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  1. Well now im gonna be banned permanently. I cant talk shit what a shame
  2. Create a grappler, preferably in the heavyweight division, and work on your ground game. Have a go to submission and a takedown (for me it was usually a single leg takedown followed by the arm triangle) and after the first couple of a matches it should be a cakewalk to win fights. Striking is much harder and the ai is not very good at defending takedowns. Train mostly at jiu jitsu gyms too until you get most of the submissions and grappling stats maxed out.
  3. I dont think ill ever finish this game. Its so fucking boring and repetitive. What a letdown
  4. I just usually play one game at a time. Focus on one game and playing until i know i enjoyed all the content it has to offer. And a lot music if it has online grind crap
  5. Every platinum i have is an open world game. Goddamn
  6. They made a shit ton of money there. As long as the money is good they will stay
  7. Aew sucks. They barely have a roster. Their womans division is a joke. The tag team division sucks since they only have scu. They have moxley page jericho mjf rhodes and guevara. Everyone else sucks. They are a joke who will never compete with the wwe. God bless nwa power for keeping wrestling alive
  8. Good luck bro. Its worse than fallout 3. Its gonna become unplayable midway through the game. Crashes low fps. Dont stash a lot of shit and turn off autosave. Keep the save file low. Playing the dlcs is gonna be a grind. Constantly rebooting the ps3. Fuck bethesdas engine
  9. Batman arkham knight. Fuck jason todd
  10. Very mehhh e3. Cyberpunk won e3 without a doubt shame there was no new gameplay. Square enix was pretty good too. Nintendo i dont care much for. Ubisoft was ok. Ea had star wars and nothing else. Bethesda was terrible. Microsoft dont care. Sony not being there killed the hype for me. Devolver is amazing tho
  11. Hate paying for online. One of the big reasons i just gave up on the ps4 and went back to the 3.
  12. "trophy hunters" who just stack easy platinums from terrible or easy games are no trophy hunters.
  13. Same thing happened to me. I was gonna play the game but realized there was no dlc. Gonna get a refund
  14. Didnt even knew there were still fnaf games being released