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  1. An event to show of the NEW GAMES for ps5 and everybody wanting them to talk about backwards compatibility and UI or the console itself... I just want to be shown a damn game that I would want to buy the system for currently it’s a bunch of rumors for possible sequels (God of war, Spider-Man, Horizon) that are obviously gonna happen but when is hopefully the question that’ll be answered Thursday!! Bloodborne 2 would be my pipe dream even though it’s extremely unlikely (elden ring!) but hopefully some 3rd party games get a reveal I really want to see a new Batman, Bioshock, Silent Hill, etc. just feels like a lot of announcements are ready!!! Same as everybody else I have enough of a backlog (especially after starting this account) that I currently have no reason I see to own a ps5 until they show a day 1 must own game... or the aforementioned full backwards compatibility with ALL ps4 games
  2. Thank you, I’ve been seeing so much negativity lemme guess it was a joke either about golf or used the term ma’am... people suck but I’m still excited for this and Ghost of Tsushima!
  3. God if this site is using the American judicial system as the example for how this shit works... then everybody is fucked lol I’m so confused were you trying to use that example to help prove your point or completely ruin your argument??? I didn’t even vote until after my comment but 11 vs 136 seems like people don’t want to be forced into doing their hobby/gaming a specific way that others want them to do it... can’t imagine why lmfao jk
  4. Coming back to say I just replayed it because I didn’t want to wait for a patch just to see if they’d fix my random issue and game is really great and I mostly had a good time but there’s a lot of technical problems (bad frames in heavy populated areas and fights) otherwise very fun and honestly recommend for $40 or after a patch... or a sale if you really need to focus on backlog 7/10 as it currently plays (on pro also)
  5. I did everything in every location lmao I’m sure of that I’m not gonna send a picture everything says 100% I’m not an idiot and missed a huge area (I don’t know how I would considering I have all the trophies but this one and you get the rest of the licenses and caches from that last area) it’s not the gates or grates or plates or crates and the only thing at not full completion is the story section of the menu saying 99%... will more than likely just replay it all smh
  6. What do I do when I have 100% completion but the queen of the ocean trophy doesn’t unlock that’s my only question lol
  7. Opened all 3 gates and got everything before doing the last story mission also double checked my map with ones online and I have all the grates also
  8. Title says it all I’ve got 100% completion for everything on the map have all the collectibles and other trophies but in the story log section it says 99% even though I’ve done everything I can think of please help ;(
  9. Well this is a bummer to hear considering I bought the $50 complete your collection from the mafia 3 menu figured it would be worth the $10 while the first game is $40 anyway... but sounds like I should’ve created that Malaysian account smh :/
  10. Same thing for me but I found mafia 2 in the new games section of the store wouldn’t show up searching for it
  11. I got the game from ps plus dlc was all free so you should be good
  12. Ahhh I thought it was something like this well still cool hope everybody has a good day with some free stuff lol
  13. Don’t know if it was a glitch or what but on NA psn I got online about 10 minutes ago to see if mafia 2 DE was out yet only to find the 3 dlcs for mafia 3 were all free for me?? I got the base game from ps plus way back when and just yesterday each dlc was $15 each... so don’t know what the deal is but get them now if you haven’t I guess
  14. Spider-Man, Control, Metro exodus, RDR2, AC Odyssey Many other great games I tried not to pick anything from above but these 5 I really enjoyed!! Bloodborne tho too