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  1. Nice one I remember reading something about this as well. Bethesda laywers contacted people that were selling games as new, court got involved...crazy shit. Imagine innocently selling a game u didn't play, still in original package, and a Bethesda laywer contacts u that u have to pay a 1 million fine or whatever just because u wrote 'new' in the info!
  2. I guess the praying person depicts the 'A' in a symbolic sense rather than an alphabetic sense, and then they combined it with a wordplay. At least that's my idea. 😁 Bethesda at it again with their game protection. I've read something like this already about a different game, just can't remember wich one. If they keep going that way they'll end up like Nintendo and you can't even upload certain things like video footage anymore.
  3. I cried happy tears when they announced the Final Fantasy 12 remaster, such a great game and so many good memories! And the Kingdom Hearts collection. It is available on ps3 and I actually own it so it doesn't quite fit your PS4 topic, but at the time I bought it I was already looking forward to PS4 and rarely played PS3 anymore, wich made me 'forget' about the games. So when the collection got an 'upgrade' to PS4 obviousely I got excited! Bought the games eventually, played them and just enjoyed the nostalgia! 😁
  4. This reminds me of an interesting text from @Artty44: This is exactly what I think. 20 years ago or even before that, you didn't really have an achievement list or internet to help you with collectibles, secret endings etc. There are guide books for a lot of games and some games had an 'achievement list' like ff12, but the main difference to today is the fact that there wasn't a visible 'ending', not even in the books. You play a game for 100+ hours and could not say for sure that you did everything in the game. I remember going for the Pirates Den in ff12, but unlike a trophy list, you didnt' see the requirements for them. You simply didn't know if you were completely finished. And if you came back later to the game with a new character, you experienced something else that never happened before, even if it was just a unique dialogue, a new weapon or something similar. Still, people weren't as addicted as they are today to completion. Why though? You could have gone for 100% if you wanted to. The trophy list is a checklist, it tells you the possibilities of the game. (Not all possibilities!) Everyone could make their own checklist for games without it, or even extend them with certain 'achievements'. Some games don't have the reqiurement to get all equipement, so you could just add it in your mind. You want to kill a boss in a certain time limit, but there isn't a trophy? Just add it in your mind, make a video of it, then you can still show it off like a trophy. They are basically nothing special. A shopping list istn's exciting, right? Even though you checked everything off of it. So why is a trophy list addicting all of a sudden? Because it's online and everyone sees it? You could show off your finished shopping list and still it's nothing special. 🤔 People make it more special than it actually is. Trophies are like a tiny guide book for me, they show me if there is still a secret boss, or a special weapon I don't have, or a unique dialogue with an NPC etc. After I got that, I get a trophy, like a crossed out headword on a checklist. And even after crossing everything off, there are still things in a game to do. Always. Completing games today is just so easy compared to the past mainly because of the internet. And that's a big problem of it all. Some make it even ridiculously easy for them and get a list of everything before they even started the game. In the end, these people complain that a game is too short or too easy or not interesting enough even though they spoilered themselves, and I don't get it. Play the game and enjoy it. If your mindset is like 'I have everything in a game, I won't play it ever again' then you shouldn't feel pressured for your next game, right? Your value for achievements is higher than the value for the game. I'm not good at explaining, but if you forget a game after finishing it, why does it matter so much to rush through all other games you have? You don't value the gameplay of your current game, that won't change with the next. You will never finish every game that exists, it's impossible, so naturally you will miss out on some games. So why not enjoy games slower and without a checklist in mind from the start? Nobody but yourself pressures you into rushing everything!
  5. Lords of the Fallen
  6. I guess you mean the npc questline achievements? I'd assume it wouldn't work 'cause it's a questline, but I don't know for sure. Talking to the npc for the last time could be the trigger for the trophy, so getting the npc equipment from another player obviously isn't the same and probably won't work.
  7. Currently switching between Fall Guys and Elder Scrolls Online 😁
  8. That's weird, do you have all 'special' monsters in the guiding lands, gold and silver, brute tigrex and scarred yian garuga? And also, the new version of the dragon elders, ruiner nergigante and blackveil vaal hazak? If you do, then it could only be Rajang and Stygian since Raging Brachy, Safi and Alatreon all have no crowns. They are both free dlc monsters and not needed though, people get the trophy without them. 🤔
  9. Then what crowns do you still need? That would certainly make it easier.
  10. This game looks incredible!🤘
  11. The Onion and the Sun from Dark Souls: Siegmeyer and Solaire. I will always grin thinking about these characters 😁 My favorite serious characters change too often, it depends on the game I'm playing. But whatever happens, Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts will always be near the top.
  12. 1. Final Fantasy 12 2. Kingdom Hearts 2 3. Dragonball Z Budokai 3 4. Ratchet & Clank Trilogy 5. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly 6. Dragonball Z Budokai 2 7. Sonic Heroes 8. Need for Speed Underground 2 9. Tekken 4 Back then I had more nintendo games than ps2 games and the list would be much longer if I wrote down the ones that came out on both consoles Except the first 3, I could freely switch every listed game. I love them all, and I'm quite sure even though the last time I played most of them is more than 10 years ago, I'd still know how to play and be perfectly fine with puzzle or bosses etc. This post made me remember my amazing childhood ✌️
  13. Just as Squirlruler said, it's RNG, again Fight Silver Rathalos when you can, try to break parts, collect tracks wherever you can and hope to get an investigation. You can use all guiding land items, so just keep at it and fight monsters, it's all useful! Basically you can fight a Great Jagras and get a Silver Rathalos lure if you're lucky. Fight in groups of 4, that way you get the 'lures' other members of the group get when killing a monster, collecting signs of turf wars or breaking parts. Or try to go into other peoples' guiding land quests, maybe even put Silver Rathalos as a filter search. Most likely the groups popping up are fighting him at least once. Btw, what crowns do you still need? Maybe you could get one from events!
  14. I hope you're not going to platinum these? Good games btw!
  15. This collection has around 8 games. That there's no plat is kinda sad, enough content is definitely there. Games with waaay less content have plats as well. At least it has a few normal trophies. Regardless, I'll enjoy it anyway someday