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  1. I need a few online trophies but very little players of this game left. Post here or send a friend request with moto gp15 in message.
  2. The number in the red circle top left on screen appears when the game wants to save your progress or there is a task available to help out townspeople. Remember the vita has a touchscreen so you can tap the red ball with your finger !
  3. Somebody willing to help in coming few weeks ? Need a few online trophies. I'm willing to help somebody who also needs them
  4. Ps2 Ps3 Ps4 PsVita 3g PsVita slim Wii 3Ds xl Only ps3 and ps4 hooked up. None of my consoles died. Sold a working gameboy, psp, and a ps3 along the way. Love my vita so much i bought the second slim model as a back up should my 3g model die on me...
  5. I just can confirm this really works becouse i got the feather item in frog mode as well, only iten that was missing for me in that puzzle. Might take a few tries, i got 4 nuggets before i got feather, but it works !
  6. By accident i just found out a neat trick that works in puzzle mode but you have to be carefull ! The game doesn't save right after you collected an item when you won one of the eight different puzzle's. When you are not careful you lose an item which you just earned, but when you just need one left ( bronze, silver or gold ) and you got the wrong one that you already have several times, you can take advantage from this. The items that you will get are pure RANDOM. I needed the seashell and tested this. I got the wrong item 4 times, right after i got the wrong item i quit the game without playing another game. Restart the game and go to puzzle. Than the game will proceed where you left but you will receive your prize from the last played puzzle again and it is possible it is a different item! I know it is ramdom becouse i got a different item the 4th time and that was the one i needed ! You can do this only ( without playing the puzzle ) when you miss one in a certain type of puzzle becouse you cant save and do this again. You have to play another puzze ( 8 times ) to collect another prize when you want to save an collected item. Hope this helps to finish the game, a lot of people are struggling !
  7. I may have missed a few but surely i took part in more than 20. Even in top 3000 8 times but no trophy. Updated all the leader boards, no trophy. Try again in a few days...
  8. All ps versions share a list. I got the vita version for free as apparently i bought the ps+ version somewhere down the road.
  9. Total number of 4444 trophies.
  10. Updated with Need for Speed 2016 and Driveclub Bikes.
  11. Driveclub Bikes #38 plat
  12. I got all bikes to level 15 except the last one with the lock on it. What are the basic bikes and dlc bikes becouse trophy didnt pop for me. ( last bike unlocks when you max out the other ktm with events or kilometers. In other words when the ten green blocks are full ). Thats not the same as level the bike to 15.
  13. Driveclub is great and the developers are smart becouse their game is still played by a lot of people while the game is released well over a year ago. Doesn't matter as long you enjoy it and people who dont have the game shouldn't post their opinion here.
  14. Ill try this one, got half way the bikes with a short track and that took me 5 hours...
  15. Fast way for me was skill mode, chile, chungara lake reverse. Got me 13k and its a very short track. Got the world record on this one and seven bikes at lvl15 in one evening... Sure there are levels with more xp but they take more time. I dont know what the ideal combination is.. Grinding is not as boring this way since you can try beating the leaderboards without needing to to win it. But trying will gain more xp...