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  1. Hatsune Miku Project Diva X
  2. Persona 5 Royal I need this game.
  3. Injustice: Gods Among Us Personal difficulty : 6/10 Very Overrated!
  4. This game is bad, but it's still a little playable! With luck, I managed to get 6 members together for a boost session! at least the worst is gone.
  5. This game is dead, very dead, if anyone want to play some matches, just send Private message here or psn!
  6. 5 - Final Fantasy Xiii-2 4 - Outrun Online Arcade 3 - Soul Calibur V 2 - Street Fighter V (The worst Fg on Ps4) 1 - Revenant Saga (The shittiest Jrpg ever made)
  7. Super Meat Boy
  8. All no death runs completed! After 29 days of Training, it's finally over! Now, i have some Warpzones and Bandages left for platinum!
  9. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  10. Finally, after 9 months... I WON! Myuria is looking good in screenshot XD!
  11. I got this BT right now following your post! I should thank you again. None of the gamefaqs or playstation trophies tips worked for me!
  12. I will check this method, thanks for the tip XD!
  13. Any tips for Bac-074? "Deal exactly 65,536 points of damage" I've tried the SD3K with ATK 4943 method and no results, is there some reliable method, or just pure luck? This BT is the only left for Bacchus!
  14. i'm after this platinum trophy since February lol. Now I don't think about giving up anymore, because I spent over 600 hours on it. I also had to play other games, if I played only SO4, it would drive me crazy Congrats for the platinum and nice pic, finishing this game it is not for anyone!