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  1. Yes finally 100% 🥳
  2. Well the trophies Magic is a science and Ritual Experimentation still won't pop for me. I'll make a new character, see if that makes a difference, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Update: made a new blank offline PSN account. Did the whiplash enchantment. No trophy. Wrote a message in the developers Discord that the two trophies still do not unlock. Time to delete the game.
  3. Latest Discord message from a developer, 19 Nov 2021: The Issue is that the trigger for trophies work fine. It's the save/accounts that are weirdly corrupted. If you were to start laying Outward today you probably wouldn't have any issues with the trophies. so sadly it makes our job a lot longer to investigate and/or fix. With Covid that made all conversations difficult, the change of port team and that we can't work on that issue full time and work on something else at the same time, we can't fix it as quickly as we want to. Honestly it's not an issue that we like having around, we are seriously pissed off that it still exists but a lot is going on right now and we can't release a fix yet. Trust me, when we'll finally have this fixed, we'll probably pop bottle of Champaign or something.
  4. No it should pop.... Just like the Calygrey arena trophy. We really need a fix for this game 😞
  5. Oof which 6 buildings did you upgrade?
  6. Preach! Finally an answer from the developers about the broken trophies: Sadly No, it's not fixed yet but it's not forgotten. Don't worry we would never simply work on something else and leave the situation with trophies like it is. A lot is going on right now and we can't release a patch as quickly as we would want it. I know how frustrating this can be, sorry for the inconvenience. I'm hopeful ✌🏼
  7. After you've finished one of the faction story lines, go to Berg. Someone will be waiting at the inn. After talking to him, travel to Caldera. The entrance to Caldera is in southeast of Enmerkar Forest.
  8. Soroborean DLC can be started by talking to the Soroborean Caravanner in Cierzo, after you've paid the blood price. The Three Brothers DLC can only be started after you've finished one of the faction story lines.
  9. I give up. So many blue screens, can't get to 5 arenas in a row. Hopefully the developers will fix this shit soon 😞 Edit: did it, no blue screens on PS5 it seems
  10. Stuck on 97% game completion Soroborean DLC: the trophies Magic is a science (Enchant your first piece of gear) and Ritual Experimentation (Enchant 5 pieces of gear) do not pop. Tried it with multiple characters, it also doesn't work with the blank account method. The Three Brothers DLC: trophy Fruit of the land (Find one of each of the special sample items) does not pop. I've found all 9 items earlier on, no trophy. So I thought maybe it'll pop if I deliver all the specimen at once, nope. At least now I have all the unopened specimen in my chest and on a separate save. Edit: FIX like many other Outward trophies, this one is also achievable by playing with a blank account. Waiting for a fix, I've sent a message to the developers Discord.
  11. Got the House of Cards trophy while doing the Heroic Kingdom quest. Happy days.
  12. Venture Outward works now, just tested. Trying to go for the House of Cards trophy today.
  13. Death Stranding. Sad to see you quit playing AC Odyssey, that game is next on my list to plat. Did you not like it?
  14. I only need the Adventure Besties trophy for 100% completion. And shit, it's the first trophy that bugged out for me. I didn't follow any guide by the way. We escaped with 4 medium and 7 large artifacts, no trophy. I picked them all up, but I wasn't the host of the game.... Try again tomorrow. Edit: got the trophy. I was host, picked the challenge and collected the artifacts (1 medium, 4 large)
  15. 19.05 seconds. Never, ever again.