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  1. Theres a video on YouTube by Timeless soulja, that might help
  2. Copies of the game have been out for weeks to game review companies and content creators. So it doesn't surprise me that a few put the time into it to platinum it.
  3. I like the look of this trophy list. Hopefully none of them are missable which usually isn't the case in open world metroidvania style of games. As a huge Star Wars fan I cant wait Its going to be hard not jumping into this right away because I doubt I will finish death Stranding in a week.
  4. As modern gamers, we are very spoiled. Even with the few times I died and had to start all over and screamed at the TV, I would still give this game a 9/10. Yea, Its a little clunky at times but that's part of the nostalgia charm. As for polish, I don't know what your looking at but it looks great on my PS4 slim. More remakes please...….like Soul Reaver!!!
  5. Don't care about needing a VR for 100%. The platinum list looks very nice. Looks like a lot of thought went into it. Can't wait to dive in.
  6. I beat the game, no problem. And enjoyed the ride. Im not even a soulsborne fan but I love Darksiders and Im just glad were getting new games. You probably got it for free so your bitching just sounds petty. Move on.
  7. So you platinum pic is dying in the lava nice
  8. I just had to go into my ps4 and manually delete a bunch jedi outcast saves because it wouldnt let me save anymore.
  9. Ok, so the trick is. You have to fall in it low enough where the lava actually kills you. If your to high then technically the fall is what kills you
  10. If my memory serves
  11. Its a glitch because the servers are down. If youre a PS+ member when you try to play a created track its going to try and connect you to servers that don't exist. The way to get around this is to let your PS+ run out then play. You'll still be online but wont try to join any games sessions that don't exist. Im in the middle of playing this now but wont be able to platinum until February 😒