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  1. My top 5 are from Lost Planet 2 (three trophies, but probably all unobtainable), the platinum for Elder Scrolls Online and (with the same percentage and achiever count) Diablo 2 platinum, lv 99 and hardcore lv 99. If I only count games I actually played though and not only installed and looked at the trophies, then it would be ESO (2) and Diablo 2 (3) trophies. One day, that ESO platinum will be mine. One day... 😂
  2. I was about to buy Curse of the Dead Gods a week ago, but decided to wait because of my backlog - now I'm glad I didn't buy it 😂 Tribes of Midgard looks interesting - top down game, norse mythology, comedy elements; all the good things! Will add that to my neverending backlog as well 👌 Fifa can just go away.
  3. If I think back to my childhood, the thing I remember most about videogames is the music. I played some games 20 years ago and I can still hum the soundtrack or remember a catchy intro song. And the music is undoubtedly important to a game - imagine a game without sound! 😀 Just listening to the soundtrack makes me relive the gaming experience ✌️ So I'd say my favorite thing about games is definitely the music!
  4. After quite some time I can update my list again 😁 I'm not sure if Dauntless for PS4 counts though as it has DLC trophies, plus they probably add more trophies down the road 🤔 Do I have to get these new trophies then to keep Dauntless in the list? Edit: I'd like to change Shütshimi for Starlit Adventures (UR) if that's possible! # A Bleach: Brave Souls Clicker Heroes (UR) Dauntless (PS4) (UR) E Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition G Hungry Sharks (UR) I J Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage Let it Die (UR) M N O P Q R Shütshimi --> Starlit Adventures (UR) T U V Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap X Y Z
  5. I had a similar problem once. To me, it felt like a very strong drift - pushed the joystick a little bit, but the camera drifted a few seconds longer. Gave me the feeling that my character is walking on ice! It was only this once, so I don't know if that was a controller bug or anything like that, but I disconnected the controller and connected it again with the charging cable, and the problem was gone. You could try that, especially as it seems your partner doesn't have a problem with the controller 🤔
  6. Looks gorgeous, and the music in the trailer is astounding too. I've always fancied far eastern mythology, music and art and it seems the game has a bit of everything. Keeping an eye open for this one! 😁
  7. Shütshimi: Seriously Swole 🐠 Small shoot'em up game with a dorky humor. I mean, you're playing as a fish with muscle arms, wear sunglasses and can bounce around a bouncy castle! I had an amazing time with this game, and on top of that it didn't take too long to get 100%. You can play couch co-op with 3 other people as well! Let it Die I don't think this is a good recommendation if you're looking for small, funny games, but Let it Die has a strange, sometimes dark humor, especially in the beginning. If I had to describe the gameplay, it would be souls-like. The game can take a LOT of time (I'm talking about several 100 hours) and as it's a free game, it comes with microtransactions that can be useful, but are not needed at all! Everything in this game has a kinda sarcastic humor to it, it's fantastic. Wanna shoot a firework gun at a zombie? Go for it! Wanna collect stamps from boss heads? Sounds weird, but the game has it! If you catch a pvp fighter, they will be kept in the toilet. Release them, and they shoot like a rocket through the ceiling, gifting you with a final fart sound. A majority of consumables are mushrooms, and a pole dancing mushroom lady sells you stat boosts. I don't even want to start on the finisher moves... 😂
  8. Damn this looks good, on my wishlist for sure!
  9. I have the same issue - germany and german/europe store. As long as it doesn't hinder me in any way I'm not really bothered though. I can always look up the trophies on this site 😁
  10. Yes, the only thing that changes is the ending cinematic (though there are only ten, the difficulty doesn't change anything), the rather unimportant dialogue, and in the end you have a completed puzzle picture. Well, and you get the ability to play the game in your sleep 'cause you know it by heart! 👌
  11. If collecting puzzle pieces through getting endings counts, then definitely White Day: A Labyrinth named School. White Day is a horror game. Depending on what dialogue options you take when talking to NPCs, you get a different ending. And getting one ending gives you a puzzle piece. Now there are 10 different endings. This doesn't sound too bad - if you consider that you need to get all endings in all 5 difficulties. That's 50 different endings, tied to your dialogue options. You can get multiple endings in one playthrough if you know how to, or if you follow a guide, but one wrong decision and you have to do one more round. If you do exactly as the guide says, you only need to finish the game 20 times. 😭 I like this game a lot, it's one of the scariest I've played (if you start on hard difficulty, some ghosts are difficulty tied) but having this kind of collectible in a horror game is the worst choice they could've made. I know every tiny little thing about this game: every jumpscare, every safespot, every item you can pickup - literally everything. I think I did around 30 playthroughs, and 27 of those were just running perfectly from one objective to the next, following the guide for dialogue options, scare factor = 0.
  12. Maybe it's my lack of understanding because english is not my first language, but what you're talking about has almost nothing to do with what I was saying (if it even was aimed at me). You're not the target of my rant. 🤔 I have nothing against these >1% of completionists that go above and beyond. On the contrary, I respect that. I could never accomplish getting the Super Meat Boy or Crypt of the NecroDancer platinum for example. I've completed a few annoying and difficult games, even beyond playstation, I know what it's like to be truly satisfied with what you achieved. But exactly because of that I wouldn't want to get a trophy handed on a silver platter. That would take a huge amount of fun out of it. But anyway, I'm not entirely sure if we agree or not, but nevertheless I think it's unfair to give devs fault for including a missable trophy, that's all I'm gonna say. The game itself is fantastic, even if it wouldn't have any trophies. And EAs, Ubisoft's and Microsoft's profit ideas and buggy releases are entirely different topics.
  13. My main point wasn't even to bash on trophy hunters or try to discourage it in any way but just to make it obvious why devs don't care about a trophy list. Trophies are only worth what you think they are worth, we agree on that. Most think they're not even worth noticing, others develop unhealthy habits because they deem them as a 'most important thing' in life. It varies from person to person and goes hand in hand with the community. But all that has nothing to do with developers. It's kinda arrogant to expect devs to care about a trophy list if the main goal for them is to publish a game and get big profit, and not to please a minority. And like I said, making the trophy list more 'user friendly' doesn't yield higher profits (especially not for difficulty themed games like Elden Ring).There is simply no reason to expect them to care enough, that should be obvious. Most trophy lists aren't aimed at the completionists plain and simple. They didn't think about the >1% of gamers that will complain about a missable one (or decide to not buy the game altogether), nor should they. Shitting on the devs for including a handful of missable trophies or a collectable type of trophy in a big game is just illogical. Ironic, even. (not pointing the finger at anyone) But demanding that a game gets a more casual and straightforward trophy list, and then go complain that a platinum is common in another thread, or a boring trophy list, a too easy trophy list, or any other minuscule problem that you yourself basically wished for, is ironic. It's the other way around as well, only that the complaints change to things like a trophy is too difficult to get, too many collectables, too many complex trophies etc. These twisted wishes and expectations happen all the time. There's no right for devs, only wrong. Back on topic: I'm pretty sure, if Elden Ring didn't have missables, people would just find another reason to complain about the list. I can understand being frustrated with buggy trophies, nonsensical ones that have nothing to do with a game, muliplayer ones in games that are 90% single player etc. But a second playthrough in a game made for several playthroughs? Hm, maybe dodge roll it idk? 🤔
  14. ...because they are unimportant, everyone decides for themselves how high they value them. Getting trophies in a game doesn't benefit you in any way, you don't gain anything from it besides a feeling of accomplishment and a place in a community made ranking that lost its value because of all the devs that do care about trophies - in terms of money that they can make from people that basically buy platinum trophies (but deny doing so most of the time). Without these community made rankings, trophies are worthless, just a little programmed bling that happens once in a while during a game. The only thing Sony ever did with trophies is that they rewarded a few lucky people around the world that happened to live in a region where you could get cash for a certain amount of trophy points iirc, but nothing else. Not even an offcial ranking. Honestly, most people would probably slow down on trophy hunting or stop entirely if this website and similar ones would shut down for good. No way do many here compete against family members of friends in real life that would motivate them enough to either get infamous platinums like Super Meat Boy or to buy cheap and shitty 'trophy games'. There would be no reason to do these things. So many people also seem to forget that devs don't make games for trophy hunters, but for gamers, who also happen to enjoy getting trophies sometimes. But trophy hunters are the minority of gamers, especially the hardcore hunters. Why should devs spent days on a 'perfect trophy list' that only a fraction of players care about? They want you to enjoy the game, get as much gameplay and enjoyment out of it as possible so that no one can complain - which means good reviews - which means good sales. So what if there is a missable trophy in a big 100+ hour RPG, who cares? Certainly not the 100k+ people that praise Elden Ring as a fantastic game regardless of a handful of missable trophies. Sales won't increase drastically just because all trophies can be obtained in one playthrough. I personally like it if a game like Elden Ring has so many mysteries (only some of them tied to trophies) that even after several playthroughs, you still find something new. It gives a game replay value. It gives reason to explore a game again. You're not necessarily meant to play a game like this in one go, but many times over. In a few weeks or months again; when a new DLC comes out; in a few years when you want to enjoy the world of Elden Ring again (or any other big RPG with missable ending/collectable/decision trophies). This should be something positive, yet people regard it as something negative.
  15. Some games and series that come to mind which I'd love to play on PS5 with trophy support: Witcher 1 & 2 Risen 1 Monster Hunter series Octopath Traveler Xenoblade series Astral Chain Pokemon series & Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Final Fantasy 1-6 Kingdom Hearts Union X No need for updated graphics or anything, the original would do 👌