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    Stop telling me to platinum Uncharted 3. It's a shitty game. Same with heavy rain or nfs, I'm not a masochist. One playthrough is enough.

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  1. Ratchet & Clank, my brother started playing it on my account and it's not really my type of game so it's unlikely I will ever get a plat lol
  2. Black Flag
  3. Hmmm what to recommend... Dude you only have one game without a plat, and that's NFS Heat. What are you even doing on this thread lol
  4. Horizon zero dawn
  5. Go with Uncharted the lost legacy. That one is actually well made and fun to play, unlike uncharted 3 which for some reason everyone keeps telling me to plat. Hell no, U3 doesn't feel like it belongs in the series.
  6. It's finally on sale.
  7. Embrace the pandemic. Play the last of us.
  8. So I'm missing 3 random cards. I've literally played everyone in that damn game. Is it possible to have gotten several doubles instead of missing cards and eventually failing the Card Collector?
  9. Yakuza 0. You desperately need a challenging game.
  10. I only get a platinum if I really like the game, and kinda want to show people how much I appreciate the game. Might take me a while but if I like the game a lot I will get the platinum. That's why it annoys me when people tell me to finally get 100% in heavy rain, uncharted 3 or nfs, hell to the no.
  11. The Last of Us Remastered. No better game to play during the Coronavirus outbreak
  12. Just invite some people over. It's really fun to play either with friends or family. Buzz was 100 times better than Knowledge, I would play it over and over again with my cousins and my bro as kids. Now we are all grown up and Buzz is dead lol.