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  1. I feel for the people that want to maintain their 100 percent. I will be happy with just keeping mine in the 90s because I know I won’t be talented enough to solo those dlc achievements in uncharted. Also, I think getting a platinum in every game you play is a good enough goal, especially with the random dlc that gets released on great games. Not gonna pull my hair out for perfect completion, but respect people that choose to avoid games with crazy difficult dlc. Not for me, but can understand people that do it. Too bad you couldn’t play the VR mode without VR just like watching a 3D movie without the glasses, I wish they would let you try at least.
  2. The chad glitcher vs. The virgin fair-play gamer
  3. The issue is they try to hand off shovelware onto the consumer in order to make you feel like you’ve gotten more value from your 80+ dollar single-player purchase. Capcom is greedy, they put out good content but this padded-on low-effort dlc/extra content they give to you is borderline insulting.
  4. It’s very low-effort and to be quite frank, embarrassing that they release this type of product. I would never had let this go through if I was running the show, it makes your name/image look bad, seriously it’s like they put assets into whatever engine they use and that was it... couldn’t have been more than 5-10 minutes to make this junk bloatware.
  5. According to my wishlist, I have about 60 or so games left to buy, and in my library at the present time I have about 25 more, with a mix of them being one and done 30 minute platinum games, and about 50+ of them being games that are going to probably take a week to platinum. So if I take it easy, it is going to take me probably a year or two to platinum all the games I want to, and that will be perfect as there will likely be a price drop and/or a pro version which I would pick up. Patient gamers rise up!
  6. Sorry to bump this, I managed to do it myself because my internet over here sucks too much to get shareplay to work. The bad ones for me was: 1) Raiden/Kabal -> The part that actually messed me up was that I thought you had to hit R1 the same time that you press back/forward/square/cancel, but there is a slight delay before you hit R1. Practice the first half of the combo and get it down (then tap R1 after a slight delay), and then the second half, once that is complete you'll get me, I was able to do it. 2) Baraka/Scarlett -> Block into perfect block into an uppercut or whatever type of punch that was. The timing to get it to work was block, hit down on the d-pad, and then block again (this will perfect block scarlett), and then IMMEDIATELY hit up and triangle at the same time.. this should work for you. There were some other ones that were kind of annoying, but they're all do-able after a couple of tries (10 - 20 for me because I suck at fighting games, lol) Wish you guys luck and sorry that I can't do them for you guys because the great firewall prevents me from enjoying the awesomness of shareplay with my 1.5MB upload speed.... -.-