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  1. If your profile is public try obtaining a trophy, sync in your playstation and update your profile here.
  2. Let's see if I can find some rubbish platinum. Ahá, My Name is Mayo 1 and 2. Nah, just kidding. Fist of the north star and yakuza 7. That's a 10 / 10 in my opinion.
  3. What works for me is chasing her to one of the hexagons, then wait behind one of the little covers inside the hexagon until she shoots. Inmediately after that run and either try to melee her or shoot her with a charge shoot.
  4. Star Wars the Force Unleashed. 11 years and 1 month. I was lazy to get the platinum because I left the grindy, difficulty and collectible trophies but I saw in the guide that you can cheese the difficulty ones.
  5. Yes, if you hide pinball your 5000th trophy will be the next trophy after the one you have now. Other stuff changes too, the trophies you didn't earn don't appear in your trophy advisor, your completion goes up and the unearned tophies goes down.
  6. In the game I choose Chie but that's because I can't pick Kanji.
  7. Battering Ram. Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn DLC. Shield Bash 5 different thugs
  8. IIRC the empty atlas at the academy didn't unlock the trophy in the ps3 version, but there are other areas where you can achieve the trophy.
  9. Congrats man! I don't even get close to 1000 views.
  10. Is this a Vita game? It could be an 88% of cheaters that aren't track by this site.
  11. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe if you fast travel between rattay and another place you can help soldiers that are fighting bandits. Or asking lord radzig for quest to defeat bandist. Something about bandits.
  12. I really liked your other video and had a blast playing donut county, so i will check it when i have time.
  13. Maybe when you finish the dlc and epilogue capon will give you the mission. Just in case wait/sleep a few days.
  14. Persona 3, I really love the game, but i can't go back to Tartarus, the only dungeon of the game, because is boring and tedious. It's a tower with 360 floors that generates randomly, so every floor it's just rooms and corridors. There is a minimun change every 30 floors (i think), like changing the color of the wall from light blue to blue.
  15. You are not alone. Toaster in the tub (Bioshock).