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  1. I’ve just finished the story and am only missing a few outfits, one being an outfit for Rocket in the first chapter. Can you use chapter select to go back and get missing outfits? Cheers
  2. What trilogy are you starting with? I think I’m going to start with A New Hope, the original 3 remain my favourite.
  3. Yeah thank you I’ve since got it I thought the timing was off 😅
  4. I think I have completed episode 4 however the bright minds trophy hasn't popped.
  5. this releases tomorrow so I wonder if there will be trophies as well? Origins had a similar dlc which included 3 additional trophies to collect.
  6. Guapo is really good and tanky now I have all of his abilities and I like taking chorizo with me on stealth adventures. Who are you using the most?
  7. Does anyone know when the upgrade for this game is coming out? 60 FPS will be so nice and such a deserving feature for what is the best RPG title out there in my opinion.
  8. Hi, does anyone know what level you get mastery points at? I’m power level 402 as of typing this so was just curious if I was close at all. Cheers!
  9. I wanted to go back to this game and platinum it now I’ve got a PS5. Unfortunately my saved data has gone and I don’t recall ever deleting it or doing anything to it. I’ve checked on the console and cloud but no luck. If I can’t get it back I can’t be bothered to start again lol so no worries if not, thank you!
  10. I’ve got a PS4 save file for this game saved on the cloud which I’d like to use. The game doesn’t show this save though so I wasn’t sure what to do, I haven’t got my PS4 anymore but I wanted to import the save so I didn’t have to start again and so all my trophies would import as well. If anyone could help that would be great but if not no worries 😁 other than that I think the bloodline dlc is actually better than the main game so props for that! My PS4 save wasn’t far from the platinum so I just wanted to clean that up and get the 100% on the ps5 version. thanks!
  11. I did a fisk hideout and took no damage but the trophy didn’t pop? Anyone know why? I’m now gonna try another base
  12. I followed the guy who made this game as he documented it on TikTok, seems pretty fun!
  13. Hi mate I think Tesco were selling the trilogy like that or try Amazon!
  14. I think it’s a light runic attack but it’s a ice beam that I found effective. I used it straight away and managed to take away a fair chunk of health. Hope that helps! And remember Atreus! Spam galore!
  15. Oh ok thanks. Will do that!