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  1. Honestly just want to give a shout out for spiritfarer because in a year full of amazingly massive triple A games that were some of my favs (last of us, ghost of Tsushima, doom) I always try and find time for some of the smaller scale games and I’m very happy I found the time for this one. I don’t have a well thought out approach on selling it to anybody reading this but there is a character named Atul who is a boisterous frog and honestly they could’ve sold the game with him alone and I would’ve bought it but instead they have plenty of cool characters that have thought out dialogue and backstories that actually feel like real life at times, and honestly there is something magical when a game introduces you to a mean character who you don’t really care for but then through the time you spend on the boat with them you actually get sad when it’s time for them to leave because their personality was so unique and now they’re gone... anyway it’s a fun game pretty straight forward platinum and just wanted to give it a shout out because why not
  2. Well my first platinum on my account currently was the first mayo game and it was kinda like a reminder that I started with a really easy accomplishment that I was going to try and do harder platinums over time... well cut to today and I just play/platinum whatever tf I want and this thread has convinced me my 100th platinum will no longer be Bloodborne or God of War (2018) instead I will close the loop and make it Mayo 2 p.s. who really cares what other people do with their free time like holy shit learn to cut loose and let people live their life but anyway this thread was a fun laugh so long!
  3. This is the only way WB knows how to get people to play their damn games apparently
  4. We also could’ve combined the parties but I wasn’t making my comment because I didn’t know how to add people lol more about how I think it’s possible to find competent people through random matchmaking in this game, have a great game then move on and hope it keeps happening
  5. I was able to finish the nightmare survival without losing a single area with randoms felt great and we all played the flute at the end knowing we’d never meet again ;( wish they’d let you fill for the raid but oh well
  6. Oh no... Egg scramble 2: return of the bullshit
  7. Again disagree but whatever play defense but don’t get angry when people also do it
  8. I disagree I’ve won without people like that on my team it’s not the penultimate way like some people apparently think also I don’t think you only win by having the whole team playing offense it’s a balance (just do the objective and if you can quickly stop something from happening do it but the whole game playing defense is way to much) but it sure as hell doesn’t help when people are standing around doing nothing the whole game saying they’re on defense like I bet you people would have a different response if everybody did the same as you lol how fair that only some people get to play the easier do nothing but bump into shit positions... congrats
  9. Naw sorry it’s shitty thing to do and forces the rest of the team to carry you also yeah if you just stand there waiting to do something in fall ball or egg scramble you also suck why not grab eggs from one other color team? Why not get us points? Why not shoot the ball in? Why stand around with your dick in your hands saying you’re helping? I’d rather my teammates leave also you won those push the ball games because you’re teammates pushed the ball not because of whatever you think you did
  10. Yeah at first I didn’t mind the team games being in the mix but I’ve only lost my streak to the team games :/ I’m not gonna be one of those people who acts like they always get bad teams and it’s never partly my fault or something but when you start the soccer game for instance with 1 less player than the other side and the rest of your team starts leaving or how about pushing the fucking dumb ball to the exit and your team keeps grabbing for some reason or running away to stop the other teams ball (if you do that you suck) each team game has a glaring issue (Grabbing mechanic is awful so egg/tail/jinx games are the worst imo) that makes it so hard to get the streak of 5... end of my dumb rant after losing in the third round with 4 wins ;(
  11. I got 4 wins in a row and on the 3rd round for my final game I got server error and it sent me packing didn’t get the win in the match I started after (so idk if an error message ruins your streak) but I could almost taste that trophy ;(
  12. Got any sandwiches?
  13. I also really liked this game and think it’s a worthy follow up to the first with an equal 10/10 from me but I wish they switched the Seattle events so you saw Abby’s perspective before learning about what happens in the patrol mission so the connection “oh she’s just a regular person with flaws like Ellie and Joel and everybody else who are good people in this horrible world” happens before the equally horrific thing she and her group does... just my thoughts I think that all the events in the game are great (fav chapters are Seattle day 1 Ellie and Seattle day 2 Abby) but would’ve rather seen them rearranged however this is still one of my fav games of the year so far alongside doom and final fantasy so curious to see if ghost, cyberpunk, or anything else can compete!! Also as somebody born and raised in the Pacific Northwest this game nailed the Seattle vibes
  14. You’d think every company would just have at least 1 competent person play the game getting the platinum or 100% multiple times before launch :/ hope they get this fixed before mafia remake at the very least
  15. An event to show of the NEW GAMES for ps5 and everybody wanting them to talk about backwards compatibility and UI or the console itself... I just want to be shown a damn game that I would want to buy the system for currently it’s a bunch of rumors for possible sequels (God of war, Spider-Man, Horizon) that are obviously gonna happen but when is hopefully the question that’ll be answered Thursday!! Bloodborne 2 would be my pipe dream even though it’s extremely unlikely (elden ring!) but hopefully some 3rd party games get a reveal I really want to see a new Batman, Bioshock, Silent Hill, etc. just feels like a lot of announcements are ready!!! Same as everybody else I have enough of a backlog (especially after starting this account) that I currently have no reason I see to own a ps5 until they show a day 1 must own game... or the aforementioned full backwards compatibility with ALL ps4 games