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  1. I would get it after I post this. Always is the way. just keep trying the final island and get the ITEM shop girl!
  2. I’ve tried my best to find the wandering merchant who has this ring. I got the dark stay ring because it literally threw into my face. but every time I’m on the final is bald. The merchant only had positions to sell when she’s wandering around does anyone have tips for the ring?
  3. Finally got it. Wait for the end of chapter 8 with the gold version. Way easier
  4. I have been at this for 3 hours straight. Getting everyone knocked down except Drax and he literally will not do the Triangle prompt for the life of me. I tried on the first inquisitor. I’ve tried on the second. I’ve tried stunning him a thousand times. Am I missing something here?
  5. Have the 100k coin trophy and haven’t gotten to 10k gears yet at all. 25k gears is going to be a really big intense grind no matter what. Even with the saving exploit. You’d need 50 Treasure Hunt Cars or that amount of worth to even reach 25k
  6. Yeah the devs are changing the trophy description which is honestly needed to be done by more devs. Finally a freaking company who gives a shit about trophies being unobtainable.
  7. Now I’m really curious how you got this accidentally!
  8. It’s the last trophy I need and holy. Did they just amp everything up to a million? I’m really surprised by how hard it actually is. There’s barely any damage happening, parrying is great but when you have 4 little enemies and a huge boss. Hard to parry anything. Anyone else struggling or have any advice? Feel like everything went up x100
  9. Yup. I ran into this as well. So I’ve given up on the story and just going to do online. Might as well get those out of the way
  10. I played on Pilot and got the story difficulty trophy as well. So yeah they stack!
  11. So I just tried beating the last mission by starting on story and then using the last checkpoint to switch to ace. However the medals at the end read as Story So checkpoint method doesn’t work don’t know about replaying the entire mission *ignore all this, OP tried*
  12. Won 5 in a row but trophy didn’t pop :/ Not sure what happened. I did it legit as well
  13. After Slime Climb, I had 3 people including myself in a Fall Mountain.
  14. Teach me your ways senpai ._. ~has been playing non stop for 14 hours a second day in a row~ 2 wins in a row is still all I can muster. Got 22 wins so far total
  15. Well the point of the exploit to make sure it doesn’t reset your win of shows. So there would normally be no point in quitting out in the first round unless you really wanted to get the games you’re best at.