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  1. Cuphead, while doing the pacifist levels.
  2. Yanagishita? Lol Now i can say for sure, you have the coolest forum sig, because i love this guy. I need more of him in my life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. The user below
  4. I spent 14hrs grinding for Star Ocean 4 Battle Trophies.
  5. - Trial Athlete (Super Street Fighter IV Challenge Mode) I shall assimilate all and be all-powerful! Clear all Trial Mode challenges, and so can you.
  6. My family and my dog.
  7. Just another Sony EZPZ 2/10
  8. Yeah, this is the Free 2 Play game.
  9. "That was "izzy"
  11. Poirier vs Chandler scheduled for UFC 281. I like them both, it's hard to choose, but this time i'm rooting for Dustin. Sorry Chandler. See you at the top.
  12. Saejima, i kinda like that meathead character type. For fighting, Saejima again. Y5 Saejima is the strongest of all characters, even his Tiger Drop is better than kiryu.
  13. I think that Y5 pool is worse than Y3, just because the pool theme is pretty annoying (is the same as that ridiculous hostess manager minigame), and i didn't found the Yakuza 5 advanced difficulty spike too bigger than Expert Yakuza 3. In Y3, at least we can chill with the Aqua Sky music.
  14. The game crashed when I was walking with the map open. Apparently they didn't do anything about it.