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  1. The best way is finish the boring games first and everything else would be easier
  2. You don’t report him/her, if u really want to report them that badly, you’ll have to wait until he/her set his trophies to public
  3. Yoo

    Hello guys, its a me Ryuku I'm really happy to be here. and I would like to meet a lot of cool gamers and trophy hunters here And my favorite game is PERSONA 5
  4. Today I played overcooked with my brother, and when we failed to get 3 starts on the pirate level, I raged at him so bad and started calling him names, I really hurt his feelings, and I feel like shit but for some reason. gaming is starting to make me angry, I don’t what happened to me and I apologize to my little bro


    I just wanted to get it off my chest and apologize to my brother.

  5. It’s funny that after 2000 platinums he realized it wasn’t fun
  6. Snickel is really good too, I really enjoy his platinum vids, and good luck with your YouTube channel 👍👍
  7. It was sad when stay pationt left YouTube, and btw where is Charlohas aka CMH777 his YouTube channel disappeared
  8. I agree, I thought it’s a bad game but it turned out to be one of the best ps plus game that sony put out In awhile now
  9. Minecraft platinum + 100% honestly this game is really easy to plat and 100% due to the creative world glitch, I really enjoyed plating it and can’t wait for them to add s new dlc pack. Good job 👏
  10. I finished all the bosses related trophies and then I started the iron + hard mode run, and I couldn’t even defeat the first boss
  11. Thanks for the info, I was thinking of buying it so I play something with my bro
  12. A new rata game = a new bitching thread
  13. Yoo

  14. The reason why I believe he could’ve done it without cheating he was familiar with the game and maybe he was planning to be the first achiever. finishing bioshock 2 in a day or two isn’t impossible because the game has been out for ages now. and he had a team helping him with MP trophies ASAP, so being fast shouldn’t be considered as "cheating" Well if he’s just commenting to get @HoorayForTyler flagged, he should include his reasons as well
  15. LoL imagine if PS5 doesn’t support trophies 🤔

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    2. DamagingRob


      I would probably just keep playing the systems I currently own, then. There are no shortage of games I have or want to get, so I'd be good for awhile. I really only bought a PS3 to play exclusives on, and trophies made me drop my 360 entirely. It became a glorified DVD player for awhile, but now just sits in its box. Life after trophies.. :hmm: I'm sure I'd still play games on some console (never been into PC gaming), but not necessarily on PlayStation.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      It's not my problem. I play games same way for 20 years. Only difference is that for last 9 years i'm getting trophies while  i play them.

    4. Conker


      it wouldn't worry me, i'd just play like i used to before trophies.  though it would help with my backlog and probably make me wanna play my ps2/1 more and get more games for them  

  16. You have to wait now, until they send it via email
  17. Because it keeps me busy from my repetitive boring life.
  18. Yeah it was off
  19. I can’t find away to write in status update section
  20. Thank you so much sir
  21. Welcome
  22. That’s actually a good name lol
  23. New persona = New fun platinum
  24. Yoo

    Yeah I have added you. Thanks 🙏
  25. Yoo

    Thanks I really appreciate it 💚