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  1. I named him Jagi, from Fist of the North Star series.
  2. My last gacha roll
  3. For me, the whole game was a piece of shit.
  4. The minigame of moving crates helps on building your arm strength.
  5. I'm going for Shenmue 1 & 2
  6. #51 - Persona 5 Royal
  7. On the first run, i named him Ricardo Milos. On the second, Ren Amamiya.
  8. #50 - Fist of the North Star - Lost Paradise
  9. Disturbed - Stricken
  10. Thanks man! The game is very easy, even on highest difficulty. Most trophies are taken while making another trophy.
  11. Kill la Kill - IF Bonus:
  12. Super Meat Boy Why? Probably one of the best experiences you will have on ps4, because is a difficult game, and it will make you impress yourself with your skills improvement. It 's a unique challenge!
  13. For platinum: Star Ocean 4 (788h) Just for beat the game: Persona 5 vanilla (159h) 4fun: Super Street Fighter IV (300H+)
  14. Just doing Daily Missions, spending resin for some exp books and trying to level up my weapons