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  1. PSN: EthereallSun Platinums: 86 URs: 345 UR Platinums: 28 Average completion: 31.48%
  2. Do you have to do all the bonus objectives in 1 go win or lose? the guide on psnp doesn't specify if you have to do the bonus objectives all at once for an operation when you lose. if anyone can share some light on this for me that would be greatly appreciated
  3. Is this normal? for the game to be in an endless load screen on ps3? I try to start up the game by pressing new game i never get past the now loading.... screen doesn't look frozen with a star spinning on the right of the screen. any work arounds?
  4. is the online trophy still obtainable in 2022?
  5. as the title suggests I follow the rarity leaderboard and my rank on it for the past year or so. I noticed this past week it stopped updating or refreshing my rank and I was curious why.
  6. you can be able to get 110% in 1 playthrough by doing challenges on an easier difficulty however since the plat requires you do to them on P.O.D. difficulty might as well wait till after your second playthrough.
  7. This is so lame I just earned the plat on PS3 couple months back! if ps3 doesn't get updates I have no way to earn these trophies without starting all over on ps4
  8. Looking for brain zombie pet and/or slime statue would trade for toy sled or amber mosquito (im on ps3)
  9. Thank you everyone for the help. Just bought it on my pc since i don't have a ps4. I really appreciate the help
  10. Currently looking in the NA ps3 store, and I do not see them under dragon age 2 list of dlc what does crossbuy mean exacty
  11. Where do I go to buy the dlc for this game? I've searched throughout the psn store and nothing i put into the search feature brings up the dlc
  12. I have theorycrafted that you can since the water ring is on the same floor(inner sanctum). I have collected every chest prior to needed the water ring. I want to save Gabe for later when my party is max level and best gear for the 2 meracle BT's. Has anyone else done these trophies in this order?
  13. You're a lifesaver man! thank you so much!!!
  14. Hello, my old discord got hacked, losing access to the psnp discord server. When I click discord on psnp it sends me to my new discord in browser mode. Is there anyway to rejoin the discord server with new account still being linked to my psnp account?