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  1. Hands down Sleeping Dogs. The story, the soundtrack, voice actors, everything was freaking perfect. My favorite game of all time
  2. I think the tip only applied to PS3 version, it doesn't work for me either.
  3. Well tbh it's not much of a horror I don't think anyone's mentioned that before, if you want to watch a horror film that's actually scary I'd recommend Shutter. It's an old Thai movie, and if I remember it right it was made by two film school students as their final project. Don't quote me on that tho. Well made ghost story
  4. The Haunting of Bly Manor. I'm obsessed. Not particularly scary, but man was it fun to watch
  5. Had to learn german for 6 years, always found the language extremely unappealing. That was until we had to learn a rhyme about seasons. Herbst is german for fall, which is my favorite season. Now, that was already taken on some online game I've been playing so I thought of the Sims 3's Sunset Valley. And that's how I came up with Herbset lol. People usually think I like weed or something
  6. Got me a pair of oxford shoes
  7. Omniverse
  8. Heavy Rain. Now, that's dedication my friend
  9. Yakuza 3. Your entire profile is freaking impressive mate
  10. For me it's Horizon Zero Dawn. It's an ok game, but nothing more than that. You know when you finish the game and you constantly think about it? Well that definitely wasn't the case with this piece. Played for a while, forgot about it. Never finished. I don't get the hype
  11. If you want me to choose something from your list imma go with Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. Bro you only have 3 games that you haven't platted, and you haven't touched any of them in 5 years. If you want something new, and you are not afraid of a challenge and endless grind, try a Yakuza game. I'd recommend Kiwami.
  12. Mirror's edge. I haven't played any of the games you haven't platted, so it's a random recommendation.
  13. Facts, the dialogues in LiS sound as if they were written by a foreign exchange student, or a boomer trying to impersonate teenagers
  14. Sleeping dogs has great graphics. I don't get it why people shit on it, it was made in 2012 ffs and for the budget they had they did a great job. This game is super underrated. Also heavy rain and detroit become human are meant to be played once, and getting a plat in any of them is a major waste of time.
  15. #20 The Last of Us Part 2 This game is too damn long. Like seriously, that Abby part felt like a long ass trip to the dentist. There's no way I'm suffering through survivor. Maybe one day if I feel particularly masochistic. TLOU Remastered survivor playthrough took me 11ish hours, this freaking crap took me 33h on MODERATE. Bitch wtf, no. Overall, it's like 5/10, wanted it to be my 20th plat since #10 is TLOU remastered and it holds a special place in my heart.
  16. Alright, so someone closed minigames aren't fun topic before I could reply. However, I still wanna post the comment I intended to post there so here it is. When I see people bitching about Yakuza games being hard I always laugh. Guys those games aren't hard, I'm by no means a skilled player and I platinumed both Kiwami and Zero, which are supposedly the hardest. Bitch nah Yakuza 3 is the killer for me. The thing is you have to memorize the sequences and read the tips online. When it comes to disco I couldn't beat some of the songs on the hardest difficulty, idk what it was called, maybe hard or something. You have two choices and I don't exactly remember what they were called but something like in karaoke, two levels one with more steps and bigger margin for mistakes, and second with less steps. I tried so many times on that lively thing and nothing. Then I switched to less steps option, simple or whatever it's called, and I got it first try. Those substories guys you have to beat on disco have several modes, most times they crush you with their swift moves or what not but there is one chance in many, that the AI dancing bro won't perform as good. Just memorize the steps and wait for your try. DO NOT do disco fever. Just don't, it gives you less points or something. Just be persistent and you will do it. Cat fights were so frustrating until I found some guy on youtube explaining how to predict their moves. I don't remember his name but just search how to beat cat fights or something similar. Now there's a thing those predictions do not work 100% of the time, more like 70%. Again, be persistent. Patience pays off. I'm just a girl that likes to play games at times and seriously, I don't do well in most of em. But what I have is patience. So yeah, maybe it did take me nearly 200h to get that damn Zaro plat, and around 150h for Kiwami, but I did it. And I'm damn proud of myself. The more Yakuza you play the more predictable games become. Not in Yakuza 3 tho wtf is this shit. I love it, but I also hate it. Memorize, play and repeat. Don't get discouraged, if I could do it, everyone can. PS: there are very few games I give two shits about but Yakuza series is the love of my life, and I just had to post it. Sorry not sorry, you can hate on me in the comments.
  17. Well maybe I don't but it's a long ass game and it's terrifyingly boring...
  18. Ninja Gaiden 2 wtf dude
  19. You have quite a few FIFA games. So yeah, FIFA of your choosing
  20. Judgement is a whole different story. The Amon fight was a nightmare in this one, real struggle. As per Mahjong in Yakuza games I highly recommend watching Yakuza 6 mahjong presentation on youtube, it applies to all Yakuza games. When I first started Kiwami I was overwhelmed with mahjong, now I freaking love it. I don't fully understand it, but I have the basics and it's enough.
  21. Couldn't you post in advise the next plat thread instead of creating a new one?
  22. Heavy Rain unless you are a masochist that digs terrible facial expressions or rather lack thereof
  23. I need someone to trade with me for the stocked up trophy. Hmu
  24. I'm looking for someone to trade, hmu