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  1. Same, Real Colonel didn't pop for me. I played the DLC after I finished the main game, and I got all the other non-difficulty related trophies on the run as I played on Reader diffculty. I've just started Sam's Story, so we'll see how that goes.
  2. Same, I also finally got the Full House trophy. It seems you have to load the mission for previously glitched trophies to pop, but it's finally done now! I also cheekily loaded up the ps4 version of the game for the first time, and got all 84 trophies to pop in 3 minutes 59 seconds 😝
  3. The patch hasn't fixed the Mission Stories glitch. I've updated with today's patch and am still missing the Full House trophy. I even did another run of the level and nothing.
  4. IO's February Roadmap suggested a patch that will "bring fixes and tweaks to the game" will be coming on February 23. That's quite a wait!