head SHARK TURNED GREY AGAIN. The trophy did not pop AGAIN. HONESTLY FUCK THAT SHIT OF A GAME.
  8. Dude what are you doing recommending broken Lara Croft games when you have played all of the Uncharteds and yet the only one you have plat in is the third one... It's trash, go plat Uncharted 2.
  9. Red Dead 2 play the story mode bro
  10. #32 Sleeping Dogs PS3 Hong Kong LegendEarn all the Sleeping Dogsā„¢ trophies to unlock this platinum trophy. Oh yes, my favorite game of all time, revisited on PS3. Had to play something I love after that UFC 3 nightmare. That's how the story goes, I got this game for Christmas 2012 after arguing with a salesman who tried to sell my mom Far Cry 3 instead. Back then the only FPS i played was CS GO. After replaying it over and over again my brother lost our PS3 disc somewhere (which was found in the basement years later) so I got it on PC. According to Steam I've clocked nearly 130h in this game and that's just while logged in. I still think it's the most underrated game of all time and I'd recommend it to everyone and their grandma. Play it, plat it and fall in love with this unique peace of art. RIP United Front.
  11. Arcade Game Series: Pac Man whoever gave this crap 2/10 difficulty rating is a goddamn liar PS Again, don't tell me not to plat Fall Guys duh, I'm never touching it again
  12. #31 EA Sports UFC 3 UFC 67: All or Nothing Unlock all other trophies in EA Two and a half years. That's how long this shit took me, most of which was spent on Legendary mode and bitching to a godsent angel Infernopommes who listened to my rage rants and gave me some great advice. Difficulty level? Thanks to that legendary bs and broken ground game it's over 9000. Enjoyability? What fucking enjoyability? I absolutely do NOT recommend it only got it coz apparently I'm a masochist that had to prove something to herself. This piece of garbage haunted me for two years and I never thought I would get it. Well, surprise motherfucker.
  13. Detroit I can't bring myself to play this again it's way too long