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  1. Hey man, this feature is awesome. When we use this feature we only can watch, would be great if we could add all their games to a selectable list, so we could play based on their profile.
  2. Great run! I finally got it, unfortunately… all luck based, but my pain is over now. Thanks for all your help man
  3. Thanks man... Just to illustrate, the red line is the most accurate to go upper, but it seems it has some resistance in the end, since not always you hit there you can go up AND you need to hit the shark, when it's with open mouth... you're dead xD. The green line is sooo obscure, sometimes I get there, but it's very hard, maybe a closed passage? If it is..how to get it open? But would be the safest path. In this video at this moment the ball go up from the center of screen hahahaha, bug? From 03:30 to 03:35
  4. Do you have any clue for how to go upper when you want and not by luck? I mean… if you hit the shark with force you have a chance to go there when the ball bounce the left side, but not always it works, and if you use this method the shark will eat the ball. I want a clean path and solution to get there anytime I want.
  5. Hi, I did both stacks from Turkish store, all good for me.
  6. Thanks for this amazing extension, really useful. I've been reading the topics for hours, but that's too much reading I've read all the update log and test it myself, I don't know if I'm missing something, can I see from a friend trophy list if I didn't plat a game he did? Would be like a compare, but to discover games I didn't plat/play. Another thing, does this extension available on github? I read that it uses typescript and bundle, so I would like to read the real source. Thanks in advance.
  7. If you like retro games you'll love this, I know I did, the game itself doesn't need a guide, but just for you to know where the game ends All trophies are straightforward, but one. "Upgrade the ship in normal mode" This trophy I couldn't figure out what exactly you have to do, but I have a clue, sometimes when you kill all enemies from a specific wave you get a star icon, I THINK you should get enough to upgrade (must be cumulative between levels), in the first stage for example you can get 3. There are 2 upgrades, and you need just one, normally you get from stage 3 - 6. INFO Difficulty: 3.5/10 Time to Platinum: 30 min to hours Missable: Yes(Upgrade the ship in normal mode) Fun: 10/10
  8. Probably will be most like FF7 was, with some "cheat" features, I'm not complaining
  9. You don't need a guide to do this platinum, max...find one or another lost villager, but this you find in any collectible youtube video.
  10. Can the trophies be done in practice mode? Like you programming the opponent?
  11. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Olha eu aqui pegando essa dica marota, valeu manin.
  13. Where did you find it? I don't see in any store.
  14. That's a very easy platinum, you just need to survive four waves to fight the boss, not difficult if patience is one of your skills. After killing the boss you'll unlock the next stage and you do all the same thing 5 times. All other trophies come along the way.
  15. Hello guys,hope it helps! INFO Difficulty: 03/10 Time to Platinum: 60 min Missable: Yes Stacks: NA/EU Fun: 06/10 This is a good game, has some bugs, but it's ok...be careful with your ears if you use headphones xD...it's a loud and annoying sound when you die, you can lower the volume in exchange for not hearing very well when they walk, it's up to you.