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  1. I have and in Ranks 7 and 8, I get the flipped over card by the door to show I got those. 6 starts with a text string to find the missing card, meaning the game believes I did not find it. I also learned to not trust the unlock listings (I assume it was a loc error on their part). Thank you, I might scan the 6/7/8 ranks of others. I did quickly once though just like you one I thought I found might not have been the case. At least the game is somewhat enjoyable and short if you know what you're doing. Thanks mate and congrats on your plat!
  2. Glad you found it, I also ran into this, but mine is actually glitched, I believe. I am also missing the last three accessories and it lists Aigis Rank 8. I go to Rank 8 and the card is already found (when you've already found them, they're flipped on the box by the door). Odd. I have no card 'already found' in Rank 6, but it's also not behind the ammo box like it usually is. Weird...
  3. So far, I think it is great. The plethora of small buffs to invest in by grinding gems is a bit long, but it's interesting enough to warrant repetition.
  4. *Elite Packs (50'000) are the ones which give the best odds (a high chance) using in-game credits.
  5. By far, the Elite Packs (50'000 credits) give the best odds to get Expansion Items, which you can use in-game credits from missions on. Also, in the last Darknet file you can choose to either keep or give credits. Keeping them (since it'll help for this) gives you 500'000 credits, which is 10 chances with Elite Packs to get Expansion Items.
  6. Sure felt that way. Couldn't listen to every cutscene because of the awkward voice acting, but he just felt soulless, you know? The 'Yes, Sirs' to everyone made it feel like I was piloting an empty vessel, but for no real reason. Still glad there was a campaign added to it.
  7. I also didn't get it to pop. How did you end up getting it in the end? Must have pulled it off 9 times.