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  1. Detroit. I just can't
  2. You only have one game that's not a plat, what are you even doing on this thread. Go plat that
  3. The Last of Us Remastered
  4. Yakuza 3. Nice
  5. Horizon. Game is overrated af, long and repetitive. I mean if you love doing the same thing over and over again go for it, but otherwise it's not worth it. And Jesus Christ I'm obviously not going for Fall Guys so stop telling me not to plat it. Like no shit Sherlock, pick something else.
  6. Mine's loading even longer. I launched gta v today, made myself some fries before the online loaded
  7. Heavy Rain. If i hear Jason one more time I'ma shoot myself in the head.
  8. Yakuza Zero. No idea why u decided to go for 3rd installment instead of Zero so that's my recommendation lol
  9. Hands down Sleeping Dogs. My fave of all time, no idea why so few are aware of this gem. I've it on PC, PS3 and obviously PS4 and i can't get enough of it.
  10. Dude I'm Polish you can't tell me you hate the Witcher 3, the franchise is our national treasure xdddd
  11. Yakuza 7. I promised myself i won't start another yakuza game until I'm finished with the previous one. And well, I am stuck platting yakuza 3. Well 4 to go I guess
  12. Ya. Weren't those questions supposed to be related to gaming? Have you ever regretted platting a game?