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  1. I did a fisk hideout and took no damage but the trophy didn’t pop? Anyone know why? I’m now gonna try another base
  2. I followed the guy who made this game as he documented it on TikTok, seems pretty fun!
  3. Hi mate I think Tesco were selling the trilogy like that or try Amazon!
  4. I think it’s a light runic attack but it’s a ice beam that I found effective. I used it straight away and managed to take away a fair chunk of health. Hope that helps! And remember Atreus! Spam galore!
  5. Oh ok thanks. Will do that!
  6. Hello! I’ve got the PS4 standard edition of miles morales. When I eventually get a PS5 can I still get Spider-Man remastered even though it is not the deluxe edition? Thank you!
  7. He was about 180m away it was classed as a mission I bought a hat for 5 flowers.
  8. Yeah you can skip cutscenes and can get the grand opening trophy in the first few minutes of playing!
  9. Got the grand opening trophy, still 0.0%