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  1. Looks like someone outside of PSN profiles users got the trophy. It's showing 0.1% Would love to know who and how and if this glitch is still the fastest way?
  2. Oh, that sucks. thanks for the update
  3. I still dont see any listing for the game on LRG website. Is the physical edition still happening??
  4. So they fill the game with easy trophies and one impossible one. Are they trolling trophy hunters
  5. I got the digital soundtrack, theme and avatar with my steel book. But that's because I preordered it.
  6. This game has bugs??? I'm grateful my 40 hour platinum journey was well polished.
  7. If you love the Darksiders series than 30 bucks should be a no brainer. I paid 40 on launch and don't regret it one bit. I did a Co-Op playthrough and Solo playthrough. Its a fun platinum. You'll get you're money worth.
  8. How long did one session take?
  9. Getting the platinum in Sayonara wild hearts was a highlight for me this year. Game was so amazing from beginning to end. I wish more people were open mined to give this game a chance. It so good
  10. Its 15 dollars
  11. In Uncharted Lost Legacy, You literally had to beat the first 5 chapters using just your fists, how is that not imaginative. I was talking about the PS4 uncharted trophy lists. Most PS3 trophy lists leaved a lot to be desired.
  12. Still waiting on that SSX Tricky remaster 🤷‍♂️ Agreed but Need for Speed heat was more like a most wanted or underground game. I actually enjoyed it.
  13. Uncharted games always had imaginative and thought out trophy lists
  14. Thanks for the guide. Much better than the one posted in PSN profiles.
  15. Does anybody have a clear cut answer on this. I've been in and out of this level a dozen times and the button prompt never shows up and I have yet to see 2 secrets show on the map