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  1. - Are we sure that the ps5 version its better than improved ps4 one? whitout a patch for the ps4 version, the ps5 version will always run better. no one will patch the ps4 game, if there is a ps5 version of it. -But, can i still run the PS4 version in order to get trophies for this version? you can have both installed on your ps5. you can than select the version you want to run. -if i buy dlc's for ps4 version do i get them also for ps5? and if i do the opposite i think that depends on how the publischer wants to do it.
  2. you´re really mature i see. should've seen that after your first replay. when i write mb i mean megabyte. if you refering to megabit as mb and gigabyte as gb you should expect that some people will read megabyte from that.
  3. you type it as Mb for Megabit or Mbit not mb. if mb is Megabit, so is your gb then Gigabit? If you type mb without capitalization it doesn´t make it megabit back to the topic. i downloaded like 1TB worth of games over the night back in june. If you play a game while downloading, it will make your downloadspeed way slower. download for anthem was under one hour yesterday.
  4. 40mb (Megabyte) a second is not 8hrs for 136gb. If the 40mb is referenced to the ps network test, it shows you the speed in Mbits not MBytes per second
  5. so you´re saying that 40mb ist slow for you, but it´s stil faster then your laptop download speed? 40 mb´s in 57 min are 136gb my downloadspeed is the same as it was. The speed varies depending the time of the day